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10-30-2005, 10:29 AM
From an old thread:


Thanks to Scruffziller for reviving the Nowhere Man television series in that thread. As it turns out the Complete Series, which consisted of 25 episodes (one season) will be released this December.

The show opens with the folloing narrartion from Bruce Greenwood.

My name is Thomas Veil, or at least it was. I'm a photographer, I had it all: a wife, Alyson, friends, a career. And in one moment it was all taken away, all because of a single photograph. I have it; They want it; and they will do anything to get the negative. I'm keeping this diary as proof that these events are real. I know they are... They have to be.

The 9 disc box set is set to retail at a heft $69.99 msrp. Though Amazon has it for just $48.99 and I suspect other stores will have it for $40.00 or so the first wek it goes on sale.

So what exactly was "Nowhere Man"? As the opening states it follows the story of a man who's life is completely erased in one night. Kinda like the old Eddie Murphy movie "Trading Places" but without the comedy or replacement. His life just evaporates into thin air. But is it real? Is he suffering a delusion? Or was it all something much more methodical? Well you have to watch to find out. The final episode "Gemini" provides the answers Thomas Veil was looking for, but it opens more questions about what's really going on.

The show really was a mark of it's time and it explores many different aspects of the mid 1990's when it originally aired. The series included episodes on CIA and FBI covert operations, militia "survivalists" (think Michigan Militia here) and much much more. Here is a list of episode synosis.


The show was created by none other than Lawrence Hertzog ("24", La Femme Nikita and Profiler). Talent included Joel Surnow (creator of "24"), Tobe Hooper, Bruce Greenwood (main character), Dean Stockwell and Megan Gallagher (who plays Thomas Veils wife). Millenium fans will know Megan as Frank Black's wife! One thing is for sure, this show did not fail because of lack of talent?

I really had hoped that UPN would carry the show for another season or two, but they decided to cancel the show.

So, what will the DVD box set offer besides the standard 25 episodes?

Audio and video commentary, obviously, from Bruce Greenwood, Larry Hertzog, Art Monterastelli, Guy Magar, Steve Rodman, Michael Levine and YES Megan Gallagher...what can I say Megan is HOT!

Deleted and extended scenes, outtakes, promotional spots and 2 featurettes!

The first featurette will be called "Networking" and will feature "UPN executive Mike Sullivan and series creator Larry Hertzog reminiscing".

The second featurette will be much more exciting. It is titled "Fact or Fiction" where "An anonymous ex-CIA operative reveals real world government conspiracies, mind control techniques and how fragile our identity really is." This sounds very promising indeed.

I was always a fan of the series and I didn't miss a single episode from it's permier in August 1995 to it's final episode in May 1996. The loss of this series hit me like a ton of bricks, suddenly it was just gone. Sure the final episode gave me some closure, but it left many more unanswered questions.

I highly recommend checking out this series when it hits DVD in December. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. It was a quality series that deserved better.

Here's the link to the official site:


10-31-2005, 09:15 AM
My Netflix doesn't have it yet......:( Wish I could buy it but funds are quite low.

They have a lame 2005 movie called Nowhere Man but it has nothing to do with the show.