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Darth Alex
09-06-2005, 08:34 PM
Commander Bly & Gree pre-orders: $34.95 plus shipping/handling from action-hq.com, the next 12 ROTS pre-order/Bryan's toys: $19.99 each plus shipping/handling, ROTS Republic Gunship $117.99 C7-C8 or $119.99 C-9 condition from Bryan's toys when re-stocked and on ebay with prices all over the map peaking at over $100 for a buy me now auction option.

Now, I know we've all heard about price gouging with the oil/Katrina crisis, so we're all aware of what it entails.

$34.95 for a figure is CRIMINAL. Period. I called Hasbro about it today, 800-327-8264, let em know. Action-HQ is evil for that pricing.
Bryan's is bad. I buy off em and have sold to them in the past and they've been fair. It's bad that they have that ceiling in place where new 3 3/4" figures go for 20 a pop, but they are a charity compared to Action-HQ.

Indefensible. Links are up on Yakface per Bill. Well, Bill you outta rethink the impression your site is giving this hobby by who YOU do business with and rip em down.

As far as the Gunship, I read the lastest Q'N'A over at Galactic Hunter and Adam, while entitled to an opinion, has it wrong when he states :

Well, congratulations! It's your fault. Indirectly, anyway. Much of this goes back to what we call "voting with your dollars." Some of it is the stores not wanting more high dollar items... but there's a reason for that. And that's why vehicles are usually damned to being exclusives.
Hasbro, Target, Toys "R" Us, and the rest help determine what gets produced. If an item sells slowly, they'll not make another batch-- if the demand is insane, you'll see more. Those Gunships sat at $29.99, a FREAKING BARGAIN PRICE. The Clone Wars Command Gunship was a slow seller as well, and the Republic Gunship, at $39.99, did fairly well. (And if you want to see a ship "more than it's worth," check out the eBay rates of the Command Gunship if there's one around for sale this week.)
With so many fans saying "oh, I'll just wait" and "already got it!" or "I don't want to spend $30 on one toy," you're helping to doom future big vehicles and at the same time, reduce the number of these that will see production. Some are supposedly still in the pipeline, but not a lot, and you'd better be prepared to suck it up and buy damaged box ones and pay for shipping online if someone gets them again. That said...
What you're seeing now on eBay is, to some extent, heat from the new film. Heat comes and goes off of various products from week to week, so if you can't find one, wait it out and see what happens. $100 is a lot, but for a lot of fans-- maybe not specifically you (kenobi96) but you (the readers)-- $30 was too expensive for you. This is what happens-- like a little plaque at the very last location of my very favorite mall pizza chain in Arizona once read, "It's worse to pay too little than too much." ...it's also bad that Hasbro doesn't seem to get it that a $30 vehicle going for $100 means they should rerelease it. Or a couple-- I still want a Clone Wars one painted up to look like some sort of freakish space animal with the maw and eyes and everything. Stores do monitor your buying patterns and if you're not buying a lot of large toys, those are things they don't want to keep around long. Some stores like Toys "R" Us like them because it makes their store better to have them-- and Wal-Mart likes cheap things they can turn over in 10 minutes. My advice to you is to, as I often say, make your opinions known, I'll be sure to pass along what I can if I can, because there's really no reason for this vehicle NOT to be made again if there's this kind of markup here. And:

Because they don't cater to spoiled collectors? But seriously-- if you have the scratch to buy 100 clones, which, at the cheapest, means you dropped $340-$525, you had enough money and many chances to buy a Gunship. Many gunships. There's no way you can buy that many clones in one trip to the store. Army building isn't a right, it's something you have to work toward. In my day, I had to go to garage sale after garage sale and crappy collector show to maybe get one Stormtrooper or a broken TIE Fighter, and I'll tell you what, those weren't pretty looking figures when I found them.
Hasbro isn't dropping the ball-- you had a chance to buy it and for whatever reason, you didn't luck out. Maybe you live in a country that didn't import ships, or maybe you just decided too late that this was something you needed to do. All I can say is that you are very fortunate to have so many Clones, and Hasbro would probably be wise to rerelease another batch of these because it makes some sense to do so. But seriously dude... you obviously have the income and resources to track one down. We're not entitled to anything as collectors or as fans, and I don't like it any more than you do. I've seen one Green Clone Commander (and it wasn't for sale), and I have yet to see Sith Eyes Anakin or Red Shock Trooper. (And let me tell you, I LIVE in the stores.) If you want to do something ridiculous, like get all the Gunships you can to outfit your armies, well, good luck to you. There's enough fans that can't even get one for one reason or another, be it iffy distribution, passing them up one too many times, or not wanting to buy online. Hasbro has given us three Gunships which have all turned out to be pricey in the long run, I'll be shocked if we don't see this mold as an exclusive in the future, so hold your horses and/or just start selling off them clones while the selling is good.

Congrats, it's our fault indirectly? Spoiled collectors? Kiss my ******, Adam.

I'm in the stores quite a bit, heck, I'm in Walmart almost every night killing some time, but the Gunship shipped ONCE to some stores in NE and Central PA, and that was back in April.
Yes, the shipments may not have been ordered heavy, but if Hasbro continued to pack Gunships in with the ARC, those who want 1 or 5 or whatever could get them.

We are now at a point where the hobby has gotten WAY out of hand, Hasbro.

$15-22 for a single clone exclusive from Target or SWSHOP.com(with shipping!) is also a bad sign.

If anyone from Hasbro is reading this, you need to step in, get places like Action-HQ to not charge so much, do what you have to do, remind Bryans of the MSRP on the figures, ship gunships out NOW and through the holidays, and pay attention to what is going on in the marketplace.
You(Hasbro) don't help at ALL when you have cases of the final ROTS 12 with one 1 of each new figure of either collection 1 or 2 in a case at a time. You also don't help when someone is obviously not doing their job when even new things like the Evolutions and exclusives like Titanium Wave 3/Walmart are touted on your website but not available.

I don't buy as much as I used to and with the way things are so hard to find, I don't plan on running around to buy SW toys so much. If things changed, prices were fair, toys were easy(easier) to get, then fine, I'm in. But not now.

When I have to hunt for a toy, it's not fun, it's not why I'm in the SW hobby, it's ********. I can just as easily save my $$$ or buy a CD or a DVD the comes out and is EASYYYYYY to get.

The hobby is in the same bland state it's always in. If I didn't order cases from EE, I'd have to be glued to the internet for an Amazon drop or waste a TON of EXPENSIVE gasoline going from store to store every day or every Thursday(TRU), etc.

Bottom line(in the words of Bill O'Reily): you have a problem, I just stated what it is, the answer is very simple, enact it now, or suffer when your license through 2018 goes belly up in 6 months when no one can still find anything with any regularity at retail and dry up the online market with non-sales due to price gouging.
Fix it....or lose a ton of customers. Go under in the SW division.

Phantom-like Menace
09-06-2005, 11:32 PM
I assume Hasbro is unconcerned with fixing the problem for one simple reason. Right now the hot stock is being purchased by scalpers and on-line outlets, making it impossible for us not to get the product at less than inflated on-line prices. If they commit resources to stopping this, resources which will cost them money, then that same stock will be purchased by collectors and kids. The end result is that Hasbro has spent more money to make the same amount of money. What to do? Well, if we stop buying Star Wars we could crash Star Wars completely. I can't imagine Star Wars can bear collectors walking out despite how much they claim they don't need us. If the toy industry were as robust as it was at the height of the eighties it could take the loss, but I doubt it can now. The only logical target to attack is the secondary market. A slightly more expensive figure on-line is fine, but mark-ups like the Gree and Bly there are rediculous. Anyone buying or preordering (Preordering! A guaranteed sale: the dream of retailers!) basic figures for four times their retail price is not doing themselves nor anyone else a service. If we didn't buy from Ebay and high-priced online stores, scalpers would have to return there ill gotten gains to the stores (They have their receipts, I guarantee--these people probably have receipts from when the line started again in 1995 just in case they can return something), shower, and go to job interviews where they will have to work nine to five like the rest of us. Now what makes me angry is an apparent lack of simple market research. Gree and Bly aren't even out yet, and these sites realize they are going to be hot. Hasbro is probably right now saying, "Gree, Bly, I've never heard of them. Short pack those, one to every ten cases and fill up their space with some more Obi-Wan's and Luke Skywalkers. I mean Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker are the two people anyone will remember from Revenge of the Sith. What, there are no Luke Skywalkers! Why didn't we make any Lukes? Anakin Skywalker? Well, put him in then; they must be related." I suspect Hasbro will realize the money in clones in hindsight market research, and they will begin to make casepacks of clones, Grees, Shock Troopers, Blys, 501sts, and this will be just in time to be too late, so they won't sell well, and Hasbro will feel itself justified in ignoring our pleas. Now there are how many thousands of users on Sirstevesguide? We do have an auction site (and I am being hypocritical, because I've never used it), and we all know each other--even if only by reading each other's messages. This is a great answer to scalping. We're not in it for money. I see messages all the time where people are helping each other to find things and selling them at cost. Even if we mark up for our trouble, we're not bleeding each other.

09-07-2005, 06:51 PM
See that is why i am glad my brother works @ toys r us.they get 3 trucks a week,they go through the cases take what the want then the rest goes out.they got a cases of evolutions in with one sith evolutions.1 minute there next minute my shelf,get a job there yourself if you wanna collect otherwise stop complaining:twisted:

Darth Alex
09-07-2005, 07:28 PM
See that is why i am glad my brother works @ toys r us.they get 3 trucks a week,they go through the cases take what the want then the rest goes out.they got a cases of evolutions in with one sith evolutions.1 minute there next minute my shelf,get a job there yourself if you wanna collect otherwise stop complaining:twisted:

You're insane. Get a job there yourself? You are INSANE. Cut the *** newbie with the stop complaining and the devil icon. Great, your brother works at TRU and can get you toys. WOO HOO. You completely miss the point I've made.

This folks is a prime example of the idiocy ruining this hobby.
Everyone knows of someone who knows someone who works in the back room and can get stuff. That has happened since the dawn of retail.
But to have a newbie(13 posts!) suggest that I get a JOB at a retail store to buy toys is just insane.
Look, here's the deal, I could just buy new cases off of EE. I don't want to get stuck with figures I don't need and at this point it's insane in the current economic climate to support online markups. Plain and simple.

So, fine, if this is how it's gonna be, then I walk. More for fans and ******** alike, and less stress.

Phantom-like Menace
09-08-2005, 12:58 AM
I'm curious as to why my pargraphs were reformatted into one giant paragraph in my previous post.

Now, while my reaction won't be as intense as Darth Alex's, I've always found this practice detestable. I don't blame the employees. If you were a shark swimming in that feeding frenzy, you would grab what you wanted to. I would. I'd not have the juevos or lack of sensitivity to brag about it. I blame the company. From what I understand, that's standard, allowed practice at Toys R Us. It always makes me scratch my head that I hear enraged indictments against Target and Wal Mart in regard to this practice while no one mentions that Toys R Us does it regularly with the full consent of the company.

I won't even comment on the concept of dropping a real job to work at a job that would have barely supported me when I lived at home and was fed and clothed by Mommy and Daddy.

09-08-2005, 07:54 AM
Unfortunately the game is scalping. Most of your store employees, witht he exception of few are scaplers. i have never dealt with Brian's Toys because of his insane prices, at Celebration II I stopped at his booth and saw a little kid wanting to get a preview Jango Fett figure . The price tag was $55 because it was rare ?????? When asked if the guy behind the counter asked if he would barter or lower the price, he responded good luck trying to find him in the store. The same day I saw him in the Kay-Bee down in the street buying up every Jango figure is sight.

The other day I saw a Walmart Employee unpacking cases of the Star Wars igure in which he was putting the shock troopers and the tarkin wave into a shoppiing cart that he later rolled into the stockroom.

Scaplers are everywhere and the more the demand for the item, the higher the price. Hasbro can't control it, the only way Hasbro would be able to control the problem is if they monitored everyone's purchases. Virtually impossible.

Hey I am one of those collectors that are still looking for certain figures (tarkin wave, shocktroopers, green commanders sith evolutions) but i refuse to pay scalper prices and refuse to give in. When I am lucky enough to find them I buy them.

And hey DarthAlex give it a rest, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion no need to attack. however rich of the dead does make a point, perhaps getting a parttime job in one of these retail stores might help get some of the stuff collector's are looking for.