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10-27-2005, 06:12 PM
Hi forum, been away for a bit, so just catching up on the news, I've missed so much, some great announcements, nuBSG ships, next years wave of SW Titaniums, a super detailed ARC-170 Titanium Ultra, its like christmas already!

I travelled back to the UK last month and picked up a few things I found. Firstly, I found the ROTS Micro line ships in a Forbidden Planet in Birmingham. They were selling them for a slightly steep 15 a set, but I couldn't resist, and so picked up quite a few Jedi fighters, tri fighters and arc's, and the mini figs got put in a box somewhere. After finding those, I also picked up the original trilogy microline, which although at first I thought were crap, decided they were ok, not for display certainly, but ok, plus they were cheap from TRU. The ROTS micro's though, I was very pleased with, especially the almost old MM style ARC-170.

I also discovered a Joyride studios oldBSG Viper, also in Forbidden Planet. I was very impressed with the look of it, after previously deciding they didn't look interesting enough to order online, so I gave in and bought it. Unfortunately when I got it hope to begin its Combat Air Patrol its wing came off in my hands. So next day it went back, and they had no more left so I had to go for a refund as they weren't being restocked until I came back to France. Was very dissapointed, so may pick one off ebay if I can spot one.

I also made time to see some friends, one of which is a bit of a Trek/Star Wars ship collector, and he had a gift. None other than an opened Invisible Hand playset. He'd bought it and got it home to discover that it did indeed look rubbish, and he donated it to me. I promptly grabbed the Vulture Droid mini, added that to my collection, and stuffed the invisible hand in a cupboard. There it will stay until I stick it on ebay, terrible version of a grand warship!

Also on my travels I happened upon a model shop in my town of birth, and in a display in a corner for some unknown reason they had a Furuta Reliant ship from Wave 1. Now, I'd previously traded mine with the very good forum bounty hunter in return for an MM I'd been after for sometime. It was a ship I'd missed since trading it, more because it left a hole in my Wave 1 Furuta line up. So I gave in, and for 5 it was a bargin.
Then, while he was getting it out I spotted a mini Eagle Transporter from Space 1999, I never even knew they did Space 1999 so I picked that up too. For 5 that was another bargin. Anyone know what they did in that line up, and who it was made by, these passed me by. I'm presuming it was another Japanese Candy producer?

And then, when I returned to France I had gifts. A French friend had visited the US and had decided to grab me a present I'd been raving on about. A small selection of Titaniums! The ARC-170 and Republic Gunship, and also the Gift Set 1! I was over the moon, these Titaniums are great, I can't believe just how wonderful they are. Star Wars mini ship greatness. I am now eager to grab the rest, I need more squadrons of Jedi Fighters, repaint away hasbro, I need a blue fighter a purple mace windu fighter the works! ;)

And it doesn't stop there, while walking back from work last week I discovered a local collectors store had in a Finemolds Jedi Starfighter model. At 40 I didn't grab it right away, but I am thinking about it, would look great next to my Venator Class SD model.

Anyway, hope all is well, I may sound like an excited child, but gee guys, we are in a time when finally some great stuff its being released, how far we've come since the depressing summer 2003 when our collecting world crashed down. Rejoice!

10-27-2005, 11:41 PM
-whattabout the grievescapod? want that? no? then can i haves can i haves canihalves? :D:yes::thumbsup::laugh::grin::crazed::pleased: :lipsrseal
(see hunthred for tradebait from rising sunland :) )

"traded mine with the very good forum bounty hunter"
-can't recall- was I your co-engineer for that post-trade regret? :shocked: :speech:

10-28-2005, 06:37 AM
I forgot about the pod, its still in the box back in the good old UK. When I return to visit the family at christmas I'll fish it out and its yours.

Oh, and I didn't regret trading the Furuta Reliant at the time, as it was in aid of getting something I was very much in need of, but since JL came out with their take on the Reliant I'd been missing it a little. All happy now eh! Although still haven't got the Rom Warbird chase ship, need to pick that off ebay sometime.

10-28-2005, 10:22 AM
-only if you don't want; if you do & just forgot it, enjoy, if not, thanxx :D

"especially the almost old MM style ARC-170"
-yeah, as i prev said (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/printthread.php?t=29155&page=2&pp=10) my fave from this batch is trifi; still tryin to decide whether to keep anajsf since i like its ts version better and i like to minimize collection redundancy.
too bad i'm too occupied w/estate sale at present to assist you, jg et al w/these, i'd otherwise be eager to traffick in em- a shame you had to pay so much per set :ermm:

10-28-2005, 04:47 PM
Nah, I've no particular desire to keep it, just remind me around christmas!

The Microline Tri-Fighter is very nice, as is the Obi fighter, I also wasn't so impressed with the Ani version, but you can't have everything eh. Yeah they were a little steep, but it doesn't matter as the thrill of finding and buying such a thing in person can't be beaten.

Went to TRU today, they are out of Titanium X-Wings, but the other parts of the Wave are still clogging up the shelves.

11-07-2005, 01:48 PM
btw all, targ's got a good-til-nov23 coupon offering a free mv 2-pak ($7 value) w/every $22 microbattle set (kasheek, invishand, mustafrbr) purchase; gonna try for this meself :D

11-08-2005, 02:14 AM
Hi AndyW.
Congrats on finding the mini Eagle Transporter from Space 1999. Japanese manufacturer Konami (http://www.konami.jp/th/candy/ ) made several sets of Gerry Anderson Candy Toys. They get reissued from time to time. The figures tend to be the most rare and very expensive.

From Space 1999 they did the Eagle, Rescue Eagle and Hawk.
From UFO: SID, Saucer, Interceptor, Sky One, Skydiver, Lunar Transporter and Module, SHADO Mobile, and Gay Ellis figure (2 types)

A Fireball XL5, Stingray, Terror Fish, Joe 90 Jet car, U59 Explosives Truck

From Captain Scarlet: Angel fighter, SPV, MSV, SPC, Spectrum Passenger Jet, Spectrum Helicopter and Destiny Angel figure.

From Thunderbirds: TB1, TB2, TB3, TB4, TB5, Fireflash, Elevator Car, Recovery vehicle, Firefly, Mole, FAB1, helijet, figures of Parker and Lady Penelope. They also did some smaller vehicles with scenery - TB2 launch bay, Mole, Domo, Elevator cars, Firefly, Laser beam truck, Transmitter truck.

There are also some Galactica (70s series) ones - Galactice, Pegasus, Atlantia, Viper, Raider, Centurion (two types)

You can still pick up a few online from Greylight in the UK ( http://www.greylight.co.uk/ ). As some are a few years old now the prices have gone up a bit but are generally reasonable except for the very rare ones - eg Gay Ellis figure from UFO for 100!!
Happy collecting.:razz:

11-08-2005, 11:27 AM
Eh up Yorkie & Andy

As pretty much the only other Brits who use this forum, are either of you going to this...


I've been before - really does have a HUGE selection of traders - pretty much EVERY sci-fi trader in the UK goes - I'm going on the Saturday.

The guest list is pretty impressive too.


11-09-2005, 01:47 AM
Do they have displays of new products coming out next year? Since the loss of Action Fleet I've been splashing out on the myriad Gerry Anderson machines that have been coming out over the past couple of years from the UK and Japan. I'm really looking forward to the new Corgi diecast Captain Scarlet range (pics here (http://www.performance.doh.gov.uk/images/corgi2006.jpg) ) and anything from Product Enterprise.

Also looking forward to the Titanium Ultras. Maybe they'll get round to the E-Wing one day.

11-09-2005, 12:51 PM
Thanks for the info Yorkie, I was vaguely aware of the Thunderbirds ones (kind of wish I'd picked these up) but had no idea about other Anderson stuff. The Eagle I have has a red and white pod, is that the rescue one?

Britcit, never been to that show personally, let us know how it goes and what you find. In the past, do they have lots of rare and unusual stuff? I mean, could one go there and complete missing MM collections for example. Am trying to get a complete set of Ep1 Diecasts, already have a battered Trade Federation ship, Droid Fighter and Royal Starship, but want to grab a full set with the Republic Cruisers and Sith Infiltrator, having a pain of a time finding any on ebay!

11-09-2005, 10:38 PM
-have you posted wants in deethread? i'm pretty sure we can accomodate you; in addition to having all unopened, to save you some $$ she even had a couple (sithinf & repcr as i recall) that i'd scored her loose for like $2-3 each :)
btw all, as detailed above, i bagged a kasheek mb set &, w/coupon, got an mv 2-pak free; then i returned kasheek set for refund & they didn't care about the mv set, so that was free! 14 days til the coupon xpires, so if i can do this enough times before then and y'all can keep this on the d-L, maybe i'll have enough for a Free set of wave3s for myself, b'jr (he stil ain't got em, been focusing on those infernal titanyums :p ), jg &/or any other foreigner here who still seeks (yorkie? sicq?), since they don't have no targets, then pass the savins on to yall :crazed:

12-15-2005, 11:32 PM
-ith it kwithmuth yet?? :squareeye :stupid: :cheeky: :pleased: :thumbsup: :love: :yes: :grin: :ko: :crazed:

12-16-2005, 10:34 AM
Excellent timing. Am driving back to the UK this weekend, leaving tonight, will be arriving on Sunday. I will pick it up while I am home and bring it back to France after the holidays and THEN get its on its way if thats ok?

Am looking forward to getting back as I had the Ep1 diecasts that I won on ebay last week posted there instead of our flat here.

12-16-2005, 01:38 PM
-you kiddin, that's great, no hurry, whenever's convenienental for you :D

"Ep1 diecasts that I won on ebay"
-aw shoot, i was hoping to provide you them from dee's collection; oh well, hope you gotta good price? :nerv:

"Excellent timing"
-iirc that's what a certain She said to sicq last night, lucky bastidge :love:

12-31-2005, 07:55 AM
Sorry for the pause in usual programming there vt, but I am back in France now and connected to the MM collecting world!

Sadly, I could not find the pod at all, nor infact the box with the unwanted Invisible hand playset in. Its vanished from the garage where I stupidly left it. I've asked my Dad, he said a lot of stuff went in the loft (sorry, attic) but I didn't get chance to get up there. I will have another go in Feb when I pop back for a quick visit.

"Ep1 diecasts that I won on ebay"
-aw shoot, i was hoping to provide you them from dee's collection; oh well, hope you gotta good price? :nerv:

I think I've said before I don't feel entirely comfortable purchasing stuff from her collection, I hope you don't take offence, and I think its great that you've been organising it all, but well, its just not for me. Thankyou for the offer though.

I got a great price imho. They were UK auctions, and US bidders avoid them, so the prices were low. I got The Republic Cruiser, Droid Fighter, Sith Inflitrator and Droid Tank. They are still in the boxes for the day when I display my complete and mighty diecast collection, and I also had to leave them in the UK due to our luggage being filled with other stuff. As I said above, I will be popping back soon, and I'll bring them back then so they can join their boxed Trade Fed Control ship brother.

"Excellent timing"
-iirc that's what a certain She said to sicq last night, lucky bastidge :love:

Many happy thoughts and congratulations to the great sicq himself then! Bonne Annee!

01-28-2006, 11:23 AM
-no hurry, lmk whenever you get round 2it :) meanwhile lmk if you seek any of the tokyo tradebait i recently got (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=448334&postcount=1011) :)

"hope you don't take offence"
-is it ok if i take exasperation? :tired::rolleyes::frus::crazed::alien: this seems a perfect occasion for me to share email excerpt twixt me & jt re pkg i couriered to him during september LA trip containing deestuff:
jt: "I did get the package, haven't opened yet"
-shEEzis, aincha even been Curious? afeard it's gonna blow up in yer face or somethin? ;D better get out that snowglobe afore it starts leakin :o

jt: "No, it just seems somehow too much a bummer, this was a fine person's collection and I am not worthy of it"
-whaddahell's "worthy" gotta do with it? this is about facilitating her wish that hubby not be burdened w/her considerable stash, while serendipitously routing the stash where it'll be appreciated :) y'all keep makin dee out like she was some kinda saint- which is fine by me insofar as it fuels interest in said wish & routing. but it so happens that she could, for example, hold a grudge w/the best of us; she got a kick outta deft thwartings & sabotagings she witnessed & heard about me inflicting on fanclub warehouse sale/trekcon scalpers (incl. one who parTicularly rubbed her the wrong way) :evil: