View Full Version : Help!!!! Please!!!! Can't Get My New Reciever To Give Me Sound!

01-03-2006, 10:19 PM
Any help would be appreciated here people.

I just recently bought a Sony A/V Reciever (STR-DE698). I have it hooked up to a Comcast Cable box, a Sony 5 disc DVD progressive, and a Samsung DLP 50". It is attatched to Klipsch surround speakers plus subwoofer.

Here is where I am racking my brain!

The test tone works on all speakers (don't have non-surround sound front speakers, only the surround sound speakers -ie front channels are empty).

The subwoofer produces sound from TV or from DVD

The speakers will produce CD music

I get no sound on the surround from the DVD or from the Cable box except for the Subwoofer.

Help! I am using a Digital Co-axial from DVD to Reciever and Component Cables for video from the DVD player, Reciever to TV, and Cable to Reciever.

I have tried walking through the initial setup but I don't think it is taking.

Help? Anyone?

01-03-2006, 11:20 PM
Okay, I might be able ot walk you through this (I do it for a living over the phone). Does your Cable Box have out puts for audio? If so run the outputs to the reciever. All outputs have to go directly to the recievers inputs. From the receivers outputs, should be the speakers. By selecting the inputs on the receiver, you should then be able to produce sound. I know it sounds easy, but if you would like help, PM me and I can get with you over the phone. And try to explain it all. I work for Dish Network and walk people thorugh it every day.