View Full Version : Anakin Skywalker: ROTS "Concept", Mustafar Damage, Operating Table

Sith Lord 0498
12-26-2005, 08:08 PM
Here are three favorites of mine. The "concept" Anakin was my own interpretation of what Anakin would look like when he turned to the Dark Side. I made this in 2003 before any images were leaked to the public. The scar was recently added to the face. The chain is made from a real thin anklet that was clipped to the right size. The holoprojector is a retooled radar tower from the AOTC Padme pilot figure. Lightning is from AOTC Yoda. Cape and Sidious holo is AOTC Dooku.

The Mustafar Anakin was a combination of Sharpies and fire applied to the ROTS #50 Mustafar Anakin figure. I used reference photos from the movie and images from the Making of ROTS book when I made it this past summer. Only glitch here was that I accidently melted the nose because the plastic was thinner than expected. Still, it came out great. I added Sith eyes and individually colored the wires in red and blue. There is actual blistering on the plastic due to the heat applied.

Sith Lord 0498
12-26-2005, 08:11 PM
Same deal with the operating table Anakin. Like #50, I hated the half-a**ed way Hasbro made the paint deco, so I took my markers and matches to this one too. It's also more textured since I left burn marks in strategic places as well as struck it with a sanding block.

12-26-2005, 10:40 PM
Very nice work Sith Lord 0498. I would like to do that to my crispy Anakin, but would fear messing it up and not be able to find one elsewhere (outside the realm of eBay).