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01-17-2002, 02:35 AM
Well re-runs are over and we are back on course.

Tonight's episode was good - in the sense that it was new. But it seemed forced.

Doesn't Hoshi have anything better to do? Like Kes and Tasha Yar before her, Linda Park may get bored with her role. I hope not. She is the first Asian woman lead in a Star Trek and has already some unique qualities to her (linguistic skills, fear of aliens in space, etc.) I think since she's human and attractive in a plain kind of way, they could make her a very sensual character.

But her interaction with the Doctor harkens back to Kes and Doc. Can't they think of anything a little more original for her. I understand Doctor Phlox is probably trained in some counseling techniques and she obviously needs them. I like their interaction actually. But think of something else for Hoshi?

Who are the potential love interests? Travis and she are the same age (abouts - I guess) - and they get along pretty well. Tonight's show was interesting for the fact that it was the first time Hoshi and Malcolm every thought of anything happening between them. And That Guy really needs a girl!

I think they are saving Trip for T'Pol. Unless something goes on with T'Pol and the captain. But the high command on that ship are off-limits to Hoshi, I'd think (from good writing perspectives). Anyway, on to another topic of bigger contentions:

I think the Phase Cannons came way too soon.

Enterprise takes place 100 or is it 115 years (exactly) before Captain Kirk's mission. So where are all the advances in Kirk's time if Everything is invented or achieved in Captain Archer's?

Does Star Trek rely so much on its technology and technobabble now that they can't do the show without upgrading the technology all the way up to 23rd Century standards?

1) I don't think any crew member should be using the transporter at all on Enterprise. Maybe they shouldn't even have it for cargo.

I could be mistaken, but if anyone thinks they should have it, please offer your reason.

2) No tractor beams (thank Gene that they have those grappling hook guns) - they better never develop the tractor beam now. Before all this other technology, I'd have said OK to the tractor - it's gotta be simpler technology than phasers or transporters to develop. Meanwhile, they could use the larger equivalent of space vaccuum cleaners if you pardon the pun).

3) Then they get phasers - or start on something close to them. Maybe. We have laser technology now, and I assume phasers are light emitters (like lasers) that have the ability to be modulated to different frequencies and possibly penetrate different dimensional layers of subspace - the reason they can penetrate shields and such, as well as be regulated to be non-lethal or lethal - depending upon what's required.

4) Communicators - we can almost make (or can make) Next Generation communicator pins now. Voice technology is available, so if you pre-programmed your voice to say "get me 'Work'" - your home computer might dial your office. My cell phone actually has voice programming for hands-free operation while driving. It is getting to the point where there are wrist watch phones, so yeah, they can be made small enough to be jewelry pieces eventually. They need small enough memory chips to hold all the possible numbers and voice commands - like "Get me work" or "Picard to Riker." In that sense - Enterprise should be using Classic Trek communicators by now - possibly in junction with Verizon's long distance plan.

5) Shields - no. Don't even go there. Polarizing the hull plating must mean they reverse the polarity of magnetic attraction to the ship with a generator. By doing this, energy weapons might be somewhat repelled like similar magnets. By contrast, even Kirk's shields were projected beyond the starship, so that if they functioned correctly - no hostile projection, light or torpedo, would touch the physical ship, up to certain limitations. That's rather advanced, but maybe less so than the transporter. I hope they never get shields in Enterprise.

6) Replicators - (and same goes with a holodeck). Never. Never. Never.

7) Good writing - doesn't need any of this Tech-no-crap to make the show interesting, exciting, and unpredictable. If they try and fail to create some of this technology, which they only logically should, it will make for depressing episodes. However, those can be carefully written to give hope, or a light at the end of the tunnel.

What do you guys think about this (and Hoshi)?

01-17-2002, 09:42 AM
I agree with you on some points. I think it was about time for the phasers. I think that they need something besides those silly torpedos thier fire. I do agree with the story writting. I don't believe that they need all the tech-no stuff now because it is way to early. As far as the transpoter goes , I think that they are doing this ok. Breaking it in and finding out just what they can do with this. Yes, no tractor beams,shields, replicators and things like that. So far I really don't have a problem with the show and how it is developing. I also like Hoshi.She a good character and believeable.Not to bad to look at either.

01-17-2002, 01:42 PM
I fully agree with you on Linda Park, and plus, she's Korean, so it adds to it even more.

I think the episode was much better than others have been, but there are a few eh points.

1. Reed and Tucker even with limited resources and having to build 2 cannons from scratch could get the whole situation done in less than a week when it take Jupiter Station longer even if they had the phase cannons already? Tucker being the chief engineer would have to supervise the whole thing which would actually make it go faster but the way they were making it sound was that Tucker would have little say over anything.

2. What exactly was the alien's problems?

3. In past episodes it didn't seem like Reed was so hard to get close to.

4. So Hoshi can go hunt for Reed's favorite food when there are several languages she could be learning to help Enterprise?

5. T'Pol didn't find it illogical for Hoshi to do such a thing when there are several languages she could be learning to help Enterprise?

6. What, no plunger-gun trick to try to latch onto the alien vessel so they can tear the ship apart but then be able to get it back together with no help from Starfleet because they have unlimited resources even though the ship is rather small?

7. No Porthos? :(

8. Where exactly is the space for all those shuttle bays, and what is the need for 8-9+ shuttlebays when they've only got 2 shuttles? 3-4 would be sufficient if they needed back-up bays, and when it came to alien ships well all species obviously use the same docking hatch design. :D

9. Gee, someone should tell Voyager to break out their phase cannons that way they won't have to worry about feedback surges.

10. 2 out of 3 cannons we saw are on the bottom hull, so what happens if the ship is above them like we've seen happen? :p

As for the transporter, the writers completely didn't think it through in the Andorian Incident, they could beam a team behind the door at anytime because nothing special had to be done, and they couldn't beam down a big enough team to take down 3 or so Andorians? They completely mis-use the transporter, ya know?

So many things, so little time. :rolleyes: