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Rollo Tomassi
01-17-2002, 01:45 PM
Hello everybody!! Meesa back!! I've been MIA in the Golden State for the past week. What?? You didn't even notice I was gone? Ugh. Anyway, it was my first time on the left coast and I had a pretty swell time.

Wednesday A flight from Chicago's O'Hare to Houston. My first time on a plane in 16 years. But I figured with all the fear of flying nowadays, it's be the perfect time... The MP's with their big guns are very smiley as you check thru airport security. The flight from Houston to LAX offers up the in-flight movie "Glitter" Thinking of writing strongly worded letter to Continental Airlines. After the touchdown in LAX and the incident with the Enterprise rental guy ("No, I do not want $14 a day insurance on my car, thank you....") I took a wrong turn on Manchester and drove down to marina Del Rey and see the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life. Hmmmph. Looks like Lake Michigan (as in "you can't see the other side...") then I turn around and head back up manchester and miss the turn off onto the 405, so I drive along Inglewood for a bit (Inglewood! I heard that in a movie once!) Finally I hit the 405, but it's dark and I miss most of the sights driving up to Northridge where my sister lives. A long day is over and I hit the sack.
Thursday Universal Studios! Another missed exit takes me down the winding Sepulveda and then Ventura Blvd. I parked in Curious George and wandered around CityWalk and then went into the amusement park proper. Xena showed me the way to the bathrooms. (or as my daughter calls her "Christina") Back to the Future was pretty cool, but that opening video gets annoying faster than a time traveling Delorean. Next I take the ridiculously long escalator ride down to the bottom area. I don't feel like getting wet on Jurassic Park, so I hit E.T. instead. Boring. I doubt Speilberg had dancing flowers in mind when he made the film. Flying out over "L.A." was moderately amusing. Next up, Backdraft. ** hum. Back up to the top for the Universal Studios tourbus. Larry, the tour guide was fairly amusing. I was hoping for a glance at Speilberg and Cruise on the Minority Report soundstage or maybe Brett Ratner (tee hee) on the Red Dragon soundstage, but no such luck. Famous people spotted: zero. After the tour I hit the Waterworld show and then bounce over and catch T-2 3D, but not before enjoying a $7 hamburger at Mel's. It's been a long day and even though I am supposed to meet a friend of mine after Universal, I head back and crash at my sisters.
Friday Got up early and drove down Topanga Canyon road to the beach. I am the only person wearing a t-shirt. Some people are wearing jackets even though it's in the high 50's. Californians are wussies (you mid-westerners know what I'm talking about...). Around noon I drive back up Topanga Canyon road and hit the 101 which shoots me over to Warner Bros to hang with my friend who works there. He takes me on a pseudo-tour of the lot. I see the E.R. exteriors with the fake snow and the giant Chicago-Tribune sign. Right next to it is a Tokyo Exterior for the new Austin Powers movie. We peek inside and are rousted by some set builders. We move along to the "small midwest town" set which was used on Dukes of Hazzard and also for Gremlins. Currently it's the small town of Star's Hollow on the Gilmore Girls. I don't watch the WB so I took my friends word for it. We head over to the WB commisary and I see my first star! Well, it was Kathy Kinney from the Drew Carey show (sans make-up) so "star" is a relative term. In the commisary, I enjoy a $5 grilled cheese sandwich. After lunch we work our way back through the producer bungalows. I resist the urge to peek into Silver's office to see the life size Predator. On the way back to my friend's building, my daughter plows into David Arquette! He is on the way to the Friends soundstage to see his anorexic wife. My friend resists the urge to yell out "Look everybody! David Arquette, star of Eight Legged Freaks!" We go back up to his office for a bit and then he has to "run" some paperwork across the lot (they have couriers for such things, but he want's to show us more of the lot) so we head across the studio looking at famous parking spaces. (I saw Don Cheadle's and Sean Astin's but those don't count as seeing stars.) We clown around on the old west sets and head into the saloon. Suddenly, we hear voices outside and run up the back stairs. The voices follow us inside the saloon. My four year old daughter has trouble keeping hr mouth shut, so we look for a back stair way and head back over to his office. Close call!! I like to think BoniVentura and Tom Cruise were walking around the old west set discussing an upcoming production, but I never saw who it was. Anyway back to his office so he can finish up his slacker work day.

Afterwords, he drives us down to Hollywood, so we can see the Mann's Chinese theatre, the new home of the Oscars, all that good stuff. As we are pulling past, we see all the limos pulling up outside. And lights! Hooray! It's the People's Choice Awards! I see Eugene Levy getting interviewed at a distance. We drive around some more, head down Sunset and then go into the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. There's a hair in my chicken pizza, so ...free food! My girlfriend says she sees Bruce Davison at CPK, but I can't verify. Anybody who knows Bruce can ask him if he was there on the 11th of January. I head back to my sisters after a long day. Famous people: 3 (and several parking places) plus and unconfirmed fourth.

More to come...

01-17-2002, 02:00 PM
Sounds like you had a great time!! It's kinda nice to be able to live vicariously through your adventures.

Welcome back... I certainly noticed you weren't here. Thins were a little boring without you! Now you can add your two dollars worth to the threads on the new AOTC statues... erhm... ornaments... ah... toys! Yeah... that's the ticket!

Rollo Tomassi
01-17-2002, 02:02 PM
Saturday I get up and head over to my buddy's place. A few other friends from Iowa who have made good in Hollywood (one works at Digital Domain, the other is a script copier at Fox) meet us there and we head back down to City Walk to see De Pacte Les Loups (or Brotherhood of the Wolf). It could be trimmed down from it's 2 hour 20 minute run time, but other than that, it's a decent film. Then we hang out and mock the locals before driving over to Glendale because they just opened a Bennigan's ( we have bennigan's like McDonalds in the midwest but apparently they are a new thing in California. Our waiter has trouble understanding our order, so we delight in mocking him. The back to my friend's apartment for a racous night of Trivial Pursuit and just hanging with old friends.
Sunday My 28th Birthday! For my birthday, my sister takes us down to Anaheim and my very first trip ever to Disneyland. "The happiest place on Earth!" (except around nap time, when all the small children make it the grumpiest place on Earth!) I take the train around the outer edge of the park and then plunge down into Adventure land. I catch the Tiki Room, the river ride, Tarzan's treehouse and the Indiana Jones ride. The fun doesn't slow down as I head into the Pirates of the Carribean, and then a short lunch break of homemade turkey sandwiches (the $7 burger and $5 grilled cheese taught me to bring my own food...) and then...TomorrowLand!!! and Star Tours....

01-17-2002, 06:02 PM
all right!!! a thread with your name in the title i didn't start!!:)

sounds like a good trip. too bad you took your family with you. i hear that mimi is an animal in the sack:crazed:

and i'm suprised that dork david arquett didn't announce his presence. i wish you would of kicked him in the nads for me. :crazed:

welcome back, and now tell me, why isn't tom cruies(who you mentioned twice) in the new ann rice vampire movie?

01-18-2002, 12:48 AM
Wow, sounds like a wild time Rollo! Happy belated Birthday!

Marina Del Rey is a manmade (about 35 years ago) harbor, so that isn't the best vantage for viewing the Pacific. I'd suggest up the coast about 15 miles from Santa Monica, near Malibu. BTW, nice area Inglewood, did you score any crack? ;) 405 is the worst freeway here in LA.

How the hell did you aim at Universal Studios and end up in the Sepulveda pass? That's the 405 again, were you trying to get to the 101 and missed? Universal Studios is right up the hill from where I live - you VERY rarely see famous people there, you'd be way better off for star-spotting if you had gone to Erewhon natural foods supermarket.

As for the weather thing, we're acclimated to 72 degrees, so even the 64 we had yesterday was "chilly". Then again, you should have been here a few days ago when it was 75 and "mild-to-hot" (damn winter nights ruin the effect though since, unlike in summer, they DO get cold even on warm winter days), I bet you wouldn't be bagging on us jacket-wearers. ;)

Sounds like a good time at Warner Bros, but did you EVER get out of the valley? :D (I almost asked if you were talking about the studio in West Hollywood, but my brain then said "duh, ER is filmed in Burbank!") BTW, "famous parking spaces" sounds like the most boring tour of all time - I've lived here all my life and talked to many a tourist, and for the life of me, I cannot fathom why some actually get excited by that.

The Chinese Theater didn't used to suck till they built that ugly-*** mall and crappy totally-useless and unused event theater (Kodak Theater claims that after the Oscars, NOBODY wants to do shows there because it's a crappy theater... nice use of public funds there Mayor Riordan!!!), the Chinese used to be so cool, then they turned it into a mall theater and ruined all the decor. I'll never forgive them for that huge blunder. At least you got to see a real hollywood event (such as it was ;)). For me, that show was "more friggin' problem traffic" instead of "a big hollywood awards show". I know EXACTLY what I was doing when this show was happening, I was several blocks away at Ametron electronics. Hell, I could have seen the amazing Rollo drive by and not known. :crazed:

The term "...made good in Hollywood" rarely includes the phrase "script copier", ;) and Fox isn't even IN Hollywood, they're in West LA/Century City (they're in both because it's a big lot and they have the Nakatomi Plaza ;) - the building from Die Hard is the Fox Plaza in real life).

"we head back down to City Walk" - So in other words, you came to LA and spent the entire time at Universal Studios. Bennigans isn't entirely foreign, but the 2 I know of out here aren't exactly swimming in loot, they, like TGIFridays, don't do spectacular business.

the $7 burger and $5 grilled cheese taught me to bring my own food...As an annual pass holder, I can say that IMO, Disneyland food isn't as overpriced as other tourist food in terms of portions and quality. You're SUPPOSED to eat outside food in the picnic area by the exterior lockers, you know. ;) Sounds like you had a great day at Disneyland, what did you think of Star Tours (otherwise known as my primary reason for living)?

01-18-2002, 02:05 AM
Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
Hello everybody!! Meesa back

What?? You didn't even notice I was gone? Ugh

Oh look everybody look whos come crawling back :p JK

What does the set from the new Austin Powers movie look like?

boss nass
01-18-2002, 02:09 AM
how did you like star tours? i thought it was great i went on it 4 times its defintly the best attraction at disnyland the r2d2 is wicked cool!!

Bel-Cam Jos
01-19-2002, 10:58 AM
JediTricks, I sense much resentment in you. :rolleyes:

Are you a "native" Californian, JT? (These days, "native" means been here over 10 years, but I'm talking about from birth to today). As one of the "mid-westerners [that] know what I'm talking about," CA residents do NOT know what bad weather is, not even how to handle rain! Haven't you seen the commercials trying to get people to vacation in CA again? Be postive! ;) The more people come to sunny CA, well, the more crowded the freeways get. :mad: (Darn CA cynicism! :D I've lost my mid-western joy.)

Glad you kinda enjoyed your trip, Rollo!

Rollo Tomassi
01-19-2002, 12:56 PM
Hey! Whet the hell happened to my third and conclusionary post about the Sunday thru Wednesday of my weeklong adventure!?! it was the longest of the three, so i don't feel like retyping it. it was here the other day...

To answer your question, JT, I thought there was a difference between Ventura Blvd (which I was aiming for, not the 101) and the Ventura Freeway, but the exit off the 405 is the same one, so by the time I figured it out, i had to go to the next exit (Sepulveda) and wind back down to Ventura. My buddy lives within spitting distance of the intersection of ColdWater Cyn and Ventura , so then I just took Ventura all the way to Universal. I took the quicker 405 to the 101 route the next time and shaved 20 minutes off the drive.

It looked pretty gaudy down there, but it was dark. next time i come out I might head down there during the day just to say I've seen a movie at the Chinese.

Man I SAW you in that Ametron. Didn't you hear me honk as we drove by? ;)

We went back to CityWalk because that was the closest place playing Brotherhood of the Wolf (or so my "native" friends said, they were driving.)

ScriptCopier actually a copier/proofreader/editor type. He has a vague job where he sits and looks at porn on the internet all day (kidding) I'm not sure what he does exactly, but he makes good money doing it. The same goes for my friend at Warner Bros. I think he's the guy that tells the editors what to do, but doesnt actually do any work himself except sit in his office and goof off on the internet...

Did I ever leave the valley?!? WHAT?? There's MORE Los Angeles on the other side of the mountains??;) I stuck to the valley because that's where everybody I was visiting lives. So except for that excursion to Disneyland (and the drive thru the Tejon pass, chronicled in the missing post) , I stayed up north.

It's nice out there. I think I might move out there in a year or two.

01-20-2002, 05:54 AM
I'm glad you had such a good time Rollo. Sitting here in good old Ga.,going to work every night watching the world go by not much of a life. Its really good to hear other people out there enjoying life. I to plan on tring to go west one of these days. I thought I would do it buy car. Take my time and see a few things. For now it seems like a long time from now but you never know.

01-20-2002, 10:15 PM
Bel-cam, although I've lived all over this city, I was born 8 blocks from where I currently live here in Hollywood. As for the weather, it's the cold that bothers us most, but why should we have to deal with it?!? ;)

Rollo, did you remember to hit "submit reply"? ;) Sorry it disappeared. The 405 is a huge mess, the valley interchange is really bad, everybody gets desparate or selfish. :D

So it was you who was mooning everybody and honking on Hollywood that night! ;)

It's nice out there. I think I might move out there in a year or two.... oh... my... GOD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh heh, just kidding. If you do, invest in Disneyland Annual passes, they're worth it.

01-21-2002, 02:55 AM
Originally posted by Obi-Don
I'm glad you had such a good time Rollo. Sitting here in good old Ga.,going to work every night watching the world go by not much of a life. Its really good to hear other people out there enjoying life. I to plan on tring to go west one of these days. I thought I would do it buy car. Take my time and see a few things. For now it seems like a long time from now but you never know.

Not sure if you intended it this way, but that is one of the saddest things I've ever heard anybody post.:( Hope you get a chance to see some of the world soon, Obi-Don. Maybe you should join the Army like I did, then you'll see more than you ever wanted.:rolleyes:

Nice to see you had a good time, Rollo. Was it your first time in California? The only time I went there I visited Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm (twice), Lake Tahoe and Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. It was around 1986, when the last of the vintage Star Wars toys were going on clearance. Also exactly six months before Star Tours opened.:cry: Ahhhh, memories......

Rollo Tomassi
01-21-2002, 12:26 PM
I wasn't "mooning" anyone...I was trying to get one of them new-fangled "all over tans" that are so hip and cool out in California..sheesh.

(never mind it was 8:00 at night and the sun had gone down...):(

Besides, the cop that pulled me over...naah. I won't go there.:D

01-21-2002, 03:42 PM
...would that be Children's Hospital?

It's interesting to hear about Rollo's California adventure. Sounds like almost everywhere Rollo went was within a few blocks of somewhere I once lived. I wish I could have been there to hear another newcomer's first time pronouncing Sepulveda, Cahuenga, and Tujunga.

Rollo, did you get to take a fast drive up on Mullholland from Sepulveda to Cahuenga? I may have resided near most of the places you mentioned in your posts, but I lived for 17 years on that stretch of two-lane and the adrenaline rush of pushing several wonderful cars and motorcycles to my limits (I'm not so egotistical to claim I pushed the vehicles to their limits all the time). When ESB came out on video, I used to watch the speeder bike scene and then jump on my GPz750 and take banzai runs on Mulholland between the 101 & 405. Life just doesn't get much better than that.

Anyone else here (JT???) know what I'm tawkin' 'bout? Going 85MPH arrow-straight through the centerline of the ess curves at Sumatra, east of Java? Knee pad sparking around Deadman's right below Kenny Roger's house?

Wow, recalling that stuff - this is the first time in over 10 years I've felt anything even close to really missing L.A. - and I have a son and a parent there.

Bel-Cam Jos
01-21-2002, 07:34 PM
SWAFMAN, add these to the list:
La Canada
Cajon Pass
El Pollo Loco ( :rolleyes: )
Junipero Serra

I love going back to Ohio and hearing Spanish get mangled! No, I don't like that anothe rlanguage is mispronounced, just the bad sounds that happen! :D

Mee ess-pan-yole ess moo-ey bee-en. Yo habb-low ess-pan-yole en mee caah-suh en la man-yann-uh ee en mee trah-buh-joe. Es dee-ver-tee-doe para habb-larr ess-pan-yole, verr-dad? :confused:

01-21-2002, 09:53 PM
Hey, B-CJ - my son used to live in La Caņada, and his mother still works there - just a quick flick of the wrist from the foot of Angeles Crest. Now he lives a few miles from there, in La Crescenta.

I mangled plenty o' spanish words when I first got there, too. Don't forget La Jolla, La Cienega.... sheesh, so many! But Gringos have no monopoly on pronouncing other languages' words strangely. I spent about an hour driving around with a spanish-only speaking fellow, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about - this thing callled a "hogwar." Finally a car drove by and he pointed to it and said. "hogwar!" Damned if it wasn't a Jaguar. Silly-freakin'-me! It was so obvious once I understood it.

01-22-2002, 01:59 AM
Hmm, I guess you got that tan in a tanning bed Rollo because So Cal's last nudist colony closed its doors a few weeks ago due bankruptcy. Be thankful. ;)

Swaffy, no, it was at Cedars of Lebanon which moved and became Cedars Sinai. The building is now the Scientology center at Sunset and L. Ron Hubbard way (they got the city to change the name of that one-block-long street finally after all these years), it's one block west of Childrens Hospital. One thing that's depressing about living in this neighborhood is that between Queen of Angels, Childrens Hospital, and Kaiser all at the intersection of Sunset and Vermont, we have a lot of ambulances and choppers - air ambulances - going by (it's depressing because there are so many people who need ambulances and choppers).

Um, swaffy, there were no speederbikes in ESB. ;) Do you mean ROTJ or snowspeeders? The only time I went fast on that stretch between the 405 and the 101 was when my mom's boyfriend decided to stop some criminal and we chased him down in the gold Trans Am (before it lost its hood and cowling and became scary-looking). Why did my mom's then-boyfriend chase down criminals in our cars? I think he wanted to be James Bond or Batman or something -- LA does that to you. ;)

While I understand Cahuenga and Tujunga, etc., are difficult because they're spanish words with non-english phonetics, Sepulveda never seemed so hard to me because it's totally phonetic - only the emphasis seems like the possible confusing part. Yet so many newcomers have trouble with that one, I dunno why.

Rollo Tomassi
01-22-2002, 07:44 AM
My first time pronunciations:

Se PULL vi dah

Keh HUIN ga

Te HEN gah (or Te HOON gah if I was feeling saucy)

La HO la

La SEE en eh ga

TAY hown Pass

YOO nih ver sal STU dee ows

DIZ nee land

I drove right by that Scientology building and laughed my tush off. For some reason Scientology cracks me up. I scoff at all organized religion, but that one gives me the giggles.

Since I was driving a rental, the fastest I got on any curvy roads(Sepulveda and Topanga Canyon) was about 40 mph. And that was enough of a thrill for me.

01-22-2002, 06:58 PM
Did you at least stop at In & Out? The shakes are the best. As a transplanted mid-westerner, it took me a couple weeks, but you picked up on using "the" in front of freeway numbers pretty quick.

01-22-2002, 09:52 PM
DOH! I guess I have to reconsider my SWAFMAN handle? I couldn't remember which sequel had that scene in it off the top of my head. It's been a few years since I saw the original trilogy. I've started falling asleep during them in my old age.:zzz:

it was at Cedars of Lebanon which moved and became Cedars Sinai. The building is now the Scientology center...
No way! That used to be Cedars? Wow. I never knew that. JT, is the Scientology building still painted blue? I remember it from sitting across the street during brunches at New York George's and I had a delivery once to to that building/compound and it gave me the creeps. The people sweeping the walks and tending the grounds had the dark circles under their eyes and vacant stares of people under forced sleep deprivation - a prime tactic for mind control. It was very unsettling. I liked FZ's parody of it - L. Ron Hoover and the First Church of Appliantology.

Yet so many newcomers have trouble with that one, I dunno why.
When I first got there, I called it sep-ul-VEE-da. :rolleyes:

So Cal's last nudist colony closed its doors a few weeks ago due bankruptcy. Be thankful.
Was that Sandstone out at the far end of Chatsworth up by the 118? If so, too bad. ;)

...mom's boyfriend decided to stop some criminal and we chased him down...
Yeah, the area on Mulholland from the 101 past the overlook above the Bowl, and the one by Wonderland Dr. overlooking UniStudios was getting very bad at nights with gang activity even back when I was still there. When I was about 19 we got into a bad fight with some mexican gang when we snuck on to the old Errol Flynn estate to party one night. One of my friends got hit in the head with a baseball bat (this was before everybody used guns), and he was never the same after that.

My first time pronunciations: La HO la... TAY hown Pass
Great job, Rollo! The only ones I pronounced differently from you when I lived there were La Jolla - "La HOY-ya" and Cajon Pass - "Ka-HOAN Pass." But that's just me, I suppose I could be wrong.

01-23-2002, 02:02 AM
Rollo, you did pretty good, but on Cahuenga, Tujunga, and La Jolla, we natives go with with:



"Lah HOY-ya"

Oh, and it's "Diz-NEEEEEeeeeee-land"

I can't afford to laugh at the church of scientology, they own my ISP (Earthlink) and roughly 40% of the buildings in Hollywood. Plus, where I used to live over on Franklin and Bronson (where stupid Rebecca Gayheart totalled my family car) is the Scientology Celebrity Center where they routinely have their army doing drills and patrols (yes, they have an army).

Swaffy, I'm just shocked that you forgot which film, I think you need a refresher. ;) Yes, that building is still blue. What's "FZ" though?

Actually, the last one was Elisian Fields up the PCH. All the others had apparently folded and they were the last, but being naked became less interesting with the advent of the internet (where EVERYBODY'S naked), I guess. ;)

Your pronunciation of Sepulveda with the stress on the next-to-last syllable is proper Spanish I believe, but the "ull" sound seems to be the stress point for we locals :P. I've had more bad encounters on that street too, 2 major accidents and an incident where I, as a pedestrian, had to run for my life - the spot where I was standing had a truck land there less than 2 seconds later.

Stilla, I think the Double Double is the best thing they've got, but the shakes are great too. :greedy: I want it all!!!

01-26-2002, 02:33 PM
= Frank Zappa, specifically, Joe's Garage - acts II & III.

JT - re: Sepulveda - yeah, i stopped stressing the VEE syllable after about the first week. You know, I used to ride by 10-speed Schwinn bicycle over Sepulveda Pass to work near Sunset & the 405 when I lived just off Oxnard and Fulton in North Hollywood. I had close calls every single day! But the downhill-side runs were so worth it!! I look back on that now and (1) cannot believe I was ever in that good condition, and (2) cannot believe I never had any accidents - let alone lived to type about it. For some stupid reason I never even considered using a helmet on a bicycle, but at the same time was religious about helmets when on a motorcylce. ????

You just HAD to go talking about DoubleDoubles didn'tcha, JT? You know what happened the last time I got an instatiable urge for food out of my local area? Please don't do this to me! NYC is only a 3 hour drive, but In-N-Out is 3000 miles away! Stop, I beg you! (you should see the perverted changes I used to make to the In-N-Out Burger bumper stickers when I was a kid. I still have them hidden somewhere! ;) )

01-26-2002, 03:21 PM
sounds like ya had fun rollo...;)

Rollo Tomassi
01-26-2002, 05:53 PM
Y, know...I WANTED to go try In and OUt, just to say I'd been, and got vetoed several times. (sigh) maybe next time. PS How'd you know I was nekked, JT?

01-26-2002, 07:10 PM
PS How'd you know I was nekked, JT?

That's why I never buy used home computer chairs!!
:sur: ;) :D

01-28-2002, 01:39 AM
Rollo, how could you let them veto you? You should have vetoed their vetos! In-n-Out Burger is something you should never miss, make sure your "next time" includes at least one Double-Double, one order of delicious fries, and one shake!!! (that's basically their entire menu)
Just to get you hungry... http://www.in-n-out.com/

Ah, gotcha Swaffo. That's a heck of a bicycle ride there, it's gotten even more dangerous now that they build the new Getty Museum up on the garbage dump on the west hill of the pass. My dad has had several accidents up there in the past few years on his bike (he bikes the SM mountains all the time, but not offroad EXTREEEEEME!!! mountain biking, just trails). I know what you mean about helmets and bikes, I never rode a motorcycle without a helmet, yet in the 20 years I've ridden bicycles, I've yet to strap a helmet on. We even force my dad to since he's had so many accidents - he recently split a helmet!

So Swaffy, now that I gotcha jonesing for a Double-Double, when you gonna jump on a plane and fly out here just to get your grub on? ;)

01-28-2002, 05:09 PM
you're killin' me, JT! I should come out right now. Just shipped a new computer to my mom, and would love to come out and set it up for her. I've put out some resumes to a few L.A. companies, not because I really want to move back, but just to try and fanagle (sp???) a free round trip for the interview & a visit to my mom & son on-the-cheap ;) . But it isn't gonna happen any time in the immediate future. I'll probably be in Chicago the last half of this week, so that will use up my travel budget at least until summer.

Hey VT (or anyone else!), wanna meet Thursday at the Hancock Center for lunch?

Bel-Cam Jos
01-28-2002, 05:29 PM
Take heart, non-California dwellers. In-N-Out Burger restaurants have been spotted in Arizona and Nevada, so Tennessee or Vermont can't be far behind! :D

Things I'd miss outside of CA:
Del Taco (not in food quality, :dead: just to compete with and lower prices at Taco Bell)
Stater Bros. grocery stores
Easily-seen street signs! (My gosh, in Ohio, you'd think they don't want you to find your way!)
Great sunsets
Very little rain

Things I look forward to outside of CA:
Numbered Interstate exits
Cheap gas :(
Greenery along roads
Dairy Queens (Uh, ice cream is good you know, CA)
Less smog/traffic (yeah, right)

01-28-2002, 07:36 PM
choice of good, fair priced, and authentic ethnic foods. (wasn't DelTaco owned by Carl's Jr.? & is Carls' Jr. still in business?)
in particular: In 'n Out Burger, Yoshinoya Beef Bowl, El Pollo Loco, Fatburger, Palermo Pizza (JT, this place used to be just north of Sunset, around Vine - have you ever seen/tried it?), Numero Uno Pizza on Hollywood Blvd near Highland (had their 'za nearly every day for a while, back in 'the good 'ol days'), Canter's Fairfax, Western Bagel bakery & outlet on Sepulveda in Van Nuys (best to go at about 3:00 AM & get 'em fresh, hot & steaming!), Arlene's Donuts in Santa Monica (best buttermilk bars in the world - the ultimate 2:00 AM munchie!! I think it is at the diagonal intersection of Bundy & Sta. Monica Blvds.), )Sizzler's "dem bones" all-you-can-eat ribs specials, Cupid's Hot Dogs (never cared for Pink's), The Charthouse (on PCH, not in Westwood), too many great sushi joints & mexi-food stands to name or pick favorites, and last but certainly not least - Tommy's Chili Burgers & their chili-cheese fries (my favorite location was the one off the 405 & Roscoe [I'm pretty sure that was the exit], 'specially when the Anheuser-Busch brewery across the street was cooking their hops).

Mrs. Gooch's Grocery Stores

Trader Joe's

Food for Life's Ezekiel 4:9 bread

beer & liquor sold in grocery & convenience stores

the rock store & every road to and around it - malibu canyon & topanga canyon & decker canyon & mulholland - the best motorcycling roads in the world!

the beach

my son & my mom

things I like outside of L.A.

Everything Bel-Cam Jos said, plus:

my kids can go to public school & get a fair chance at an education & not have to worry about gang fights.

no rodney king riots (no rodney king) (or O.J., for that matter)

no earthquakes

fewer "plastic people"

01-28-2002, 10:37 PM
Del Taco (which is way better than Taco Bell IMO) has been spotted in Arizona as well, so watch out world! ;) The gas prices here in LA are about average for the rest of the country, according to the national news. They were showing prices higher in rural areas than here even. And as for greenery along the roads, there's tons of it! Why, just last week when I was driving drunk on the sidewalk (or was it the freeway shoulder?), I must have run over 4 different kinds of sage and chaparal before I knocked down that pine tree. ;) (j/k) I'm told we have Dairy Queen out here, but with Fosters Freeze, I have no need for a DQ. I think I seen one at Sunset and La Brea though.

Swaffo, Carl's Jr is indeed still in business, but does not own Del Taco. I don't miss Yoshinoya... mainly because I go there at least once a week. Yoshinoya is the oldest fast food chain in the world, it's over 100 years old! They don't have El Pollo Loco out in Pencilvania? I know exactly which Palermo you're talking about, it's a few blocks from where I live - best canoli (sp?) in the freakin' world! Numero Uno is out of the picture, I believe. Sizzler hasn't run an all-you-can-eat ribs thing in a while, but I'm still waiting for its glorious return. :D I'm not a fan of the PCH Charthouse, the attitude there is a bit too thick. The Westwood one was nice though. I preferred the Malibu Sea Lion till it got sold, now I simply don't eat on the PCH at all anymore. I know the Tommys you are talking about and I grew up taking tours of the beer factory & its gardens, but I don't remember which exit off the 405 it was (I think Roscoe might be it, but I've tried to erase the valley from my mind ;)).

Mrs. Gooch's turned into an even better chain, Whole Foods. Trader Joe's is now back east, look for it. The 7-11 by my house refuses to sell alcohol at all, around 1:55am, it's hilarious to see the drunkies freak out when they are told this because they wasted their last chance to get booze before the cutoff. Also, in West Hollywood, markets aren't allowed to sell COLD liquor. The Rock Store is indeed awesome, although there are far too many idiots willing to get themselves killed driving their superbikes off the big curves IMO. If you aren't going to be good at what you're doing and your life is at risk, don't do it!

One riot in 30 years and we get a reputation, isn't that always the way?!? ;) I remember the riots, that was a wild time. As for quakes, that is true, but we don't have hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, blight, or drought (real ones, not politically-made-up ones). I was out of town for the big '94 quake, so it's been 11 years since I can remember a big CA quake.

01-29-2002, 12:31 AM
JT - Do you remember one year when the Sea Lion's windows all got smashed-in by waves during a major tropical storm? It was in the late '80s, I think. It sucked because the Sea Lion always smelled musty after that. I was willing to put up with the chart house staff because the view in the waning hours of twilight - with the sandpipers running back and forth at the edge of the waves on the beach, and the perfect views were just too wonderful to let any jerkwad with an attitude spoil my evening.

If you ever get out by the rock store again (if you're heading toward the beach - not away), the last big left-turning sweeper curve before you go over the little bridge, then up to the store has a small street just before the curve called Careful Street. Well, guess what? That's where I ate it big-time one afternoon on my old GPz 550. Spent the rest of that summer growing new skin on my back after my bike decided to ride me down the center of the 2-lane asphalt for about a dozen yards. Was totally my own fault. I was trying to keep up with another rider who was WAY more experienced than me at that time. Trashed my new bike & left me with a few convincing scars to show my sons when they ask me $$ to buy their own bikes here pretty soon.

That is SO cool that you know Palermo and that they're still around! Man, could I go for one of their pizzas. I never tried their canoli but if it's anywhere near as good as their pizza, I'm sure it's great.

01-29-2002, 07:43 AM

Didn't you forget something? Didn't you bring this arctic weather from home with you? And what's this white stuff falling from the sky the past couple of days? What SPF am I suppose to use in weather like this?;) You're absolutely right! Californians can't cope....especially me! Iced roads aren't my idea of fun!

.....where are my warm, fuzzy slippers, anyway.....

01-29-2002, 11:23 AM
Just a few more days and you would've felt that shaker last night. Whoa!

01-29-2002, 09:46 PM
Me and my big mouth, I go and mention the stupid Northridge quake and less than 4 hours later, it aftershocks 3 noticable times on us! At 9:53p, a 4.2; at 10p, a 3.9; at 10:08p, a 3.8; and that first one lasted a lot longer than most I've felt since '88 when the street visably rolled. Plus, being up here on the 4th floor, we REEEEEAAAALLLLLLY feel 'em, though apparently, there were a dozen more I didn't feel.

Swaffy, yes I do remember, my ex step-father had a house wash away about a mile up the coast from there. I never noticed the funk though, but I remember watching the news footage of the Sea Lion getting smashed by huge waves over and over for a LONG time after.

Ok, I'll do a DNA scan of the asphalt out there for what's left of your skin. ;) But at least you didn't go flying off any curves down a deep ravine. :p

Palermo does a TON of business on the weekends, I think it's because they give away free wine to customers waiting to get in, but the food is fantastic too. :D The canoli is just ridiculous how good it is.

TeeEye, don't blame Rollo for the frosty weather, blame all those folks up at Mountain High who dream of this sort of stuff all year. The rest of us freeze while the ski & snowboard sets get their fresh powder, I blame them personally. ;)

01-30-2002, 05:50 AM
The Force is strong with you, JT. Hold still while I check your blood for a Richter count ;)

02-25-2002, 01:50 AM
Just reading this post makes me long to move back out to California. Hey Rollo, I used to live in Marina Del Rey. It was quite expensive, but nice. I'm looking to move back out there sometime within the next year, hopefully somewhere up in the valley. Marina Del Rey was nice, but it was kind of far from everything that I needed to be by. Inglewood, I hope you are talking about the street Rollo. I wouldn't go driving around that suburb if I were you. Culver City is as far south as I go, unless I'm heading to Anaheim to catch an Angels game or to go to Disneyland. Ah good old Sepulveda. I love going to Universal Studios and Disneyland. What can I say, I love theme parks. I wish I would have gone to Magic Mountain while I lived out there. I hear they have some really cool rides. I never found the weather to be a problem, except sometimes at night it could get a little bit chilly due to the breeze coming up off of the ocean. Anyway, glad you had fun out there.

02-26-2002, 12:46 AM
It's been nice and warm for the past few days, I hear it got up around 90 last weekend, but anything over 76 feels like that to me. ;)

Marina del Rey is nice, though it's weird to think it didn't exist 40 years ago (it's man-made, there's a few eps of Dragnet where they talk about the marina's history in Joe Friday's opening monologue). Lots of good restaurants, I like the Warehouse and of course, Benihana.

Eternal Padawan
09-20-2002, 12:49 PM

Once again, I will find myself entering unfamiliar territory. My best friend's girlfriend is moving to L.A. and he wants me to to drive out there with her and then fly back. We leave on the 27th, and barring incident, should get to CA by Sunday.

That leaves four days of debauchery until my flight leaves on the 3rd!

Prepare yourselves. I am coming back! :evil:


PS This time I promise to try the In'n'Out' burger... ;)

Rogue II
09-20-2002, 01:18 PM
Sounds like a fun drive. I've driven across the US twice. Watch out for weather in the high altitudes. I hit snow in Flagstaff in October before.

You have to try Del Taco as well. It is way better than Taco Bell.

09-20-2002, 03:08 PM
Get a Double-Double at In-n-Out, and get a Macho Combo Burrito at Del Taco. Make sure you're hungry first. :D

El Chuxter
09-20-2002, 03:24 PM
Whereabouts in LA? And what highway are ya takin' to get here?

09-20-2002, 03:58 PM
Uh oh, I think Chux is planning a drive-by! :D ;)

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
09-20-2002, 11:49 PM
Originally posted by Rogue II
You have to try Del Taco as well. It is way better than Taco Bell.

The most superior taco that has ever graced my palete has to be Mighty Taco. Going to Taco Bell or any other fast food establishment that sells tacos, is like going to your school cafeteria. Mighty Taco is the filet mignon of tacos!

Maybe Rogue II can vouch for that, even though he hasn't lived in WNY for years?

Rogue II
09-21-2002, 12:03 AM
I ate there once. It too is superior to Taco Bell.

Eternal Padawan
09-21-2002, 09:01 AM
Originally posted by El Chuxter
Whereabouts in LA? And what highway are ya takin' to get here?

Final destination is "the valley" up north, but my friend drove from Iowa a few years ago and the double whammy of driving through the rockies and then the Nevada desert killed his car, so he insited we take a more southern route through AZ.

I'm not sure of the actual highway number once we get there though. I only remember the dreaded 405...


09-21-2002, 12:07 PM
ARGH! I hate when I accidentally hit reset form instead of Submit Reply!!!


I used to live in Fullerton, CA for a while (90-91), and there are a few places that I miss that you can't go to in good ol' Jawja (Georgia)

Bob's Big Boy (here we have Shoney's, which sucks)
Wenchel's Donuts
El Pollo Loco
The Green Burrito
Shaky's Pizza
and more I can't remember.....

ahhh...those were great times :)

I would kill for a Double Bigfoot Chili Cheese Dog from Weinerschitzel......

09-21-2002, 03:46 PM
Originally posted by Lowly Bantha Cleaner
Mighty Taco is the filet mignon of tacos! It's pounded corn and shredded meat dropped in hot grease for a while, then topped with various additions. :D I like Ernie Jr's a lot, but their tacos are pretty similar to Del Taco's tacos. Tacos are, IMO, the 2nd lowest food on the Mexican food ladder - right above taquitos. Taco Bell has this pathetic manufacturing process that makes their tacos so bleah - boil-in-bag meat combined with production-line shells and toppings - they were specifically invented this way because of the speed and ease of creation, the traditional way being far too complicated for fast food. Strangely, the Jack in the Box tacos are the closest thing to authentic tacos by virtue of the way they are cooked (they're also my favorite tacos).

EP, if you come in from south Arizona, chances are that you'll take the 10 all the way in and then switch to the 101 to get to the valley. If you come in from the north, good luck to ya. :D Anyway, if you take the 10 in, you'll notice some classic In-n-Out signs not too far from the AZ border, they're worth stopping for if you don't mind a lack of variety. The ones out in the boonies are my favorites.

QLD, my friend used to work at Weinerschintzel and said that the chili there is an "avoid at all costs" food because of the less than perfect handling conditions. Unfortunately, I too had already eaten a few bigfoot double-cheese chili dogs in my lifetime, but that cured me of ever wanting more.

Bob's Big Boy used to be a national chain, but they're almost all gone now. The one in Burbank/Toluca Lake is awesome though, an actual California historic landmark.

09-21-2002, 04:16 PM
But it tasted sooooo goooood JT. My girlfriend and I would walk to Weinerschnitzel and buy a 10 pack of chili dogs when they would have them on sale for like 50 cents each!

As long as I don't see the handling conditions....... ;)

A lot of the Shoney's here have closed as well. Some fond memories from high school are hanging out at the Bob's near the mall in Anaheim (don't remember the mall name).

I still talk to a few friends from high school there, and may go back and visit one day.

Rogue II
09-21-2002, 04:32 PM
Oh how can I forget El Pollo Loco?!?!?! That's some good chicken!