View Full Version : Clean Clone Bust-Ups set for sale.

jedi master sal
02-13-2006, 11:00 AM
After a long delay I finally received a second order for these clone Bust-Ups. Unfortunately they are the same ones I already have (was hoping for the variant set or a Gree within the set). I carefully opened the box to check the contents. So since I don't want a second set of the same, I'm offering them up.

The set includes:
Tac Ops trooper (Blue markings) (Blaster)
Utapau Clone (Orange markings) (Rifle)
Coruscant Clone (Grey markings) (Rifle)
White Clone (Blaster)

I paid $19.99 plus shipping. I've broken shipping down since I got two other items. So the total paid for this was $22.82. This is what I'm asking for the set. Plus whatever the exact shipping cost is to you. It doesn't weight much, so I suspect it wil only be a dollar or two more.

PM me with your zip code, if interested.