View Full Version : Has there ever been a Wookie Jedi, or sith?

12-05-2005, 06:28 PM
Odd question I know, but I've never read a SW book or comic, and I LOVES me some Wookies. So.....Has there ever been a Wookie Jedi, or sith, or Dark Jedi(there is such a thing right?)...

Speaking of that, I really want to know that also lol. Is there dark jedi, and what are they? I mean, why not just call them Sith?.......

'best Lucas voice'...."boggles the mind"......

12-05-2005, 06:44 PM
Asajj Ventress from the clone wars cartoon is an example of a dark jedi. Dark jedi are those that use the dark side of the force but are not considered sith. This is as much as I know for I dont know any EU. Maybe someone else whose an EU buff can clarify this and answer your Wookie question. I also am curious about his as well.

El Chuxter
12-05-2005, 06:45 PM
I think this question about Wookiees has come up before, but I'll have to check. Anyway, here's the Readers' Digest version:

There have not been, to my knowledge, any Wookiee Dark Jedi or Sith. This is probably because Wookiees are a very noble species overall, and are unlikely to turn to the Dark Side.

There have been Wookiee Jedi. It was established in the Young Jedi Knights (prior to the prequels) series that Wookiees were often strong in the Force. In fact, Chewie's nephew, Lowbacca, becomes one of the first Knights of the New Jedi Order in the years following ROTJ.

Plo Koon's Master was also a Wookiee, but I can't remember if we've actually seen him anywhere.

About Sith and Dark Jedi: any Jedi who turns to the Dark Side, or any non-Jedi Force user who gains enough of a mastery of the Dark Side to become a threat can be called a Dark Jedi. There's no organization among Dark Jedi, though small groups following the same Dark Side teachings have sprung up from time to time.

Sith are a specific cult (for lack of a better term) of Dark Jedi. They took their name from a species called the Sith that they dominated several thousand years ago (after turning to the Dark Side and being banished from what was then the known galaxy). After several generations, they returned and have plagued the Jedi off and on. The most recent major battle between Jedi and Sith took place on the planet Ruusan roughly 1000 years prior to TPM, and all the Sith were seemingly killed by their own treachery. (Hence the line "The Sith have been extinct for a millennium.") One, however, survived and formed the rule that there could only be two at a time, so that they would not be done in by their own power-hungry nature again. How Yoda knows of this rule, however, isn't clear. It's rumored that some Sith have been sighted off and on, and word came back to the Jedi Council of the possibility of their survival.

Then again, Ki-Adi may have been mistaken when he said the line about the Sith being extinct. After all, despite what Anakin says in ROTS, if you go by EU then Ki-Adi was merely a Knight at the time of TPM.

Edit: Asajj Ventress was found by a Jedi on the far outskirts of the Republic. He began to train her, but was killed in battle shortly afterwards. Asajj grew up with rudimentary Force training, and the mistaken belief that the Council had abandoned her Master to die. She was never officially presented to the Council, so they had no knowledge of her existence. She trained herself in the Dark Side, hoping to become a Sith Lord. That's why she has two Jedi lightsabers when she first appears: one belonged to her former Master.

Asajj never became a Sith, and after appearing to die three times (hey, the lady's lucky :)), she came to her senses about the Jedi and Sith and was last seen on a spaceship she commandeered to head "as far from the Jedi and this war as possible."

01-21-2006, 12:08 PM
Yes there was a Wookiee Dark Jedi....... His name was Torrorrow. He lived during the times of the Knights of the Old Republic.

But of course that was just a SW RPG game I played.:D

Also don't forget to read about my Klingon Dark Jedi.:D