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11-02-2005, 01:39 AM
My buddy pointed me to a link at Fangoria. (http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=5013) I'm not even going to cap it cos i'm so disgusted. Why doesn't Romero stand up and just say, "alright, enough remakes and messing up my work; you all suck." and its even been confirmed that "Day of the Dead" is getting remade too. DOES IT EVER END?!! :upset: :upset: :upset: :upset:

the films official site is: http://www.nightofthelivingdead3d.com/main.html

11-02-2005, 02:09 AM
Ehhhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmm, okay ? :confused: You pretty much said all that needs saying, JMGuy . . . well, I'm glad Sid Haig is getting more work, at least. lol lol lol

Day of the Dead remake ? I thought they already covered that with Contagium. :crazed:

James Boba Fettfield
11-02-2005, 04:37 AM
Hmmmm, didn't we all go see that remake Dawn of the Dead in theaters and then buy the DVD?


Well then, we know who to blame.

And hey, this news means we'll probably see Season of the Witch 3-D by the end of next year, too.