View Full Version : For Trade 12" Rots Barriss Offee

11-08-2005, 08:03 PM
I have a mint in box 12" Barriss Offee. I am looking to get four of these figures for her:

12" Barriss Offee
potj anakin skywalker mechanic mint on card
potj tusken raider sniper moc
potj r2 naboo escape moc
potj maul final duel moc
potj battle droid boomer damage moc

rots black clone pilot on near mint card
rots meena tills
rots ask aak
rots tarkin
rots holo aayla
rots holo plo koon (need 2 of these)
rots 501st trooper
rots wookie commando figure 64