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08-27-2005, 11:33 AM
Just in case the Star Wars saga toys loose steam at the end of 2006 (God forbid, but I am old enough to remember the original Power of the Force & how quickly it faded away without a movie to support it); here is my wish list of figures I'd like to see made. They are basically background characters that have not been produced yet, or major characters that have not been correctly done yet.

A New Hope
1. Tatooine Luke (better sculpt, ball-joint articulation)
2. R5-D4 (ROTS R3 type sculpt)
3. Stormtrooper Luke (commtech Stormie type sculpt & articulation)
4. Stormtrooper Han (same as above)
5. Biggs Darklighter X-wing w/ removable helmet
6. Tonnika Twins (I am aware of the legalities of this)
7. Rycar Ryjerd (Cantina midget)
8. Mosep (Cantina)
9. Bom Vimdin (Cantina)
10. Brainiac (Cantina)

Holiday Special
1. "Concept" Boba Fett (animation colors, possibly as a "Fans Choice Figure")

The Empire Strikes Back
1. Major Bren Derlin (aka Rebel Officer)

Return of the Jedi
1. Hermie Odle
2. Endor Han (better sculpt, ball-joint articulation, soft-goods coat)
3. Endor Luke (same as above, soft-goods poncho, removable helmet)
4. Endor Leia (same as above)
5. Ewoks (better Paploo, Ramba, Chief Chirpa, everyone that was made in the 1980s)
6. Spirit of Anakin (Hayden sculpt)

The Phantom Menace
1. Holographic Sidious (did they make this, I can't remember?)
2. Qui-Gon Jinn (better sculpt, ball-joint articulation)
3. Ep. 1 Obi-Wan (same as above)
4. Destroyer Droid (can actually "transform" into a wheel)

Attack of the Clones
1. Jango Fett (better sculpt, ball-joint articulation, "firing" backpack like 300th Fett)
2. more Jedi

Revenge of the Sith
1. Commander Cody
2. Clone Scout Trooper
3. various paint schemes of Clones
4. more Jedi

As you can tell my heart is really in the Original Trilogy. Anyway what are your thoughts?

08-27-2005, 12:40 PM
I would like to see

R5-D4 similar to the Star Tours R5 unit
Princess Leia Slave Outfit (Super Articlated and soft goods skirt) :twisted:
Death Star II Luke Skywalker (ROTJLuke's idea) :yes: :yes:
Rebel Solider as a Biker Scout from ROTJ
Deluxe Emperor with Throne Accesorry and super Articulated soft goods cloak
Spirit of Anakin Skywalker ala Hayden
Qui Gon Jinn Jedi Master super articulated
Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Padawan super articulated
Destroyer Droid that can transform into a wheel :yes:
General Veers (Exactly like DarkLord's custom)
Various Jedi
Boba Fett with Removable helmet ( mix of 300th and Kamino escape Jango)
Boba Fett (Holiday Special Edition)
VOTC Jango Fett :yes:
Commander Cody

More VOTC, More concept figures.

Battle Droid
08-27-2005, 02:40 PM
Battle of Naboo

Daultay Dofine
Tey How
New Rune Haako (more articulation w/ Neimoidian Walking Hologram Projector)
New Nute Gunray (more articulation w/ Neimoidian Walking Chair)
Droideka (transformable w/ shield bubble)
Battle Droid Captain/Commander (with mini Nute & Rune Holograms)
Darth Maul Hologram
Nute Gunray Hologram

Battle of Coruscant

Anakin Skywalker : Yellow Leader Pilot
Commander Odd Ball
Battle Droid : Pilot
Battle Droid : Security
Lushros Dofine : Invisible Hand Captain
Super Articulated General Grievous

Battle of Geonosis

Po Nudo
Denaria Kee
Lott Dod / Gilramos Libkath
Neimoidian Ground Crewman (both versions, a variation)
Battle Droid Commander (sand redish color)
Super Articulated Super Battle Droid

Rogue II
08-27-2005, 10:35 PM
Good lists so far. I especially like Dark Artist's Veers, Emperor, and Boba Fett ideas

A New Hope
Bom Vimdin
CZ-3 (?)
Hem Dazon
Elis Helrot
Saurin (Hrchek Kal Fas)

Empire Strikes Back
Major Derlin
...I'm sure there are more, but I'm drawing a blank.

Return of the Jedi
Sergeant Doallyn
Rebel Solider in Biker Scout disguise


Han w/ Torture Rack
Hoth Rebel Technician w/ equipment
Hoth Rebel Female Officer w/ console (can't remember her name)

Biker Scout (new articulated figure) w/ bike
Luke (Removable poncho & helmet) w/ Bike
Leia (Removable poncho & helmet) w/ Bike
Ewoks w/ Catapult
Chewbacca with meat trap and net
Emperor /w throne

Army builder 3 packs:
Rebel Pilots (similar to the Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene)
Imperial Forces (Death Star Trooper, Imp Officer, Imp Gunner)
Tatooine (2 Jawa, 2 Tusken Raiders)
Jabba's Palace (2 Gammorean Guards & Weequay)
Bespin (3 Guards, African w/beard, white w/ beard, Asian)

08-27-2005, 10:55 PM
my choice in figures , some are the same. a couple i don't know there names..

a new hope
han solo stormtrooper. articulation like clone troopers.
luke skywalker storm trooper same as above.
jawa with cloth clothing . i know out of the blue and very unlikely. but with articulation.
tannka twins.
cantina aliens..?

empire strikes back
general veers with removable helmet.
snow trooper with articulation
luke skywalker. medical ship after getting new hand.
han solo bespin capture. removable jacket.better facial sculpt.
4 lom better articulation
zuckuss better articulation.
protocol droid ,the one before c3po gets blown apart.

return of the jedi.
luke skywalker endor articulation
han solo endor articulation ,removable jacket.
ewoks. chief chirpa, ramba, paploo.lumat and warok.
rebel soldier in scout trooper outfit. removable mask.

phantom menace.
darth maul (super articulation)
darth maul hologram

attack of the clones ?

revenge of the sith.
padme different outfits.
female protocol droids.
commander cody removable helmut.

that's about it. if i can think about names . i will update.

08-28-2005, 11:08 AM
All about my profile, and hell, throw in the Endor helmet and poncho along w/ the saber, hilt and binders. Ill be happy. :) Really just updated versions of Luke that suck or really need it (DS II, ESB Snowspeeder Pilot, Stormtrooper,Ceremonial, VOTC style Bespin, etc.)

08-28-2005, 01:03 PM
hasbro can do this stuff. if they make the gi joes this way as everyone knows they do. they can do this with starwars. buti know it's not just them fans have to persuade george lucas to let them be creative,let hasbro do it.

Mr. JabbaJohnL
08-28-2005, 03:26 PM
I could sit here all day and name figures I want, but that's not gonna do much good. I know this line is going to be mostly repacks, but here's what I'd like to see out of it:

Good Army Builders
I see we're getting a sandtrooper and that's real keen. Here's others you should rerelease:
*Those damn recolored clones
*Battle droids (regular and security)
*Stormtrooper (VOTC, if possible)
*Clone trooper (the HTF super poseable one)
*Rebel troopers (Hoth, Tantive IV, Endor, etc.)
*Pilots (old bodies, new heads)

Hard to Find Figures
*Admiral Motti (Commtech)
*Princess Leia with Sporting Blaster (Commtech)
*Darth Sidious (Holograph)
*R2-B1 Astromech Droid
*Queen Amidala (Battle)
*Sio Bibble
*Pit Droids (2-Pack)

Repainted Figures
The OTC Gammorean Guard, Jawas, Tusken Raider, and others looked great, and all you had to do was mix up the paint scheme a little. Do that some more. And it would be a great way to get more clones, as you already know.

Kitbashed Figures
From what I understand, the Chewbacca we're getting is kitbashed from a few other Chewies (as far as I know). Keep doing that, but make sure to use good parts, and it'll be sweet.

08-28-2005, 10:19 PM
Hey as long as it's OT it's all good.

I really hope this line will go beyond 2006 at least to 2010.

Captain Spoon
08-29-2005, 07:02 AM
I wouldn't mind.

A New Hope:
Uncle Owen
Wuhrel (the Bartender Guy, I missed him the first time)
Bo Shek (missed him too!)
Dr. Evansitwhatever
also the sisters would be cool if tehy could do it
Empire Strikes Back
General Veers
Hoth Trooper (the one played by Cliff from Cheers:thumbsup:
Probe Droid (non deluxe)
Wes Jansen
Zev (Rougue2)
ROTJ Luke's super DS2 Luke Skywalker
Funeral Vader
Chief Chirpa
Proper Endor Han
Gamm. Gaurd (with furry diaper thing)
Resculpt Bib Fortuna

08-29-2005, 08:44 AM
My main concern is that the line & Star Wars toys in general will lose steam before some of these background characters ever see production. The sad truth is that the 2006 line up has probably already been determined by Hasbro. And I wish Hasbro would do like they did back in the late 1990s when the Mynock Hunt 3-pack came out. Hasbro gave an entire list of the figures & vehicles they were going to produce for the entire year, broke down from season to season.

As far as kit-bashed figures go, that's all good and stuff if its an improvement of the figure. I made a custom (kit-bashed) Tatooine Luke years ago, taking the best parts (at the time) to make the best (in my opinion) Luke action figure. However, let's not keep producing "kit-bashed" figures just for the sake of making a different version. Mostly I am talking about Chewie. The last few versions of Chewie have been great (Hoth Chewie from the box set, Mynock Chewie, & VOTC Chewie [the best ever]), so what's the point in another Chewie.

Now there are some "kit-bashed" figures Hasbro could make from existing parts, and maybe a little re-tooling to make an improved figure. Such as:

ANH Leia, just like DarkLord's custom Leia
Stromtrooper Luke & Han, either use commtech Stormie body or VOTC body with new or existing heads.
Holiday Special Boba Fett either use 300th, Pit of Carkoon, or VOTC Fett with animated color scheme
Imperial Officers i.e. Gen. Veers, a new Tarkin, etc use Ozzel body with new head sculpt
Endor Han either commtech Han or VOTC Han with different paint scheme and soft-goods trench coat.

and I pretty much agree with everybody's suggestions so far. A couple I forgot that I'd really like to see, that have already been suggested: CZ-3 and Yarna.

I kinda find it amazing that there's not a lot of suggestions for TESB. I had to rack my brain to come up with Major Bren Derlin (John "Cliff Claven" Rattensburg); and really the only reason why I thought of him is because to date there really isn't a new figure to go along with the old 1980's "Rebel Officer" figure (white snow suit, mustache, and dark brown scarf).

08-29-2005, 09:28 AM
More Stormtroopers And Snowtroopers. Also A Death Star Trooper That Stands Straight. Snow Clones And More Clones. I Also Would Like To Bring Back The Battle Droids From Ep1.

08-30-2005, 10:58 AM
Okay, I want from Hasbro a bit more focus on TPM and AOTC. Just because the movies weren't that great doesn't mean there aren't some great figure opportunities. Also, you would think that three years after AOTC, we would have gotten young Owen and Beru by now. Here's everything that I want to see, from "Menace" to "Jedi":

1. Ben Quadrinaros
2. Dud Bolt
3. Ratts Tyrell
4. Mawhonic
5. Mars Guo
6. Elan Mak
7. Clegg Holdfast
8. Ark "Bumpy" Roose
9. Kitster
10. Wald
11. Old Jira (from the fruit stand)
12. Gragra (owns food stand, yells at Jar Jar)
12. Hologram Darth Maul
13. Sei Taria (Chancellor Valorum's aide)
14. Queen Amidala (Palpatine's office, white costume)
15. Queen Amidala (Palpatine's office, black costume)
16. Queen Amidala (Purple Traveling gown)
17. New TPM Anakin (more articulated, removable Podracer and Naboo Pilot helmets)
18. New Qui-Gon (super articulated, removable robe, improved likeness)
19. New TPM Obi-Wan (ditto)
20. Daultay Dofine
21. Blue Battle Droid Pilot
22. Rep Teers
23. AOTC Obi-Wan (SA, removable robe, new likeness)
24. Senatorial Padme (Apartment)
25. Padme (Apartment, packing costume)
26. Padme (Peasant Wear)
27. Padme (Naboo Lake)
28. Padme (Naboo Fields)
29. Padme (Black Leather Outfit)
30. Padme (Lars Garage)
31. Dorme
32. Corde
33. Queen Jamillia
34. Jocasta Nu
35. Cliegg Lars
36. Owen Lars (w/ removable robe for ROTS Tunic)
37. Beru Whitesun (w/ interchangable ROTS head)
38. Super Articulated Jango Fett
39. Quinlan Vos (can be packed as a "Battle of Geonosis" figure)
40. Barriss Offee (new style, like ROTS Luminara Unduli)
41. Gold Leader Anakin (same style as ROTS #55 Obi-Wan)
42. Red Security Droid (repacked POTJ figure)
43. Neimoidian Commander (now called Lushros Dofine)
44. Super Articulated General Grievous (Snap-together arms, lightsaber pockets, cloth goods)
45. "Leia Buns" Padme
46. Padme (Evening apartment nightdress)
47. Padme (From the "You're sounding like a Separatist" scene)
48. Padme (Blue apartment gown)
49. Padme (From the "first Galactic Empire" scene)
50. Purple Apartment Dress Padme (From the scene with her and Obi)
51. Polis Massa Padme
52. Funeral Padme
53. Queen Apailana
54. Jobal Naberrie (Padme's father)
55. Ruwee Naberrie (Padme's mother)
56. Sola Naberrie w/ Ryoo and Pooja (Padme's sister and nieces)
57. Po Nudo
58. ROTS Nute Gunray
59. ROTS Rune Haako
60. Commander Cody (we're getting him)
61. Orange Utapau Clone
62. Lampay Fay (Tion Medon's aide)
63. Holo Ki-Adi Mundi
64. Mygeeto Trooper (Commander Baccara's soldiers)
65. Kashyyyk Clone Trooper (AKA the false BARC Trooper)
66. Commander Neyo (kills Stass Allie)
67. New Mace Windu (Super Articulated, Removable Robe)
68. Brown Cloak Emperor Palpatine (from Yoda Battle)
69. Senator Chi Eekway
70. Senator Terr Tanneel
71. Senator Giddean Danu
72. Senator Male Dee
73. Senator Bana Breemu
74. Senator Fang Zar
75. Sheltay Retrac
76. Utai two-pack
77. Robed Kit Fisto
78. Coruscant Fire Fighter
79. Polis Massa Medical Droid
80. Polis Massa Midwife Droid (w/ baby Luke and Leia)
81. FX-9
82. 2-1B (New)
83. Luke Skywalker (w/ Poncho)
84. Biggs Darklighter (from deleted scene)
85. Grand Moff Tarkin (new sculpt)
86. General Tagge
87. Tonnika Sisters two pack (are we getting them?)
88. Gotal
89. Dice Ibegon and Hem Dazon two-pack
90. Stormtrooper Luke (new)
91. Stormtrooper Han (new)
92. Red Leader (w/ removable helmet)
93. Ceremonial Han w/ medal
94. Major Derlin
95. Dack Ralter
96. Wes Janson
97. Hobbie
98. Hoth Pilot Luke (w/ removable helmet)
99. Captain Needa
100. General Veers (w/ removable AT-AT commander gear)
101. Bespin Civilian (Ice cream maker guy)
102. Zev Senesca
103. Hoth Female Officer
104. Torture Rack Han
105. Lando (from end of ESB)
106. Moff Jerjerrod
107. Yarna Dal Gargan
108. Hermi Odle
109. Klaatu (Jabba's Palace)
110. Jabba's Palace C-3PO (covered in slime)
111. Admiral Ackbar (new)
112. Endor Han (new)
113. Endor Leia (new)
114. Endor Luke (new)
115. Chief Chirpa
116. Female Ewok w/ woklings
117. Death Star II Luke
118. Imperial Dignitary (from original POTF line, forgot name)
119. Spirit Anakin (Hayden version)

And there you have it. Just about 120 figures. I hope we'll get many of these next year, but we should have all of them by 2018. :dead:

08-30-2005, 04:30 PM
lol, I hope they dont come out in that order, b/c the ones I want most are in 83-119, and the one I want the most is third to last, lol. The big 117 :)

El Chuxter
08-30-2005, 04:36 PM
Since the kids are, for all intents and purposes, gone after this Christmas, Hasbro really needs to focus on adult collectors. Give us what we want, which are great figures with high levels of articulation. Mix up characters from all six movies, and throw in conceptual and Expanded Universe characters as well.

Guess what? That's what kids want, too, if you'd stop insisting that you knew what they wanted and then kept throwing out cheap action gimmicks and poorly made figures. Every one of us was a kid once, and our idea of "cool" toys hasn't changed much.

And for the love of Ani, make a stinking Chief Chirpa figure already! And Teek, too, while you're at it.

08-30-2005, 05:05 PM
You'd think that with as much money as Hasbro makes & how much they spend to produce Star Wars toys, they'd have a kick butt research team to figure out what the fans want/ will buy.

If I was on the Hasbro research team, I would just start looking at the various fan-based Star Wars custom toy websites. Look at which figures customizers make the most, and that would be the ones to produce.

08-31-2005, 09:11 AM
I agree with the idea that Hasbro needs to listen to it's fan base and not ignore us but they have been doing it that way forever. The chances of them changing are slim to none.

09-10-2005, 09:51 AM
I agree with the idea that Hasbro needs to listen to it's fan base and not ignore us but they have been doing it that way forever. The chances of them changing are slim to none.

Agreed. Figures that are indemand should be put out there first. Hell, all they have to do is come to one of these fourms (or rebelscum's or galactic hunters) and look at what people keep bringing up. I know I annoy the **** outta everyone w/ my DSII Luke. Just look in the profile, it doesnt have to be suped up every way known to man, just a DSII Luke to answer back to the Evolutions Vader. Look in my F**KING PROFILE HASBRO!!! :frus: :frus: :frus:

09-10-2005, 11:52 AM
Hell, all they have to do is come to one of these fourms (or rebelscum's or galactic hunters) and look at what people keep bringing up.I think certain employees do check these forums but unlike Amy from MR they aren't allowed to post here which is quite unfortunate since, even though I don't buy MR, I have lots of respect for them now (especially since they sent Tycho flowers in the hospital)

09-11-2005, 03:54 PM
Mr.JabbaJohn had it right when he said he could sit here all day and it'd be pointless...nevertheless I'm going to do it anyway - its too hard to resist.


Aqualish and Rodian senators (would look good with out calamaris, grans, wookies etc)
Other Neimodians
Holographic Sidious (rerelease)
OOM-9 (rerelease) with holographic Nute&Rune
Holographic Darth Maul
Nute Gunray on Spider chair
SA TPM Qui-gon (soft goods robe)
SA TPM Obi-wan (soft goods robe)
SA Darth Maul
SA AOTC Obi-wan (soft goods robe)
SA AOTC Anakin (soft goods robe) - an evolutions rerelease preferably with a new face sculpt
SA AOTC Mace Windu (soft goods robe) - but not with ball jointed head, it doesn't look right on a bald figure, and a normal facial expression for once (odd that the least expressive character in the entire saga is always given 'angry' or 'grimacing' figures)
SA Jango Fett
Quarren seperatist from Geonosis
SA Arena Padme (no clothes....sorry torn clothes)
more AOTC Human Jedi (as opposed to generic)
Evolutions ROTS Anakin on basic card (plastic robe)
ROTS pilot Obi recard (include soft goods robe this time)
Preposed Hooded/arms folded Mustufar Anakin
Palpatine (from Yoda duel with plastic robes)
Palpatine (from Mace Duel - accurate and with no action features this time)
Palpatine (from 'Empire' announcement scene - no gimmicks)
Palpatine (Mustufar, no gimmicks)
Yoda (duel - 2 handed lightsaber grip)
Yoda (preposed deflecting force lightning - AOTC and ROTS)
ROTS Chewbacca resculpt
SA General Grievous (and proper height)
Any ROTS seperatist leaders not made
ROTS Nute Gunray
Seated Holographic Jedi (jedi high council scenes)


R5-D4 (and R5 repaints for all OT films off the back of him)
Hem Dazon
Bom Vimdin
Dice Ibegon
Tonnica Sisters
Dr Evazan
Elis helrot
the other Duros
another sandcrawler droid (one in particular can double for an ESB droid from echo base and the bespin junkpile)
Tatooine Luke (shorter than latter POTF2 figs)
Ben Kenobi (plastic robes/hood down/hands on belt)
Ben Kenobi (plastic robes/hood up)
Ben Kenobi (cantina showdown - double handed sabre grip)
Luke Stormtrooper
Han Stormtrooper
SA Death star trooper
SA Death star gunner
Black uniformed officer with a rank insignia (she'll die before she...)
Chief Bast
General Tagge
Tarkin resculpt
VOTC Stormie on basic card
Yavin IV technician (and the guys in the helmets who wave off the fighters)
Yavin IV war room aide
The fat guy with the spectacular moustache (wears the same outfit as Dodonna)
Leia ceremonial (resculpt)
Luke ceremonial (resculpt)
Red Leader (unique sculpt)
Biggs (removeable helmet)


Torryn Far
Deck officer
Echo base power droid
Luke Snowspeeder pilot
Han Hoth (hood down/neutral stance)
General Veers (ala Darklord's custom)
Captain Piett (resculpt)
Captain Needa
Star destroyer bridge controller (white uniform)
4-Lom (resculpt)
new ugnaughts
Torture rack Han
Black Bespin guard
VOTC stormie (ESB card)
Ice cream maker guy (a fantastic novelty figure - so obscure and yet so needed by all)
Luke&Leia medical frigate
Lando smuggler fatigues (the last Lando they need to do)

(Not a figure but Yoda's house would be nice)


Moff Jerrjerrod
VOTC stormie (ROTJ card)
SA ROTJ Death Star Gunner
SA Death star trooper (ROTJ card)
SA Scout trooper
3 (?) remaining Imperial Dignitaries
Emperor (plastic outer robes and hood, Agen Kolaresque inner robes)
Emperor (on throne)
Emperor (force lightning)
Luke Endor (removeable helmet)
Leia Endor (removeable helmet)
Leia General (Briefing room - existing figure is too tall, has no knee articulation, has a mediocre face sculpt)
SA DSII Jedi Luke (with shirt flap down - looks better)
Han Endor (my preferance would be a plastic coat)
Han (briefing room - needs articulated knees)
B-wing pilot (red outfits and black chest coverings)
Chief Chirpa
Ewok mother and woklings
Leia ewok village (old figure is from the tall generation)
C-3PO ewok throne
R2-D2 (tied up)
Han/Chewie/Luke tied to log (doubtful this would ever happen)
Admiral Ackbar resculpt (and repainted into a mon cal officer)
Rebel fleet officer (Madine outfit)
Hologram operator (from briefing room - also very doubtful)
Klaatu (jabbas palace)
other weequays (and resculpt of existing weequay)
Sgt. Doaylln
Hermi Odle
Yarna gargarin
Ishi Tibb (jabbas palace this time)
human skiff guard who shoots Luke's hand
Luke Skiff battle (can hold sabre with two hands in battle stance)
Max Rebo band pairs (rereleased)
Saurin (don't know his name)
Snivvian (again don't know the name)
And a palace alien who appears to wear Jedi Robes

09-13-2005, 12:47 PM
Episode IV:

Death Star:
Death Star Gunner (New)
Death Star Droid (Re-Release)
Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise) (New)
Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise) (New)
Imperial Trooper (New)
Stormtrooper (New)

Power Droid (New)
Jawa (Soft Goods) and R5-D4 Two Pack (New)
Luke Skywalker (Poncho) (New)
Doctor Evazan (New)
Garindan (Soft Goods) (New)
Uncle Owen (New)

Death Star Battle:
Dutch Vander (Re-Release)
Grand Moff Tarkin (New)
Biggs Darklighter (New)
Wedge Antilles (New)
Red Leader (New)
Y-Wing Pilot (New)

Episode V:

Snowtrooper (New)
Luke Skywalker (New)
Princess Leia (New)
Rebel Trooper (New)
Toryn Farr (New)
General Veers (New)

Star Destroyer:
Zuckuss (New)
4-LOM (New)
Captian Needa (New)
Admiral Piett (New)
Moff Jerjerrod (New)
IG-88 (New)

Bespin Guard (New) (Black and White Variants)
Darth Vader (New)
C-3PO (New)
Boba Fett w/Han Solo Carbonite Block (New)
Ugnaught Two-Pack (New)
Luke Skywalker (New)

Episode VI:

Jabba's Palace:
Oola w/Salacious Crumb (New)
Ephant Mon (Re-Release)
Yarna D'al Gargan (New)
Ree-Yees (New)
Gamorrean Guard (New)
Arica (New)

Pit of Carkoon:
Weequay (New)
Skiff Gaurd (New)
Princess Leia (New)
Yak Face (New)
Luke Skywalker (New)
Chewbacca (New)

Wicket and R2-D2 Two Pack (New)
Paploo and Lumat Two Pack (New)
Chief Chirpa and Logray Two Pack (New)
Luke Skywalker (New)
Princess Leia (Poncho) (New)
Han Solo (New)

Death Star II Battle:
A-Wing Pilot (New)
B-Wing Pilot (New)
Nien Nunb (New)
Luke Skywalker (New)
Darth Vader (New)
Emperor (New)

Shadows of the Empire (Revisted):
Guri (New)
Leebo (New)
Dash Rendar (New)
Luke Skywalker (New)
Xizor (New)
Crimson Guard (New)