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09-05-2005, 10:20 PM
====== Haves ========

Clone Evolutions (Error that says fall of the REBUBLIC)

Comic-Con 2005 Exclusives
Yoda .45 scale Saber ( Gold!) I might just keep it im not sure...
silver jango fett bust up
Holographic Leia
Grievous Acme Animation Key Cel ( Looking for C3 Yoda Key Cell) or hell anything else i need at this point
Galatic Heros exclusive( Yoda And R2d2 )
Atacttix exclusive ( clone trooper and Dooku )
GG Bust Up Poster
Hasbro ROTS Toy Poster.


Republic Gunship. im only looking to trade this for my main prioitys or to help get either a full OTC collection or a crap load of kubricks.
#6 Shock Trooper
#33 Red Clone Commander
#33 Green Clone Commander
#35 Blue Saber Palpatine
#38 At-TE Tank Gunner
#41 SA clone
Target clone 1st issue with sith logo clam shell
Deluxe green clone 3pack

Burger king Toys
Darth Vader
Clone troopers x20

Whos Your Daddy Poster
Rots Checklist poster
GG Bust Up Poster 40x20 i think

======Wants =======

ROTS Priority!

#34 Black piolet
#'s 57-68
#11 Darth Vader Open BLister ( Date stamp is 42821 )
#47 Meena Till White Face Variant!

Kubricks Priority.
Series 1 Full set and chase needed
Series 2 Just Need Indie Chase!
Series 3 Chase Vinyl Cape Jawa and logray
Series 4 full set and chase needed
Series 5 when it comes out.
Toys r us box set
Speeder bike box set
Early Bird Set
Max Rebo Band Boxset
Star Wars Be@rbricks:Wicket
And All Carded Figures!

OTC this is for a friend. so i would rather pay money.
#6 Luke
#7 han i beleive!

ROTS Exclusives

lava vader thats moc. and a mint starscase that it came in with no dents and a perfect sticker.

Other Exclusives
Yoda animated Key Cel From C3
toyfair vader

older ones! i dont have any right now but i would like
Boba fett
Darth Maul
Vader removable helmet
Storm trooper
luke jedi knight
and more.

plus im open to talk other trades.
. Please serious traders only.
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