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Qui-Long Gone
08-09-2005, 05:51 PM
I've learned from other posts that my sarcasm is more subtile than I once believed. :rolleyes: This thread is meant to be taken in "fun." Please add your ideas or refine mine lol lol lol lol :D lol

Here are five "action features" I'd like to see in the days ahead....

1. "Baby-giving" ROTS Obi-Wan: squeeze legs together for baby-handing reflex! ("Baby-receiving" Beru sold seperately)
(I stole this from Mr. JabbaJohn...he deserves the full credit for this idea)

2. "Yoda-carrying" ROTS Chewi: (2-pack): Slot Yoda onto Chewi's arm and slide him up the Wookie's shoulder for exciting "fast-escape moving action." (Yoda "ridding the Wookie" ROTS action figure sold seperately)

3. "Nunchuck-twirling" ROTS Obi-Wan: Look out Grevious! Skilled in both the Jedi and Martial arts, squeeze Obi-Wan's legs together for spinning nunchuck action! (this scene was cut from ROTS)

4. "Falling-over-every-frickin-thing" TPM Jar Jar: That wacky Gungan is at it again; twist the nob on Jar Jar's back and watch him spaz out over the floor like a freaking idiot....:crazed: (attachments: wagging tongue from pod racer couplings)

5. "Screaming-like-a-fatgirl-on-fire" ROTS Mace Windu: blasted out the window by Palpatine's Sith lightning, venerated Jedi master Mace Windu screams like a girl....just press his head down and listen to him roar! :eek: :eek: :eek: