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12-09-2005, 12:47 PM
Okay, I managed to locate 5 of the first 6 Saga2 figures up here in BC Canada last night. In this post, I'm going to go into why I'm generally not happy with them - but first, let's talk packaging:

The overall look of the packaging is nice. They have kept on with the wrap-around bubbles that we first met last year, though they've changed the shape slightly. The cards themselves are back to the basic-but-elegant overall black look with silver highlights - and in the case of the first wave of figures some dark green as well. In Canada we're not getting the inserts, so our cardbacks are all the same - detrimental to the overall effect in my opinion.

The Hologram mini-figures are secured in small, white plastic shells that fit into the package along with the inner bubble. Those concerned about tampering can rest easier knowing that the holo figure is protected not just by the tape and wrap around portion of the bubble - but also by a flat flap of clear plastic created by the inner bubble that lies across the opening creating a "window pane" which reveals the holo mini-fig. Sorry if that sounds confusing - but it should lead to pretty clear indications that someone has accessed the real mini-fig via xacto blade or what have you.

The mini holo-figs themselves are fine, but don't really add much value to the figures in my opinion. They're cast in a more opaque, almost "sparkly" blue plastic that is quite different from the small Obi Wan figure that came with Bail Organa back in 2003 (I think they're actually pretty similar to the small holo Leia from the old Commtech R2D2 figure). They are all cast on bases, which show either the Rebel symbol or Galactic spoked-wheel on the bottoms. I don't think of them as accessories, they're more like the freeze frames of Jedi Force files in my opinion. I'll put a set together if I can, and the rest are going to be peddled to help mitigate the costs of collecting (provided there are folks that are interested in getting extras, which I believe I've found a few of already).

In each figure's package was a nicely detailed stand. The stands are cast in the same peuter (sp?) tone of plastic that some of the OTC stands were made with. These stands are very narrow in profile however, and have the name of the movie in raised text on their tops. The name of the character is also written on the front faces of each stand, which angle up toward the figure. Very nice stands indeed.

The trilogo figures each included a mini-poster of sorts - and the posters were the same in each figure. Each poster is approx 8 x 5", and has all 6 character bios on it. Not a bad idea. A rots insert was also found in each package.

But enough about that. I'm not particularly happy with any of the figures I got, so let's go through my particular gripes with each:

1. Leia Boushh. She's well articulated, and doesn't look bad with the helmet on. The Thermal detonator is quite small, but secures into her left hand via a peg/peghole system that works well. The problems start with her face - her skin tone is extremely pallid, and her eyes appear to be rolled up to the top (on every figure I found, not sure if some won't look that way or not) creating a very striking resemblance to a zombie. She ain't pretty, and she don't look that way neither. Her staff is extremely bendy - none of the figures had a staff that even appeared straight in the package.

2. Han in Carbonite. He's NOT well articulated. Cut elbows and moving wrists are fine - but no knee or ankle articulation is way too passe to be acceptable now. His face doesn't look good, they didn't include a blaster, and the carbon frozen pack-in looks like it's way too small for the Han to have ever been frozen inside it. Very disappointing.

3. Boba Fett. Probably the biggest letdown of the bunch. This figure looks great on card - congrats to you is you're into collecting packaged figures. Once released from his package however, mine showed an amazing ability to gap at both shoulders due to the STUPID action feature which really, really should have been worked out of this guy. It doesn't come close to working as smoothly as either my Carkoon Fetts from the Saga line, or that pilot Jango Fett figure that had the same "backpack rocket button" activated quick-draw feature. BADLY executed in this case - very badly in fact. One other note, the insignia from my figures left shoulder plate is applied badly (I think) - it's not entirely on the orange pauldron, rather half on it and half on the grey shoulder area. This Fett is completely lacking when compared to the VOTC, 300th Fett or even the older Saga Carkoon Fett figures.

4. Bib Fortuna. Another salt shaker, at least he has cut elbows. The robe looks nice, but the face sculpt is a little weird, especially at the mouth where they've sculpted him in some form of odd, vampiric, open-mouthed scowl. The pinkish hue they added to the face looks odd considering they failed to add any to his head-tendrils. Menacing? Hardly..... he looks like he's suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and yawning. Funny, I seem to be yawning myself.

5. Barada. A significant repaint of the POTF2 version which was originally available as part of the Jabba's Guards Cinema Scene and then later as part of the TRU Exclusive 4 pack based on the Pit of Carkoon scene. Pretty much the whole figure has been repainted: everything from the face to the shirt, from the belt to the headband has all been touched up. The bad news is there is no added articulation. It's been said a million times before, but I'll say it again: we don't need any more POTF2 stuff, Hasbro, we got lots when it was coming out.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: Obviously I wasn't blown away by any of these figures. I really hope upcoming waves (particularly the Hoth figures) are of a lot better quality, or else I fear that interest in this line is going to dwindle as the year goes on. There's no movie coming to generate interest, Hasbro, you're going to alienate the collectors if you don't up the quality. :(

12-09-2005, 03:09 PM
I think Han shouldnt have much articulation because he basically stood there in the movie. Althoug hhe did fall down after being freed from carbonite. I am looking foward to the wave of figures, although I probaly will not buy Fett since I have him three times prior.

12-10-2005, 01:59 PM
That's a bummer about the backgrounds not being there. They did that to you guys in Canada with the OTC line too. Though on eBay the Canadian Starburst OTC are fetching quite high prices, and alot more than U.S. OTC (if you are into what they're worth) I like the little poster idea. We probably won't see that on the U.S. cards. I will buy one of the Boba Fett simply because his suit is white instead of blue or green. Am I correct about that?

12-10-2005, 09:22 PM
His colouring is closer to the VOTC Fett than either of the Pit of Carkoon Fetts. The shoulders are not good on this guy, mine gap open an alarming amount - like you think the mechanism is not hooked up properly or something.

12-12-2005, 03:13 AM
I suppose I'm only sort of looking forward to this wave. I'm probably not going to bother with Boba Fett -- for sure if it still has the action gimmick. (How lame. I'd hoped that they would do away with that.) Han looks OK, Bib looks good, Chewbacca has a metal chain now and I like that... but I guess I don't really "need" any of the figures from this wave (except for Han), as I like the older versions still. If the paint on Leia is bad, I have no problem with passing on it, and the same goes for all of these.

Seems like a wave aimed squarely at carded collectors, with Hasbro hoping that the new package design will be enough to sell this bunch. Hoping that the hype and our desperate need for something new will be enough to kick the new Saga line off.

(I changed the thread title a bit BTW. Hasbro is calling this the "Battle of Carkoon" wave.)

12-12-2005, 08:13 AM
Thanks for the help, PF - and sorry for flying in the face of your posted "one figure per thread" rule. I know that exists for a reason, but so does my post; it was meant to illustrate my impressions of the packaging and the wave as a whole. Sounding the alarm bells, if you will.

12-12-2005, 03:02 PM
No that's cool. A general review of the wave can be something different from a specific review of a figure.

For me, I'd only bother to do a big specfic review if we were getting a new and unique figure. From this wave... there's none of that really.

It's kind of sad, looking forward to the next few waves, it seems to be pretty much the same.

12-13-2005, 09:49 AM
I just opened the three Saga figures I got from this wave. I only cared about the three new ones. Han... yeah. His eyes look wrong and it looks like he's got baby food spilt down the front of him. He obviously grew a foot upon exiting the carbonite block. This supports the theory that molecules contract when frozen.

Bib looks fine. The lekku on mine have a bit of pink on them. Mine looks less like "yawning" and more like "Uhhhhhhh...?"

Leia's great. There is no issue with her eyes. Y'all are gonna lose that thermal detonator, though. I need to repaint her lips. They only got the top one. It looks funny.

The Holograms are poo. I have Dooku, Queen Amidala and, I'm guessing, Luke. The Queen Amidala one is the only one that seems "useable" in that it's not in an action pose. I don't recall many holograms that were transmitted in the midst of battle. The other thing is the fact that they either have them labelled as "Rebel Alliance" or "Empire" on the bottoms. Go ahead and argue that... :rolleyes:

01-01-2006, 02:12 PM
I love the Boussh figure! I've been waiting for so long for a new resculpt of this character I could hardly contain myself when I picked her up! I have absolutely NO complaints about this figure at all and I was able to look through a few of them for the best paint job and I found one with really no mistakes at all!

I really like this wave and I look forward to the Hoth wave as well.

Two :thumbsup: in a Bounty Hunter formation!

01-03-2006, 01:36 AM
Hello, hello... Deoxy are you there? Damn cell phone! ;)
(...and to think, I was on "Signal" Hill when I got disconnected. Stupid phone.)


I saw this entire wave at Target tonight, and on the whole I'd say that it's a bit of a bore.

The Boussh figure is pretty nice really, and I may end up grabbing it at some point, but I passed on it for now because of the fact that I still like my old one just as well, and honestly... the $6.99 price made me think twice. I did notice that paint quality is kind of hit and miss with those Leia figures. That's the sort of thing that makes collecting these and wanting to get a certain holo figure a bit of a drag.

I grabbed the Han figure, so more about that some other time and place, but... why does he have vomit on his shirt and pants? (I'll be putting ROTJ on now to see if there's a scene where Han barfs on himself.)

Chewbacca is OK. I like the "real" metal chain, but I don't like how it's attached by a little elastic band. After looking, there's not enough of a reason for me to buy another one of these.

Barada is a nice repaint, but here's another one that I don't need to spend $6.99 on. (I may get this one for the kid though, as he doesn't have him. See... it is all for the kids!)

For whatever reason, I nearly bought the Boba Fett figure. I like the old version, and this paint job and the new legs improve the whole thing. The new more accurate rocket is a good thing, and it makes me forgive the fact that they didn't ditch the action gimmick. So... why didn't I buy it? I had to think, "Do I really need to be spending $6.99 on a third... no, fourth one of these? No I don't, but maybe later if I can find a nice one with a Fett holo figure...

Last up is Bib Fortuna, and there's a thread going about him, so I'll just say that it's another figure that I'm not too terribly excited about from this wave.

Compared to the next wave (Hoth) where I can see myself picking up four or five out of six, this wave's a bit of a loser. It's really too bad that we couldn't have had a genuinely new character figure with this one.