View Full Version : Obi-Wan, we meet again, at last!

12-29-2005, 10:26 PM
I picked up Obi-Wan/Jedi Starfighter last night at Target. It's a pretty good set, although it's more fun as a Star Wars transforming mech than it is a Transformer. I like how solid the ship is, although it doesn't have the proper "bend" to the wings - though you can fudge that. I love how the pilot seat can rotate back in Mech mode so the Obi-Wan pilot can still be facing forward, I don't think they even mentioned it in the instructions. Also, it's cool that you can get a 2-handed saber pose over the head or right in front of it. The weird wrists are kinda not cool though, they should have been ball joints. At least the bottoms of his feet are slightly articulated, that's a good one.

It's weird how the vehicle is like 175% scale to the minifig, but the non-movable astromech is in scale with the ship instead. :p

On mine, the lightsaber hilts are already starting to wear off, one of the raised buttons completely shredded away, has anybody else had this?

Anybody else think the wings pegged together behind his back and head-cover go together to look like a hood-down Jedi robe?

Anyway, this SW:TF bodes well for me, it turned out pretty well for my tastes, I definitely want all the space-based ones, although I'm not sure if I want Grievous.

Jangu Fett
01-03-2006, 01:34 PM
Over the weekend I was able to grab Vader and Geivious. Not bad, the pilot figure of Vader can't fit into the cockpit in fighter mode. Vader's "MECH" head take up almost all the space. Greivious is a desent set, the only problem I have is the legs and arms are not put together to well. the joints are lose and the legs clip together above the knees. So whill you changing from Wheel bike to Mech the legs snap off. No biggy seeing they can just snap back on. Still IMO worth getting...........If only for the Action Fleet mini-figures.:D

That last statement is only my opinion.

01-03-2006, 03:52 PM
We got a couple of cases of these in 2 or 3 days before Christmas, and they were gone by that afternoon. I, despite not liking the idea, was impressed at how these looked in the packages. I thought they would be larger though, but was quite happy with the size of the vehicle. I didn't even get the chance to pick one up for myself though.