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Phantom-like Menace
10-16-2005, 01:52 AM
With the immense popularity of clones and the equally immense number of versions of clones that can be made, I'm thinking it could be a good idea to release a subset of clones, much like the Expanded Universe subset from the late nineties or the Clone Wars subset from recent years. In fact, you could save money by reviving the Clone Wars packaging completely.

My thinking is that many stores won't order new product until a new collection of figures comes out (I.e. they have Saga figures, but no more Star Wars figures will be ordered until Saga 2 comes out). In fact, some stores who don't even need to order new product will order the new stuff just so they get some of it. This would allow you to release a larger amount of clones with a higher guarantee of selling a larger percentage of them. Now, I've heard you're having trouble meeting the high demand for clones, so I'm hoping an idea like this would justify greater production being given over to clones, especially since so much of the line would be repaints.

Aside from mere repaints, this line could also be a place to include some completely new figures we have not seen before. Several of the clones from Revenge of the Sith had unique helmet designs and armor accessories that could easily be fit to already existing bodies, so they wouldn't require entire molds to be made. It would be nice though, to get some entirely new figure molds for previously unreleased clone types, especially ones from video games. Though clones from the Revenge of the Sith video game would do brisk business, clone commandos from the Republic Commandos video games would all but take themselves off the shelf and demand that we collectors buy them in droves.

This subset doesn't have to be all Revenge of the Sith. A clone subset could also see the rerelease of Attack of the Clones and Clone Wars versions of previous figures, including the much desired ARC trooper.

I'm sure that's not the best title I could come up with for this thread, but there you have it.

jedi master sal
10-16-2005, 07:19 PM
As an Army builder I love this idea. Almost all of these figs would be exact or just repainted figs, but potentially could net a bundle!
Here's a name:
Star Wars: "Grand Army of the Republic"
The clones themselves would be a subset of a larger collection called:
"Armies of the Star Wars Galaxy"

Here are some examples of how this could be handled.
There would be FOUR major armies, then some smaller subsets

Those four would be:
GAR (Grand Army of the Republic-and it would cover both AOTC and ROTS clones)

Smaller subsets would include armies of:
Naboo-New SA Royal Security and Guards, SA Panaka and Typho
Gungan-SA Gungans! (I would have bought alot more if these would have been much better articulated), SA Captain Tarpals and yes even an SA Jar Jar (though make him an exclusive in lower numbers so you can sell him!)
Wookiees-What's out there is fine I suppose.
Geonosians-SA Geonosians. This includes the flying and creature riding kinds.
Cloud City-Several different SA Cloud City security (Heck just make one fig and include several different heads for us to choose!!)
EWOKS! Just make whatever, we need more Ewoks! Hard to make these very articulated but please try and do something better than what's been in the past.

For the larger armies these would consist of the basic "soldiers" and prominent commanders if applicable.
For example:
Beige and Red Battle Droid variants (based off of the EPI mold with that plastic), Super battle Droids, Droidekas (again EPI mold, best one, IMO), Spider Droids, NEW Homing Spider droid (Since this was never made), also the Hailfire droid could be rereleased as well as the AAT. o hold all of these doirds a nice MTT carrying case would be awesome!

SA Clones of all colors (Just use the EE exclusives for this), and now how about our AT-TE!
Utapau Clones, Commander Cody, his officers (the ones with the ridged helmets)
Kashyyk Clones-these are Commander Gree's Camo Scout trooper-like clones, Proper repaint of Commander Gree please!
Jedi Temple Assault Clones
Bacara's Clone troopers "Marines", SA Bacara1
Republic Commandos
And for a nice carrying case for all of those clones a "Turbo Tank!! Can either be a playset or an actual rolling vehicle or a combination transforming playset/vehicle (just make it look right please)

Standard Stormtroopers, Sandtroopers (all varitions of the Pauldron), scout troopers, snow troopers, Death Star Gunners, Squad commanders, Imperial officers, and specifically several of the officers. New Admiral Piett, Moff Jerjerrod, General Veers (with removable AT-AT commander armore!) Basic Lieutentants, TIE Pilots

Rebellion Tantive IV soldiers, Endor Rebels troopers (SA please), more of the "named" X-wing and other rebel pilots (SA of course), rebel technicians (as seen on Yavin)

This would be a line that could see waves released each quarter. One major army per quarter (refreshing each following year) and have a tie in smaller subset army.

For instance, release in:
Rebels, Cloud City

Empire, Ewoks

Seperatist, Naboo, Gungans

GAR, Wookiees, Geonosians

Okay, that's as brief as I can get it, but I think these could work quite well and Hasbro, you already have ALL of the molds! (with a rare few exceptions, which fits in with your business model!)

10-16-2005, 10:27 PM
Why don't you work for Hasbro Master Sal. :thumbsup:

jedi master sal
10-17-2005, 07:31 AM
Why don't you work for Hasbro Master Sal. :thumbsup:
Ha ha, I've been told that before. Trust me if they offered, I'd take the job in a second. I'm in marketing in "real-life" and know I could definitely help boost the line.
Thing is, I don't know if I could keep things secret. I'm sure they have a clause in the employee contract that states you cannont divulge certain information. It would be extremely hard to sit on that info...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.