View Full Version : Have shocktrpr, mustafar anakin, green clone, bacara

08-16-2005, 09:58 PM
Hi everyone. Long time lurker here. I am in desparate need of the Tarkin Wave, along with both Meena Tills Variants. I want them in MOMC condition. I have several MOMC figures to trade, along with cash if thats what it takes.

All figures I have are in exceptional MOMC condition ( I probable searched through about 50 of each and picked the best ones) These are the extras I have to trade:

3x shocktrooper
1x bacara
3x anakin on mustafar
3x green clone commander
1x red clone commander

Again, each one of these would probably grade AFA 90 at minimum. Absolutely no dings creases or anything wrong with them.

All figures are in star case 3's
e-mail me at nchill@adelphia.net if you want to trade. thanks.