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THE Slayer
01-20-2002, 03:13 PM
Well, here's another Smallville Thread, It's a little different than "who saw small.." but Hey.

I like the show. But there are some things that make it kinda a drag. For example, On the ep which aried 1-16. ( It airs on Wed, not tues in my area.) Clark went to Metropolis. An art show, which featured a very cheesy breast plate "owned" by Aleander the Great, I think. The plate featured a snake wound in the form of an "s" in the middle and featured red and blue jewels. Very cheesy. Even cheesier than the plate was Clarks reaction, "I'd never wear something like that." He said to luthor. Anyways the second worst part of the show came when Clark used his speed and strength to save a bum from a run away bus. The breaks to shards all around clark and glass and debris fly everywhere. The BUm, slepping two feet away, does not wake up!! So either he was already dead and clark risked his secret identity for nothing, or that part was just stupid. (The bum also had a dog sitting on his lap, which did not move!!)

On the Flip side I liked most of the corrupt cop story, I think this was the first story not to feature a mutant teenager of some type. (The cop saw clark hit the bus, and knew he was "special"
There's also some good dialouge and drama between clarks family and friends in the ep. But it's the little things above that make the show seem a little desperate, I know it's fantasy and a comic book first and foremost, But don't try and make everyone and everything as down to earth and belivable, especially since you only do it for 1/3 of the show.

That's my dollars worth.

01-21-2002, 02:59 AM
I don't know there is something about this show that bores me. I just seem to get into it. I like the character of superman but this show doesn't quit hit it for me. I guess I'll give a little more time and then make my mind up.

01-21-2002, 03:33 AM
I mainly don't like it because it's like the current time or something... Plus I thought Clark didn't know Lex until they first met when he was Superman?

Rollo Tomassi
01-21-2002, 12:54 PM
They messed with "classic" continuity to make the show more "Buffy's Creek" in terms of teenage/twenty-something angst in every episode. SO they threw a young Luthor into the mix. I wonder how long they can keep this "I'm a superhero but I'm not a superhero" thing going? This is the first episode I've seen (the corrupt cop one) and all i could keep thinking of was in a few seasons, he'll have to satart flying, don some blue tights and move to Metropolis where he can meet Lois and start a love triangle with him and that luscious hawaiian girl who plays Lana Lang...YUMMY!! YUMMY!!!!

01-24-2002, 04:27 PM
First of all I love the show. Granted it is a little too much "WB"ish. I like the new spin of how Lex is in Smallville along with Clark. Granted they are messing with continuity of the Comic, but then again this is a T.V. show and it is suppossed to have a new twist.

The reason I believe that it takes place in present time is to draw in an audience. People probably wouldn't be interested in a Smallville of the 1930's, although I would. But if you notice, a comic book comes out once a month. If the average time span of that comic book takes place in a day, then the 600 or so issues of Superman would only be a span in his life of about 2 years. The same for every other comic. They just update the costumes and places to fit the current time for the reader to relate too. If not then Clark Kent would be wearing two-tone shoes and everyone would be riding around in classic cars.

The one thing that I don't like about the show is this constant flirting of Lana and Clark. Just get it over with. Dump the useless football player Whitley, who sucks as a character, and go out with Clark. Lana seems too good for Whitley and why would she go out with him anyway? Because he's popular. He hardly shows interest in her unlike Clark.

A new twist, which I'm still uncertain of, is the whole Kryptonite thing. It seems that everyone who comes in contact with it develops these new super powers. Well if that is the case then how come Lana Lang hasn't developed any yet. She wears that pendant around her neck all the time, so why not? Continuity error right there. And also you would have thought they would have gotten rid of all the meteorite fragments, but somehow they show up everywhere. If this is the case then Clark should be dead just by walking around because he would be exposed to it on an everyday basis. Hey I don't make the rules people, I just follow them.

Other than that stuff, I enoy the show. Hopefully we will see some flying soon.

THE Slayer
01-24-2002, 04:36 PM
Continuity error? Or something yet to be exposed? As for clark walking around and then dying due to exposure, I doubt it. But, Maybe if he went swimming in that lake?

I don't think you'll ever see flying either, I thought the produces had something against that. That and the costume.

01-24-2002, 04:55 PM
Granted the costume is outdated, but it IS a classic. As for why he won't wear the costume, well if we were to follow the comic book he doesn't actually become Superman until after he moves to Metropolis. So the chances of us seeing Clark in the Superman outfit are probably none.

I still think that all the Kryptonite being around would kill him. I mean who knows, it could be under the sidewalk when he is walking.

As for flying, why not? He has already been hovering?

01-24-2002, 05:16 PM
Alas, I am no longer 16, so WB teenybopper shows have no apeal to me. No matter how you mask them, there all the same. Be it regular teens, or superman characters. That Lois & Clark show had the right idea, but failed to execute. I always thought a Batman show in the style of crime shows these days would be good. To make it campy and cartoony, just Batman, Cops, and criminals.

02-06-2002, 10:12 PM
O.K. so first off this is a SPOILER for those of you who didn't see last nights episode of Smallville so if you chose to continue reading then it is at your own will.

First off, I like the show Smallville. But is it just me or does the story sometimes annoy you. Here's what I mean. In last nights episode Clark and Lana end up getting into a fight because Lana accuses Clark of calling Whitney a liar about the Kyle guy attacking him. First off, why does Clark owe her anything? He has saved her AND Whitney's life many times before. Plus what ever happened to her and Clark almost hooking up. It seemed like last week she really wanted to get with Clark and now this week she is fighting with him. Also, why is she going out with Whitney anyways. He seems like such an a****le. He is always mean and grumpy and doesn't like anyone and doesn't even seem to be interested in anything that Lana likes, such as the blood drive she helped with. I'm sorry but no girl would put up with Whitneys stupid football player attitude and would dump him right away. We all know that Clark deserves her and if she can't see it I suggest he forgets about her and moves onto Chloe. Last night she kissed him because of that Kyle guy and now Clark knows she likes him. Plus it's not like she is not attracitve, because she is. And at least she takes an interest in Clark where as Lana is playing little Mrs. "I'm too good for you Clark so I'll go out with the football jerk instead who will treat me like cr*p." When I was in Highschool if a girl like Lana did to me like what she is doing to Clark I'd be saying, "She isn't worth my time, and I can do better." But instead Clark is transfixed by her beauty. Man I hope something happens to Whitney soon, either that or hook Clark up with Chloe. I'm getting tired of seeing this "Will they get together or won't they get together" drama happen every week. Anyone else have an opinion?

02-07-2002, 02:36 AM
First off - I too love this show!

There are some constants I think may hold true though:

1) this is the cast, this is the theme. We've seen it already and they will keep Lana with Whitley for the next 5 years. [groan]

2) I should have said that first: the show is designed to go for 5 years - while they are in high school (so in the show's fictional time length - it will last 4 years).

3) In the Superman legend, Jonathon Kent will die about the time of Clark's graduation (he's kind of young - so will it be cancer or what?) and in his will is the message clip from Jorell (Clark's real father) that tells him everything he wants to know. [but they don't have to stick with the legend].

4) Clark may or may not get together with Lana before he goes to Metropolis and falls for Lois Lane. (probably not in this show's plan ever...) Ultimately the Superman movies should be respected, and Clark finds Lois can't handle it, and Lana was right for him - after she grows up. In Superman 3, you get the impression that since Lana likes Clark for who he is at heart (not knowing he's Superman), she is the right one for him in the end. But she is likely going to take the whole 5 year run of this show to grow up and then only to run off with "Brad" - another jerk like Whitley.

5) Whitley is not exactly a jerk - he's just got his perspective on things that most people would have if they were in his shoes. The new angle on the medical problems of his father add depth to his character and why he is the way he is. Sure, though - I want Clark to get with Lana and if I were Clark, I would have taken every chance I got - especially during last week's show when Lana wanted to kiss him.

6) Lana does have super powers. She's super-attractive! Because she's wearing that kryptonite necklace, she's going to continue being super-attractive. :D

If she ever loses the necklace - she will have found out that she is permanently altered: the 'poor' girl is destined to always be attractive!

7) At least Clark stood up to her last night - versus being a wuss just because he's into her. It's better for him to be a man and not try to be perfectly agreeable for his woman he's whipped on.

8) Lex is such an awesome addition to this show! He is a great and complicated character! I think it is awesome that they have him involved.

I could say a lot more because I love this show! - and I'm in my 20's and I aint no teenager any more. I know plenty of adults who dig it, and even the college girls that live around here dig it. I think somebody hit the right mark with Smallville.

The question is: can they keep it original and fresh for the next 4 years?

I would suggest using this season to get it started.

Do a season with Clark with Lana - or get him together with Cloe. She is hot!

Do a season where Lex turns on Clark and goes "evil," and start the history on that. First I think Lex should find out about Clark's powers. What problem would that cause while they are friends? Nothing to speak of really - but later on Lex will know all of Clark's secrets.

And I guess maybe do a season where Clark cuts most of his ties to Smallville and prepares to head to Metropolis (senior year).

The repeated formula is still working for now - and they could bring back recurring villains like Bug Guy, Freezer Boy, Diet Girl, Earthquake Man, etc. but it won't work for 4 more years, I can tell you that.

02-07-2002, 03:05 AM
I really disliked last night's episode for the following reasons:
- Nobody mentions to anybody else that Kyle hit Whitney with Whitney's own bat.
- Kryptonite powers in others no longer making Clark sick, what the hell is the point of making a HUGE deal over Clark weakened by anybody with Kryptonite radiation in them in the first 7 eps if they dump the concept?
- Fight between Clark & Lana really out of character, especially if following Superman canon. I'm pretty sure the supes tales have Lana and Clark as a high school couple and she knows about his super powers.
- SD's points about Lana and Whitney never sticking together this long are very valid, if we're to believe she's no longer the vapid popular airhead girl, then she wouldn't be with this guy.
- I'm sick of these eps where every important thing is conveniently forgotten at the end of the ep, like a running joke on the Simpsons.
- They had Kelly Brook in the credits and I'm pretty sure she wasn't in last night's ep. What the hell? I hate her character, but it fits loosely in the Lex Luthor character-arc, so why claim she's there when she ain't?

Basically, this ep felt like a very sloppy X-files ep. I can't believe they're gonna do a "lightning transfers Clark's powers" story next week either, those have been the worst damned stories in all the various Superman media.

Tycho, "Whitley" was a character on "A Different World", the spinoff of The Cosby Show.

As for the show continuing, Clark could do his post-college travels around the world, maybe pulling Chloe along with him or something, but the show needs to switch gears soon because this wants to be too many different variations on the X-files and Buffy, but doesn't try to make the characters smart or give them real growth.

02-07-2002, 03:14 AM
Jedi Tricks, I really like your idea of Clark traveling with Chloe around the world.

They would really grow up and get a larger world perspective (from just knowing Smallville). It could almost have a Young Indiana Jones feel to the show.

Great concept!:happy: