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Jango Speck
09-14-2005, 11:11 PM
Sorry if there's a better thread for this somewhere: I couldn't find it. I have a few figure suggestions that are pretty obvious, but never mentioned.

Mace Windu with removeable arm
Mace Windu with "emperor's wrath" transparency (like they did for Vader)
Padme in her Leia hairstyle from the beginning of the film
Dooku with removeable head and hands
The Utapau landing pad aliens (equivalent to the Ugnaughts)
Maternity droids
Mouse droids
Walrus Man Separatist

09-15-2005, 12:34 AM
I'd like to see...

Nemodian Captain of the Invisible Hand
Padme in something other then the outfit we see her in at Mustafar.
Grievious with two arms and two stumps.

09-15-2005, 06:41 AM
I would like to see:

1.Obi-Wan with Eopie (for those us who refuse to give up an arm for the E1 version)

2. A different Bail Organa (Senate or Temple Attack outfit)
3. 501 Trooper with hole for Yoda's lightsaber
4. Nute Gunray
5. Senate address/Yoda fight Palpatine
6. Jeremy Bulloch's character from Bail's ship
7. Naboo Queen (that is 2 Hasbro owes us)
8. The rest of Vader's medical staff

09-15-2005, 09:43 AM
OK I'm in a 'lists' kind of mood so I'll reiterate my wishes for ROTS and add some new ones.

On Basic Saga 2 cards (given that the 'ROTS' line has ended):

Reissued 'Evolutions' Anakin with plastic robes
Reissued 'Red leader pilot' Obi-wan with soft goods robes
SA Mace Windu with soft goods robe and neutral facial expression (except no ball jointed neck)
SA Palpatine (Yoda duel) with soft goods robes (characteristic 'puffiness' might not be so bad in this case)
Saesee Tinn with plastic robes and double-handed lightsaber grip
Kit Fisto (similar to Saesee Tinn)
Mace Windu plastic robes - neutral pose
SA Pablo Gill with soft goods robes (that can sit on at the Jedi Coucil)
SA Stass Allie with soft goods robes
Preposed Mustufar Anakin in plastic robes (Arms crossed/hood up)
Holographic Ki-Adi Mundi (kitbashed - needs articulated legs so he can sit on the council but obviously needs plastic tunic)
Yoda deflecting force lightning

Lightsaber duel sets (ala the POTF2/Ep I cinema scenes) with film-accurate backdrops preferably incorporating plastic:

Invisible Hand set #1 - Manacled Palpatine seated in chair/ Anakin holding his own and Dooku's sabres in a scissors/ Kneeling Dooku with removeable hands and head

Invisible Hand set #2 - Dynamically preposed duelling figures of Anakin/Obi-wan and Dooku

Utapua duel - Dynamically preposed figures of Obi-wan/General Grievous/Grievous Bodyguard

Windu VS Palpatine 2pack - dynamically preposed duelling figures of Mace Windu/Palpatine (smashed window backdrop)

Anakin's fall - Palpatine (with evil face) firing lightning at Mace Windu (can use AOTC Saga head for this one!) whose sabre arm is removeable. A third figure is Anakin with wind-tussled hair and robe striking out with sabre.

Masters of the force set - Dynamically preposed duelling figures (plastic robes) of Yoda and Emperor Palpatine - yoda with double-handed sabre grip (a possible 3rd figure could be crimson royal guard reissue)

Duel of the fates set - Anakin VS Obi-wan - again dynamically preposed duelling figures (possible third figure a Padme reissue)

Repeated characters (obi-wan, anakin, Dooku and mace Windu) in the above sets should each be unique sculpts that could be interchanged with their equivalents in the other sets if you chose.

jedi master sal
09-15-2005, 12:42 PM
I moved the thread because it better suits being in the "Dear Hasbro" section.

I had a list (that many of us complied a few months ago) of about 72 figures that we wanted to see made. Of the final 12 only 5-6 of them were on that list. While some others were made after the initial 24. So now the list is down to 60 figs.

Here's that list (prioritized):
Most wanted
1. Commander Cody (orange Clone Comdr.)
2. Clone Commander Gree I know we are getting this, but I abhor the paint job that Hasbro has down with this "new" figure, so here's hoping for a better one sometime down the line, so in the meantime, it stays on the list for me.
3. Lieutnenant Fox (Now being called Sergeant Fox by the SW Insider-he's Cody's Clone with the bubble ridged helmet as seen on Utapau with orange markings)
4. Cody’s Clone Trooper (orange infantry)
5. BARC Speeder pilot from Stass Allie’s death scene
6. Security Battle Droids
7. Pilot Battle Droids
8. Snow-Clones
9. Padme’s medical droid
10. Padme’s baby delivery droid
11. FX-9 droid (Vader’s birth)
12. 2-1B droid (Vader’s birth)
13. Female shaped protocal droid in landing bay BTY-10
14. Imperial Officer green/grey uniform - generic
15. George Lucas as Baron Papanoida
16. Bail Organa in Senator’s robes
17. Niemoidian ship Captain (Invisible Hand)
18. Anakin Skywalker - soft goods, Jedi Council chair, etc.
19. Obi-Wan Kenobi softgoods, with Jedi Council chair
20. Utai - little creatures that fuel Obi-Wan’s fighter
21. human younglings
22. Twi’lek chick from the Opera
23. Po Nudo (Aqualish) (can sub for AOTC scenes)
24. Tikkes (Quarren) (can sub for AOTC scenes)

Next batch is of middle importance to me:
25. Bail Organa airspeeder pilot outfit
26. Aunt Beru with Luke
27. Uncle Owen
28. Padme in Senator’s robes with hair in buns
29. Hanger Bay Technician (As seen in the Jedi Temple)
30. Nute Gunray
31. Rune Haako
32. Hologram Cmdr. Cody
33. Anakin shirtless with prosthetic arm (not Mustafar, but rather as he wakes up from dream of Padme in pain and dying)
34. Padme Nightgown light blue w/white beeds (pregnant)
35. Plo Koon hologram w/Jedi Council chair
36. Pablo Jill - softgoods w/Jedi Council chair
37. Bariss Offee
38. Coruscant Fireship Pilot
39. Lampa Fay - aide to Tion Meddon
40. Poggle the Lesser
41. San Hill
42. Shu Mai
43. Jar Jar
44. Bail Organa’s wife with Leia
45. E3 Queen of Naboo
46. Wat Tambor
47. Lott Dodd
48. Geonosian aide

This set is least of the ones listed:
49. Captain Colton
50. General Grievous - larger size
51. Padme’s Father
52. Padme’s Mother
53. Polis Masan - fat one
54. Sly Moore - softgoods (Opera)
55. Coleman Trebor-type alien in Palpatine’s opera box
56. Blue R2 droid with white dome (as seen in the hangar bay aboard the Venator Class Destroyer that Obi-wan was talking to Cody)
57. Sio Bibble
58. Padme’s sister, Sola
59. Padme’s nieces 2-pack
60. Senator Fang Zar

09-15-2005, 04:27 PM
Cody Fox and Neyo would be on the top of my list. :thumbsup:
More Padme's,:thumbsup: the dream sequence Anakin could be cool.
More Battle Droids are always welcome
a Kashhshk Barc Clone would be awesome as well:yes: :yes:

09-16-2005, 05:24 PM
SA Mace
Turbo Tank