View Full Version : Dallas/Fort Worth Club for Fans/Collectors Forming

08-29-2005, 01:55 PM
Star Wars fans in Dallas/Fort Worth! At the behest of many fellow Star Wars collectors and fans, I have formed a multi-interest/genre fan club, Fandom at Random DFW. While fandom is the primary focus of this club, collecting of Star Wars (and indeed fan collecting of all kinds) will play a large role. Especially givent the humble founders fondness for collecting. If you are interested in joining and getting updates, please visit the Yahoo Group for this new club:


I would like to establish a local collectors network as one of the elements of this club.

We are having our first ever gathering this Saturday (September 3, 2005), so see the posted messages on the Group page for details. Please join even if you cannot make the meeting as there will be more to come.