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El Chuxter
12-22-2005, 02:31 PM
This is a new thread, because I only want discussion of what we need or want in the future. Any commentary on the figures or actual ToyBiz plans should go in the other thread. I'm not taking into account any rumors.

That said, here's my list of Marvel Legends we need:

Emma Frost: I'm not the biggest White Queen fan in the world, but her prominent role as an X-(Wo)man over the past few years makes her a glaring omission from the line. Why X-23 and no Emma? That does not make sense. I only know of one costume she's ever had, so no choice there.

Forge: Probably not the first character to come to mind when you think "Legend," but Forge would be an amazing figure, if done right. I'd opt for the paramiltary getup from the early 90s.

Archangel (blue skin, metal wings): Meh. They can release 1st Appearance figures, and they can change him back to human in the comics. But the definitive Warren Worthington III has blue skin and razor-sharp wings with a (homicidal) mind of their own as a result of his stint as Death in Apocalypse's Four Horsemen.

Banshee: Just another of the X-Men who needs to be made. Banshee would be cooler in plastic than on the comic page.

Jubilee: Come on. You all knew there was no way I'd list Marvel Legends we need and not include Jubilation. This would definitely have to be the classic "Robin" outfit (red top, yellow trenchcoat, green shorts, and huge earrings). She should have interchangeable heads, one with shades and one without. Or, as much as it pains me to say this about a character I'd definitely want all versions of, variants with different heads. I'm just afraid removable shades would not look right. Sparky effects could be a decent pack-in, but not necessary. And, for once, this figure should actually look like a teenaged Chinese girl instead of a middle-aged white midget with spiked hair.

Shatterstar: I ain't got no love for Liefeld, but this particular character just screams action figure. Same for. . .

Domino: A mutant chick with guns and knives. Another obvious action figure choice, especially if we already got Dumbpool.

Cannonball: Not sure how they'd pull off his mutant power (maybe a base that he snaps into), but Cannonball's the only former member of X-Force who was worth anything, so he should've been made long before Cable and Deadpool.

Nova: However they pull off Cannonball's power, use the same effect for Nova.

Quicksilver: Magneto's super-fast son and longtime Avenger. Nothing really super-great about him, just that he's rather important.

Havok: We have a lot of costume choices for Havok, so I wouldn't mind more than one. Personally, I prefer the X-Factor costume, but the one with the weird headgear is more iconic.

Xorn: Sure, he was revealed to be Magneto in disguise, but this was one of the greatest character designs in recent memory.

Strong Guy: Strong Guy rules. Accept it, and you will live a happier life.

Sauron: A freaking pterodactyl man. How we've had twelve waves and not gotten the freaking pterodactly man is completely beyond me. He seems more obvious than Iron Man #10.

Death's Head: One of the coolest looking minor characters in Marvel history, an interstellar robot bounty hunter who looks sort of like a stylized skeleton in armor. It just has to be the original, though. The Death's Head II design was way over the top.

Doom 2099: The only 2099 character I'd want, and another excuse to make another Doom. Basically Doom in updated armor.

Machine Man: Another of my favorites. Obscure, but are you saying Marvel Legends have to truly be legendary? I'd go with either Kirby's work or Barry Windsor-Smith's. Probably Kirby's, since he looks a lot like a Sentinel and the Sentinel figure appears to be based on Windsor-Smith's work.

Night Thrasher: Yes, an urban skateboarder in battle armor is downright stupid. But this could be another Wonder
Man: lame character, awesome figure. In fact, he seems like he'd have been obvious for the Legendary Riders wave, especially since he already has a battle-armored skateboard.

Movie Kingpin: About the only remaining movie character that absolutely has to be done. He'd be an incredibly well-made figure of Michael Clarke Duncan. In other words, about as cool as a bear wearing Hulk gloves. And since I've brought that up. . .

Kingpin: What? One of the single most important villains in the Marvel Universe, and somehow they made an action figure of War Machine first? This needs to be corrected immediately. I'd go so far as to say he's the single most necessary Marvel Legends figure of all.

Shadowcat: For Wolverine's other sidekick, I'd say the somewhat dated, but iconic, costume from the 80s, possibly with variants for masked and unmasked. Lockheed as a pack-in is an absolute must.

Beast (feline): About the only re-do of Beast that seems to make any sense. Unless you want "Disproportionate Man," from the early X-Men issues.

Darkhawk: Continuing ToyBiz's somewhat odd obsession with early 90s characters, Darkhawk screams action figure more than any other. Even more than Sleepwalker, who kicks butt but probably shouldn't be made into a figure just yet.

Luke Cage: Sweet Christmas! Luke should be dressed in the black leather he's worn for about ten years. Of course, a variant should exist that ships in equal numbers. A new head sculpt, some slight retooling over the entire power, and some garish paint: Voila! Luke Cage in his role as Power Man, the greatest blaxploitation superhero of all time! Either way, Iron Fist needs a friend.

Thanos: We have him in Marvel Select, but an affordable version would be nice.

Mephisto: True, it'd be a figure of the devil. But Mephisto is a really important villain, so he's another glaring hole in the series.

Warlock: A random-looking shapeshifting robot. Wow. This would be freaking sweet. But Warlock is not to be confused with. . .

Adam Warlock: Not my favorite, and not a remarkable design. But, hey, the guy is more important than Vengeance.

Psylocke: A scantilly-clad mutant ninja. I'd take her over X-23 any day. In fact, I've already considered customizing that X-23 POS into Psylocke.

Mandarin: What, a billion Iron Man figures and no figure of Iron Man's greatest foe?

Doctor Octopus (Armani Suit): The character is a popular one, so a resculpt isn't unwarranted. Basically, Doc Ock as drawn by Erik Larsen. He looks much more sinister in an impeccable white suit than in green spandex.

Puck: Alpha Flight sucks (sorry, jjreason), but Sasquatch needs a friend and Puck is the coolest.

Circuit Breaker: My ultimate dark horse nomination. She appeared in the Marvel Transformers series, which could pose a problem in terms of what comic to include. However, for the cardback her origin could just refer to Shockwave as a "giant robot," and I'd be fine with even omitting the comic book in this case. Every TF geek in the world would want her.


Uatu the Watcher: He seems to be the most obvious gestalt. True, he never does anything, but he looks really cool not doing it!

Fin Fang Foom: Not human, but an awesome character. Gestalt's the only way we'll get him. Ever.

ToyBiz is going to continue churning out Wolvie figures, like it or not, so I'd like to see some of these thrown in the mix for later waves:
James Howlett (Wolverine circa 1870): Just a guy in period clothing. . . with bone claws.
Age of Apocalypse Wolverine: I (for one) hated the storyline, but the design of a battle-armored Wolvie missing a hand is really cool.
X-Men Uniform Wolverine: Self explanatory, as seen on the cover of Uncanny X-Men #275.
"Albert": A robotic duplicate of Wolvie (from a classic Larry Hama story arc), sent to kill him. Albert quickly changed his mind and started rebuilding his body when it was repeatedly trashed, so soon he looked like a Wolverine Borg. He'd have to come with Elsie Dee, preferably the entire character with removable head, or just the head alone.

12-22-2005, 05:06 PM
Magneto, resculpt
Cyclops, resculpt (of the X-men classics one)
Rogue, resculpt
Wolverine, repaint (preferably the ML6 Wolvie into tiger-stripe Wolverine)
Gambit, resculpt
Jean Gray (yellow tights)
Jubilee (Sentinel fodder :p)
Blade (comic version)
DareDevil (movie style, resculpt)
Blade (movie style, resculpt)
Ultimate X-Men Wolverine
Ultimate X-Men Cyclops
Ultimate X-Men Colossus
Ultimate X-Men Juggernaut
Punisher (different comic style)

12-22-2005, 05:33 PM
i think they should make emma frost but in x3 i think they should use kim catrall from satc in her classic white costume,i mean come on for 47 she is smoking. god i hate visiting relatives lol my uncle lives alone here in north dakota its just me him and my fiancee' and he thinks we are gonna do chores. HA,HA I SAY! btw merry christmas guys girls jedi and sith :)

oh yeah i think they should make a half-iced up iceman like they did with the human torch in the ff box set

Bacta Beast
12-23-2005, 01:25 AM
I would buy most most of the ones that Chuxter listed with a few exceptions;
1) Archangel= I already have the X-Men classics version so it would take animproved version for me to pick up a new one. But personally I prefer the blue variant Series 10 version. For me, that's the definitive version! Although I did appreciate him finally having some offensive capability with those razor wings.

2)Jubilee= The poor man's Kitty Pryde, God I hate her! Wish they had never made her!!!:mad:

3)Feline= I hate this change (along with alot of the other changes in the X books). It just doesn't make sense for me as his blue fur transformation was self inflicted, not part of his natural born genetics. I would like a new sculpted "1st appearance" verssion and maybe a Neal Adams era variant.

Now as far as what I would like to ad to the list!
New Thor and Colossus sculpts, I just found the FF super skrull today and I like the way they made his poited shoulder pieces out of rubber. I would like to see that on these two. Allowing for better use of the shoulder articulation!

Shocker (from Spider-Man)
Will O' the Wisp
A decent Human Torch
A chrome Silver Surfer
Mary Jane
Peter Parker
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
Cap. America w/Motorcycle
J.J. Jameson
U.S. Agent
The Falcon
A decent Red Skull
Dark Phoneix (Oh, they made one! I've never seen her!)
A decent Rouge
Original costume Storm
Punk Storm (not just the hair, the whole body)
the list could go on and on!!!!!!!

12-23-2005, 02:31 AM
The Watcher could work as a build-a-figure since he was generally portrayed as tall. Add the High Evolutionary and Kang as possible entrants. I'd like to see a Stegron in the Spider-Man line. He may have only made a very small amount of appearances but the dinosaur-man would make a great figure. Amen on the Kingpin, where is he at??

12-30-2005, 09:54 AM
I am not going to make a list, but there are some I wish that they'd re-release! I wouldn't mind Juggernaut, Goliath, unmasked Wolverine, and Red Skull variant.


12-30-2005, 12:36 PM
Rogue (a decent one)
Emma Frost
Apocalypse (not that huge buy-the-entire-wave version)
A new, older, Garth Ennis MAX verison of The Punisher

More movie versions:
Bullseye and Kingpin...maybe Elektra (Daredevil version)
Movie Hulk (A BIG one - with lil Bruce)
Whistler, Decon Frost, the Nightstalkers, and maybe a Reaver (even if some were re-released from the very short-lived Blade line)

And last, but not least...Stan Lee.

01-05-2006, 08:52 PM
they should do a marvel legends CREATORS sub-set... a kirby FF or romita spidey. make them look like they actually do in the comics, a la hellboy, that would be awesome...

01-06-2006, 12:34 PM
Black Punisher :D

01-06-2006, 07:24 PM
Black Punisher :DThe next time I see you, I'm going punch you for that.

El Chuxter
01-07-2006, 01:51 AM
As incredibly ridiculously stupendously bad and offensive as that storyline was, I'd take a black Punisher in a heartbeat if he was produced as the result of a shady Mafia deal that got us Jubilee and Shadowcat (both with interchangeable heads).

01-14-2006, 10:52 PM
Archangel (Blue Skin, hair showing)
Adam Warlock w/ Pip
Mole Man
Moon Knight
Fin Fang Foom
Captain Marvel
Black Bolt
The Leader
BAron Zemo
Jean Grey

El Chuxter
01-15-2006, 09:50 AM
Any not made by Hasbro. :)

01-15-2006, 11:40 AM
Chux, when you brought up Xorn I thought for sure you'd follow it up with Phantomex. Talk about an excellent looking character design, this was basically Firefly from GIJoe in all white - including a trench coat. Awesome looking character, but no Marvel Legend.

I would like Luke Cage to go with the Iron Fist figure we're getting soon, and a "modern classic" Spider-Woman to set up as a New Avenger.

Kingpin is completely necessary. No idea why he hasn't been made.

I'd love to see the Electro and Vulture figures from the Spidey boxed sets get re-released so that I could grab them without having to spend a ton of cash.

I'd love to have Thanos, but am plenty ready to fork out for the Marvel Select version if I can find one.

Susan Storm Richards must be done as a unique carded figure in the ML line. Nevermind the fact that we got 3 Jessica Albas and a different Sue in the FF boxed set - none of those figures are what I want. I'd take a new Reed while they're at it too - one a little less chiseled than the original.

Shang Chi would be nice, in his classic red getup.

How 'bout Mephisto? He's always interesting. Loki anyone (or has he been announced?). Enchantress? Classic Scorpion? Kitty with Lockheed?

No concerns about them running out of material for this line, is there?

El Chuxter
01-15-2006, 12:13 PM
Mephisto would be a good choice, I think, but would Toy Biz (or especially Hasbro) jump at the chance to make a figure of the devil?

I totally forgot Shulkie. She's never been a favorite of mine, but definitely a Marvel Legend.

I brought up Xorn for two reasons: 1) they seem to love mixing definite non-legends in the line, and he could be easily resculpted from existing pieces, and 2) before the whole "let's dump everything Morrison came up with" bit, Xorn was actually Magneto, who is definitely a legend.

Totally forgot Phantomex, probably because I've tried to block that particular confusing-as-hell Morrison storyline from memory. Except for Wolvie insulting Sabretooth at the urinal, which was funny.

Beak would be cool, too, but due to his size he should be packed with someone else. Maybe Xorn, in fact.

01-15-2006, 12:15 PM
Some nice choices so far, my top picks that should be made or at least carded are:

Loki (to go with Thor)
Bucky (to go with Caps)
New improved Red Skull
Captain Marvel (Original with white cape before DC got a hold of him)
Jubilee (Must have)
Jean Grey (same as above)
carded Rogue
Spiderwoman etc

El Chuxter
01-15-2006, 12:19 PM
One I just thought of: Red Skull with Cosmic Cube (wearing the golden armor from the old, old story).

01-15-2006, 09:31 PM
I remember early on, they said they wouldn't be doing a Loki for quite a while, if ever, because they released one in a short-lived line that came out just before Marvel Legends (Avengers, maybe?), which was a similar scale (but a lot less articulation). I did pick that one up even though I don't care for Loki because it was so awesome.

01-18-2006, 10:06 PM
I was thinking it might be cool to see a sets of ML two packs, like:

One suited up and the other in their alter-ego/secret identity (Spider-man/Peter Parker, Venom/Eddie Brock, Ice Man/Bobby Drake, Cyclops/Scott Summers, ect. Plus, it'd be another excuse for yet another Wolverine and Logan.).

Current and Classic costumes - mainly for the original X-Men line-up.

Heros and their ladies - Spidey/MJ and...ummm...others...

01-22-2006, 01:40 AM
In the idea of 2-packs I'd like to see Spiderman: TAS style Blade with a new Morbius or the Blade with a Spidey: TAS style Punisher for a "Hunter" 2-pack.

El Chuxter
01-22-2006, 09:40 AM
Please, God, no figures from any of the animated series. Unless it's X-Men Evolutions or used as an excuse to get comic-accurate X-Men from the early 90s series. That Spider-Man was the worst television show I've ever seen, and the Iron Man and Fantastic Four series were even worse! (Wrap your head around that one for a while. :p)

Bacta Beast
03-30-2006, 12:31 PM
My, someone has a severe case of caca mouth. . .

Ease up, you're scaring the kids.

El Chuxter
03-30-2006, 12:36 PM
I am officially beginning the "Juggernaut Pool."

How long after JediTricks logs on until we see Juggernaut's name in black letters with the word "BANNED" underneath it?

I'm betting my entire collection of Kiss: Psycho Circus figures on ten seconds.

(Hey, if JT bans him in nine, I don't want to lose anything more valuable than some cheap McFarlane toys. :))

Bacta Beast
03-30-2006, 12:41 PM
I'm betting my entire collection of Kiss: Psycho Circus figures on ten seconds.

Yer killin' me!lol Now if you were betting the "Phantom of the Fairground" figs, then we would have to take it seriously!!!!!

Phantom-like Menace
05-18-2006, 09:26 PM
We really need Archangel in Marvel Legends splendor. The missile pack Archangel recently released marked the most complicated custom I've ever done when I took my roommate's Archangel, dremeled his wings off, drilled two holes in his back and pegged his wings directly into his back.

I'm probably one of the few people who wants to see Guardian and Vindicator, but especially Guardian.

I'd love to see a Sunfire.

I'd love to see a Firestar. It's an odd choice (as are most of my choices) but I have fond memories of watching Spider Man and His Amazing Friends when I was young.

I would appreciate having a really good Forge figure.

Edit: I forgot, we need a good Marvel Legends series Cyclops, not that horrible version from Series 10. The Jim Lee version or even the Astonishing X-Men version would be nice.

05-26-2006, 12:10 AM
All i really need to be happy is Adam Warlock. There are alot of others i want, but if i could only choose one, he woul dbe it.