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01-18-2006, 01:32 PM
(to give both newbies and vets a place where they can verify comprehension while preserving posters' liberty to type as tersely as possible ;) )
pkg- package/packaging
mmm- ships smaller than mm format, as w/trilogy mini-micro 3-pak (slave1, ds2 & falc) or romando 1/7000 scale treks
le cs- limited edition collector set, as in the three 16-ship trek boxes
cw- clone wars
dc- DieCast
ts- Titanium Series aka diecast
ut- ultra trashtanium ;)
byo- Build Your Own, as in podracer
mv- MicroVehicles, as in the targ-xclusive 2-pax
mb- targ-xclusive MicroBattle playsets
targ- target
covops- covert ops fig
utashad- utapau shadow troop
fur- furuta
rom- ROMando
falc- as in millenium-on (mf's probably too problematic as it's easily mistaken for. . . MiniFig :p)
rac- venator
trifi- trifighter
rbr- tantive4
tyd- imp shuttle
jsf- Jedi StarFighter
dvt- x1 vader tie
tie-b- not the tie-int
tfdcs- droid control ship
tvc15- bowie song
bg- battlestar galactica, or maybe a falsetto&hair-flaunting 70s trio
tp- Then Playing, as in music being listened to (see also np- Now Playing)
tojo- tokyo joe aka my nihon contact
b'jr- baal junior aka my local collector pal who gotsa Lotsa mms
dee- spectral patron saint of our mm forum who's become more powerful than you can Possibly imagine (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/printthread.php?t=26170&pp=40) :kiss:
add more as they occur to you, or quextions if you have any-
vt- me :lipsrseal

01-18-2006, 01:36 PM
JL-Johny Lightning

Minds gone blank, can't think of any others!

01-18-2006, 05:49 PM
ISD - Imperial Star Destroyer

01-18-2006, 08:06 PM
MM - Micro Machines

AF - Action Fleet

Minifig - galoob mini figures (either the MM minifigs that were micro statues or the AF minifigs which were straight-limbed guys with articulated arm and leg sets)

SSD - Super Star Destroyer

By the way gang, RAC is the Venator because RAC is short for the packaged name: Republic Attack Cruiser

Same thing with the RBR for the Tantive IV, that's the Rebel Blockade Runner.

01-19-2006, 02:35 AM
(Some of mine will be helpful on EBay, too)

MISB- Mint In Sealed Box
MOSC- Mint On Sealed Card
MIB- Mint In Box
MOC- Mint On Card
NRFB- Never Removed From Box

IMHO- In My Humble Opinion

SW= Star Wars
ST= Star Trek

WM= Wal-Mart (for Exclusives)

'bout all I can think of right now...

01-20-2006, 12:22 AM
Wm can also be for non exclusives also.

01-20-2006, 03:02 AM
This is not really MM related, and for English speaking people may be really easy to understand, but I spent a lot of time to interpret it :D

IIRC - If I Recall (or remember) Correctly

Ah, there are also my greetings which may be confusing for not Italians :pleased:

Ciao - Bye

Ciao, ;)

01-25-2006, 11:02 PM
jg: "I spent a lot of time to interpret it"
-don't feel bad, that one took me awhile too; speakin of idiom acronyms, can anyone else think of some? this's a good place for all yall's jargon quextions, capeesh? :D
lmk/lyk (let me/you know)
ds/ds1/ds2= tarkin's big round chubbychase
ccar/ccity = c is for cloud
cc33= clone commander
n1= yellow naboo hood ornament
sithinf= maul's ship
repcr= republic cruiser
queenholo= aussie-xclusive, transparent-iridescent royal starship mm (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=11810&d=1122136704)
sds= spacedock shuttle
k-bop= klingon bird-of-prey
hms= k-bop mm w/hinged wings
v1/gen = to distinguish between 1st and Star Trek Generations versions of the k-bop and ent-d mms
d7= original klingon warhorse
d4/6/8/10/12/20= clear polyhedronal gaming dice i designate "holocrons"
rombop= romulan b-o-p
jemh= hadar
def= defiant
kaz-f/r/m/torp= kazon fighter/raider/muthaship/torpedo
agt= specifies 3-nacelle ent-d from tng All Good Things final ep
ahk/ghk= aerial/ground hunter-killer
nhc/nhd= narn heavy cruiser/dreadnought
minwar/minfly= minbari warship/flyer
vor= vorlon
tran/tranny= transport, as in rebel, centauri or vorlon
shut= shuttle, as in voyshut
ef1= earth force one
b5= baby-lon 5
mib= Men In Black
baltian= arquillian- and vice-versa, a la the '80s 4lom/zuckuss nameswitch fiasco
t2= da TUHHHHminatuh
s99= space 1999
gv/galvoy= galaxy voyagers aka galoob non-franchise mm spaceship line ca. '93-4
sst= starship troopers
se/sote= special edition/shadows of emp, such as to distinguish paintjobs on swoop & outrider mms
st= star tours (when used in context of one of their toys, such as r4m9)
eka= destroya droid
oft= orn free ta, as in the senatecam packed in w/his fig
fig= figure
bd= battle-damaged
xp/exp= expanded, as in an xwing or b-wing mm
dlx= deluxe
hw= hotwheels, as in syd mead limos or a time-dmc (delorean)
& don't forget moniker abbrevs! each of the following refers to Some regular here- the quextion is, will they answer to & claim ownership of them?
jt -- aw -- swaffy -- bc3 -- ltb -- s43 -- lbc -- ws -- jg -- sicq -- serg -- kh -- slick (don't pout if i fogrot to list your abbrev, just post it here yerself :))
annoyingly, inexplicably absent for too long:
gsj -- jdah -- glit -- baal aka our friend the devil -- dc aka darthcarlos

01-26-2006, 01:30 PM
Jesus my head hurts!

htgald - have to go and lie down.

BC3 - a humble Englishman struggling with jumbled English!

01-26-2006, 09:20 PM
We still need translations for VT-speak.

02-16-2006, 09:48 AM
AA? Perhaps.

Well, no, not really. I still come to the forums alot but there's no scope for me to post as I am out of collecting since 2002 due to financial constraints,( and unlike SOME people, I don't flog them on e-bay and then pretend I have to scalp to pay My Education...nah, my scene is more dragging 12 rancors and countless miniheads up to London and then never send them to the Hot One Down South.)

So, anyway, I've got nothing to offer except my opinions and bitterness which I'm sure you all don't want to suffer :Ogre:

I hope all are well - if you want to get hold of me, you all have my email. if not, PM me and I'll send it to you.



02-16-2006, 11:47 AM
Nice to hear from you Jeddah!

What are you up to now & where are you?



02-16-2006, 05:05 PM
( and unlike SOME people, I don't flog them on e-bay and then pretend I have to scalp to pay My Education...)


Well, SOME of us have to pay the bills for $12,000 of credit card debt from collecting before AND pay student loans for TWO college degrees so that we can collect what we want now versus what we wanted then ;). As for "pretending," tell that to the bank who owns my Truck loan that keeps calling me wondering where their payment is...nothing like that to make you look at your enormous collection and go "Let's see- Truck or Toys? Vehicle that lets you get to work or X toy that you can't display because you live in a room in a house and have no place to display it or enjoy it?"

Might be better if I got a better job though...


Anyway, 95% of the stuff I sell on Ebay I don't even get 1/2 the retail price for- and in the end, I'd love to get just retail back for EVERYTHING I got so I can get what I want now...but alas, this is not to be, for all my "good" stuff would be sold and I'd have myriads of R5-D4's laying around ;)

You're missed man ;) I'd love to hear some bitter opinions though- I got a few myself :D

02-17-2006, 02:27 PM
Well, maybe you shouldn't have bought an expensive truck WS. :p I mean, buy a damn 1987 Toyota pickup for $1200 and it goes forever, plus no repo-man at your door.

02-18-2006, 12:06 AM
Eh- 5 years ago I could afford it. Not now though.

Good news is it's worth more than I have left to pay on the loan now...maybe I could get a good deal if I sold it and put a down payment on something else.

You need a good truck in Montana though- esp. when it's around -20 F out (like right now)

02-18-2006, 09:27 AM
Got 3 Toyoters. That's all I drive. Even though I work for F.O.R.D. (fix or repair daily)-(found on the road dead)-(frackin' overated retarded delapidated)

02-18-2006, 03:14 PM
-actually i'm not sure we do; aspectworld, paradigm & 1 other are all xpired, no? but you should still have mine so send me a luvnote :kiss:

"I am out of collecting"
-just cuz you're outta collecting doesn't mean you're outta the forum; ye who taught me to type "what" as "wot" must stick around and take responsibility for the corruption of my text, and may not take leave of us without our say-so :evil: besides i like to think this place is more about palzy-walzy quip-swappins between we who share an enduring interest in the galoob sf legacy than some dopey "only those who can afford to buy every analogous new release" club :)

"I'm sure you all don't want"
-Not your call to make, miss prezump-preclude ;)

ws: "SOME of us have to"
-. . .stop makin excuses for or whinin over the fact that sometimes life requires making choices & livin w/them (http://www.temple.edu/temple_times/10-13-05/decisions.html)? :p

bc3: "Jesus my head hurts!"
-i trust you're using these listings only in consultation, Not memorization? :crazed:

bc3: "jumbled English"
jt: "need translations for VT-speak"
-"every profound spirit needs a mask" -nietzsche (http://www.inch.com/~ari/nietzsche2.html) :bandit: :ninja: :cool:

02-18-2006, 05:06 PM
WS, new cars are a ripoff, always a bad buy because the second you get in and turn the key, you've just taken off a quarter of the damn thing's value. Used cars are the way to go no matter what. And Toyotas are the most dependable small trucks in the world, after what that British show did to that '80s Toyota truck and it still drove off, they're unstoppable.

Blue2th, "Found On the Road Dead" is the one I've always heard. My grandma has a thing for Fords, always having to repair/replace them (oh, that reminds me, it's "Fix Or REPLACE Daily", not "Fix Or Repair" because "fix" and "repair" are the same thing ;)).

VT, I prefer Nietzscheez-whiz: it's superior!

02-18-2006, 07:27 PM
I fixed one when I was stranded on the road with a piece of chewing gum on a distributer wire that grounded out causing the car to stall (Yankee ingenuity mate) I repaired or replaced the wire later with a new one. You can fix something, but have you really repaired it properly? The trouble with Toyotas is trying to find a good used one, as they are all bought when they go up for sale, with gas prices and costly repairs, a good used one is in high demand. Even with high milage. I've had a couple people ask me if I would sell my 86 X-cab long bed. It's 170 thousand miles on it.

02-18-2006, 10:47 PM
Eh- choices I made 10 years ago, VT- you didn't know know me then- and I don't think I have to say how many Spawn figures I have along with Star Wars (it'd be easy if I just had Star Wars but nooooo).

Anyway, I had no idea how those choices would affect me here 10 years later, so I think selling what I am not interested in anymore and keeping what I like is a better choice for me right now- at least until I am a millionaire :D

As for my truck, it had 14K miles on it when I bought it, and it was a year old and formal rental truck- I still paid $16K for it with a warranty (which, I am happy to say, paid for $1200 in repairs of which I had only to pay $200 :D)

Not sure what I'll drive next but I love my truck....even if it IS a 2000 Ford RANGER! OMG! :D

02-19-2006, 04:29 PM
-since when do we ever? only hindsight's 20/20 :cross-eye

"10 years ago. . . didn't know me then"
-what diff should either of those make? is there some kinda statute of limitations on honor, ethics, self-respect or consequences no one told me about?:whip:

"selling what I am not interested in anymore"
-my anti-scalper ethics (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/printthread.php?t=17869) don't concern themselves with whether you sell stuff you don't want no more, but rather the Attempt To Make Unearned Profit from them. on the other hand nothin's stoppin you from holding auctions with "buy it now" prices equivalent to what you paid (plus, perhaps, whatever percentage ebay would take at that closing price- after all my ethics don't require a collector to Lose money either) :greedy: speakin of savin $$ didja ever catch my latest reply 2u on huntthred?

jt: "maybe you shouldn't have bought an expensive truck"
-"maybe you shoulda stole a better truck, tonto"- ganz (http://imdb.com/name/nm0001664/) to billy bear, 48 Hrs :rambo: lol

02-19-2006, 08:18 PM
"Unearned" profit?

There a definition for that?

Even with my 2 year, $74 a month storage unit- plus gas money, hotel time and other things- I don't honestly think I've made ANY money off anything when it really boils down to it.

I have, however, had lots of fun and made lots of friends- like you ;)

As for the decisions thing, I suppose if I had better foresight, I would have thought that buying two toy lines (three when WildCATS was around, but I got all of those and the line died) would have gotten me to where I am now. I mean getting at least 2 of everything and trying to trade/get more has made me so in debt that I can't easily move my posessions, I can't take any financial risks or invest or travel or do anything I really want to do- all because I HAD to have those toys back then.

I know I can't win any arugments or get anywhere favorable with you in this discussion, but trust me when I say that I didn't start out in all this to make more money off people than I spent getting, storing, and moving the stuff that I already have...

I may do some of that now, sure, but I'll never break even while I owe- amd I owe a lot! I would think it would be different if I didn't have the credit card debt (it's like I don't really "own" anything, in a way), ya know?

Then again- maybe not. *Guilty conscience*

Eh piffle. I made my bed and I am lying in it...and still getting out to get some stuff ;)

02-20-2006, 06:44 AM
Hi Warstar, thanks for the greeting. Nice to hear from you too! I think for you to stand amid such barrage and maintain a diplomatic and affable air is commendable. <to JT> “ Clean up this droid as best you can, he deserves our…well, not gratitude but some equanimity” :D

BC3, Bournemouth? Ugh, no way! I am still in London and in love with the place. As the postcode suggests under my avatar, I am in Walthamstow, East 17, Zone 3. How’s life up there? I’ve been to Cheadle Hulme a lot over the past few months since my sister’s return from Oz. She’s moving into Manchester central in April. Have you been watching that dreadful Hyperdrive show? I’m off to see The Mighty Boosh in Bournemouth soon. Did you catch that? What about Nathan Barley? Loved them. lol

VT - So far I have been interviewed by the police three times for the stabbings outside my house….No, I was not the perp :bandit: :hurt: …. I love the area and am currently working 3 jobs (but it’s cool as 2 of them are teaching, youth offenders, marginalised or otherwise underprivileged kids and kids with learning difficulties). Although the high crime rate here may seem intimidating, I love the culture mix. As my social circle has always been predominantly West Indian and African, I have no cultural worries and can suss out a situation (as well as speaking Twi and understanding patois <beam>). Through contacts I have met here, I have been invited to teach at Freetown (Sierra Leone) for 2 weeks F.O.C and Accra (Ghana) for a week. I said I’d do it if they supplied the residence and flight so I am looking forward to that. Ideally I’d like to go to Tanzania (and sneak off to Zanzibar heh heh) as it is possibly the poorest African nation but money being what it is, it is unlikely. :sad:

Through all this I’m also doing what I said I’d never do again…go back into business myself… The new avatar is the logo of my dance firm, The Dance Foundry and I am currently working on business plan and locating studios. It is two-pronged in that I am teaching the privileged affluent (white) kids from South Woodford (think soulless nouveau riche and that’s the kind of folks in South Woodford – if any of you are familiar with the UK sit’com’ Birds of a Feather or the term Essex boy/girl then that’s a fine example of the people I intend to exploit. The funds from this branch of my classes will go towards my main interest which is the charity side of The Dance Foundry which involves with working with youth offenders. I won’t bore you with the therapeutic and worthwhile elements of teaching dance to kids with low self esteem etc but it works wonders and I love the energy these (often angry) kids have.

My sisters’ fiancé’s friend Kristan did me the logos. They’re too Predator-y and I asked him to make a robotic Aeryn Sun but it looks a little lame and moves too far away from the urban dance theme. I like the logo though (my avatar) and don’t really care that it’s hard to read the name….

My day job is still at the Legal Services Commission (ugh ugh ugh) and I have just enough to cover bills and cost of living. I am happy though as I invested in a PS2 last year and spend most of my free time on the slopes of SSX3.

Speaking of E-bay, VT I need to talk to you. I’ll PM you my email address and if you could give me a number I can call you on, I have cheap calls to US, Jamaica, France and some other places so it’ll only cost me 2p a min (4 cents?). I’m selling my recording studio as I never use it anymore and need to set up an e-Bay account (may just go through local papers though) to do it.

Well, I’ll watch the news and get bitter about something then post about it. Nice to hear from you all.


02-20-2006, 11:40 AM
Hey Jeddah

Grim up North as per - although moving to more affluent Lytham any time soon (to be nearer work).

Hyperdrive - should be funny 'cos Nick Frost is in it, but fails miserably - saw it once and didn't laugh a single time.

Legal Services Commission ?- I work at Her Majesties Land Registry - we get stuff from you lot through all the time.

Anyway, laters peeps.


02-22-2006, 12:14 AM
-. . . and so long as my name don't come up, everything'll be peachy, ca-peach? :evil:

"stabbings outside my house"
-see wot kinda friendly reminders are left literally at yer doorstep when you neglect your parcip here amidst outstanding debts to me? :dead: "forgot to tell you. . . you gets beat into this gang, and you gets beat out" - bantu to rufus, Durango Street (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0141303093/002-3476712-7112041?v=glance&n=283155) :crazed:

"Tanzania (and sneak off to Zanzibar"
-you can run but you can't hide :evil:

"won’t bore you with the therapeutic and worthwhile elements"
-whew ;)

"looks a little lame"
-personally i prefer a more squared, janeway-ish jaw (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showthread.php?p=459897#post459897) :kiss:

"speaking Twi"
-short for twilek? :stupid:

"need to set up an e-Bay account"
-am curious to hear how you think I'd come in handy re that venture, since there Is an ebay.co.uk ;)

"to stand amid such barrage and maintain a diplomatic and affable air is commendable"
-(cue stirring music ". . .and our flag was still therrrre" :rolleyes: ) commendable? i dunno if i'd go That far, but it's certainly a novel change from the defensive bitterness most confronted scalpers sport ;)

ws: "There a definition for that?"
-in fact, there is- not that you saw it (above link), to wit: those who "do not manufacture items, maintain efficient distribution networks or provide primary (srp-selling) retail outlets for them" have not contributed to "the collector continuum" and so have not Earned any profit they might make from selling said items :greedy:

"don't honestly think I've made ANY"
-as my link above makes clear, i define scalping as an Attempt to make unearned profit. as the sky's the limit on their potential closing prices, all non-buy-it-now auctions qualify as such regardless of outcome.

"I didn't start out in all this to"
-anyone recall that ditty they used to sing on the 'lectric gyumpany (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066651/)?
"we are the kids known as whim-per and whine,
whim-per and whine whine whiiiiine" lol
my def ain't concerned with original intent, only final intent :dead:

"know I can't win any arugments or get anywhere favorable"
-then i guess that just leaves a masochistic streak as the only explanation for why you keep mentioning this stuff here, where you Know i'll shoot holes in yer rationalizations & appeals for sympathy :evil:

"friends- like you ;)"
-winky yourself- despite my rigorous ethics i ain't no prig so i can be "friends" w/all manner of "scum & villainy" ;) btw if FS is gone by the time you get back you might enjoy this place (http://denvercoffee.blogspot.com/2006/01/shooting-star-cafe.html) as an alterna-rendez, as they just added your vile reuben sammich to the menu :p

02-22-2006, 06:28 PM
YAY REUBEN! w00t! It scares off the ladies- and that's just with the breath :D

Where would FS be going? I hope it doesn't leave! I loved that place...

ANYWAY, well, the absolutes you deal in as far as your anti-scalping rhetoric are cool (I did read that link, btw ;))- I just wish I was rich enough to be able to keep my collection without a guilty conscience is all. ;) It'd look pretty stupid to be sitting on a street corner someplace without a place to live or a vehicle sporting 1000+ Star Wars figures, 800+ Spawn figures, and a shload of other random assorted stuff (Magic Cards, Comics, etc.) :p

'Sides, how could I keep them dry? :D

If/When I get a better job that pays well, let the world BEWARE!

I'm getting it ALL back...:twisted:

In the meantime, I have a guilty conscience- hence I take the abuse here as I should for my choices that have ruined such a great hobby I loved. I don't know how may times that I, a 32 year old man, have actually sniffled or just flat out CRIED as I packed the things I have sold on Ebay that I spent so much time, blood, sweat and tears getting. Granted some of the things I have sold I didn't spend a lot of time on, or ANY time sometimes, but then, a little piece of me dies every time I put the last piece of tape on a box of stuff destined for someone else that isn't me. That's because I love the things I sell, and it sucks when I have to sell them. 'Nuff said. :sad: I don't know if you'll ever understand that, and I certainly know you won't condone it, either way VT ;)

Still, what I wouldn't do for the days of sipping Gun Metal Tea, scarfing up a Reuben, and wondering what your constant soundtrack was that day ;)

You got an Ipod yet, btw? :p

02-24-2006, 11:56 AM
-heh, i've always been intrigued that, despite Originating our common language, you brits traffick in all these kooky-quaint proper nouns that prolly never crossed the pond cuz they don't exactly roll off the tongue, like "chentleswick" and "blookyplatch" and "fleeble's moth" and "nigel" :alien: :cheeky:

ws: "scares off the ladies"
-so that's, uh, something you need a sandwich to help you with? :laugh: ;)

"Where would FS be going"
-i guess Someone ain't been keepin up with da fashreportz (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/showpost.php?p=453468&postcount=638) :o

"wish I was rich enough to be able to keep my collection without a guilty conscience"
-"choice, mister anderson, the problem is choice"- especially if you don't have a bankroll big enough to buy yer way out of the dichotomy :greedy:

"It'd look pretty stupid to be sitting on a street corner"
-speakin of which, someone Actually in that position'd likely regard your earlier "it's like I don't really 'own' anything" remark with more than a little skepticism :tired:

"hence I take the abuse"
-which, despite the redundancy, gives me occasion to zestily clarify the issue anew, hence i Give the abuse ;)

"have actually sniffled or just flat out CRIED"
-ewww, too much sharing :silly:

"a little piece of me dies every time"
-then you must be made of a Lotta lil pieces ;) tip: if you were totally dead inside all along like me, that'd streamline the process ;)

"got an Ipod yet"
-nah; with the constant, often rough use to which i subject my few-dozen walkman supply, ipods wouldn't be a good investment until i can find Them in thrift stores for like a buck apiece :greedy: bjr's offered to buy me one but the catch is i'd have to format-transfer my several-hundred-mixtape arsenal for each of us, a task i'd have to set aside at least a month to complete (longer if i wanted to reconstruct them from the original cd/vinyl/pre-rec cass sources which i'd often want to since some are over a decade old and sound it- and were works-in-progress to begin with). since i keep so busy listening to the mixes i've already made it often takes me a long time even to incorporate new acquisitions into my rotation, let alone make someone else a single new mixtape for anyone else, you can imagine what a disruption like that would be 4me :crazed: so, should i ask if You have an ipod? ;)

"wondering what your constant soundtrack was that day"
-i spose referencing "tp" (then playing) in fashposts should be the next-best thing 4u :thumbsup: