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Darth Cruel
12-28-2005, 01:26 PM
It appears that SOTA is doing a line of Micronauts now. I used to love these toys when I was a kid but the poor availability of the recent re-do of the line prevented me from being able to collect them. But now SSOTA is doing them in a 6" line(Entertainment Earth has them for pre-order at 10.00 a figure before shipping.). I'll be on this one. I can't tell how articulated they are, but the sculpts are awesome. I wonder if they are from the recent comic. I only read a couple issues and never did see any of the three characters from the first wave of the new line. (Baron Karza, Space Glider and Lobros). If anyone knows...throw me a bone.

01-14-2006, 03:01 AM
I saw these at Comic-Con last summer, and if I remember correctly (it was a while ago, so I'm a bit foggy on the detail) they are larger than the Mego Micronauts -- about 6" -- and they're more of a "SOTA interpretation" of the old Micronauts line.

With that said, I was a huge Micronauts fan as a kid and still am. (Have a nice little collection of Mego 'nauts.) I saw the prototypes of these SOTA figures at Comic-Con and thought that they could turn out to be really cool, but haven't heard anything since, so I figured that the line died off during development. I'll have to check out the EE site now.

OK. I found some photos at the SOTA site...


BTW, those Micronaut reissues from a little while ago where done by Palisades, and though they looked great and it was really cool that Palisades gave the line a shot, the whole thing was a big failure because of quality problems. I picked up a few of them -- most on clearance -- and with almost every figure, there's a broken part or some kind of issue with how the parts fit together. Pretty sad honestly.

One good thing about the Palisades stuff though, if you have a few older Mego figures that need a new internal rubberband or maybe a new hand, they worked out as great parts donors. :)

Darth Cruel
01-16-2006, 12:02 PM
I missed out on the Palisades line. Just wasn't very well distributed where I am. I will probably try to catch up on iy on eBay if the prices are reasonable.

I also like this new inturpretation of the characters. Even with the larger size. Given my 'druthers, I would prefer the 4" scale, but only barely. These will be great and I will be getting them.

I am looking forward to Acroyear.

07-20-2006, 04:01 AM
Looks like these have turned up again this year...