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02-20-2006, 07:16 PM
OK, here it is: how I'd have released Saga 2:

Carkoon Wave (making it more Jabba's Palace concentrated):

1) R2D2 Lightsaber Launch - totally redone and sculpted right
2) Sgt. Doallyn
3) Woof (vintage Klaatu, green Nikto wearing lambskin)
4) Battle Damaged Boba Fett (removeable helmet, Sarlaac scorched)
5) Ultimate Luke Jedi (removeable plastic vest over DSII Luke)
6) Princess Leia Boussh (as is, I guess)

Hoth Wave:

1) Mjr. Derlin (as is)
2) Gonk (as is)
3) General Veers (totally wouldn't change a thing! Awesome!)
4) Snowtrooper (as is, I guess)
5) Torryn Farr (female Hoth ion cannon operator)
6) Darth Vader (as is, I guess)
7) AT-AT Driver (as is, I guess)
8) Wes "good shot" Janson (snowspeeder pilot, Rogue Squadron)

Geonosis Wave:

1) Sora Bulq (good choice)
2) Sun Fac (interesting)
3) Scorch (OK going here I guess)
4) Utopau Clone (smart to release an army-builder like him early)
5) Baltar Swan (Jedi)
6) Yoda (I guess...)
7) Jango Fett (I guess...)
8) Battle Droid (can you make a complete one out of the parts included with C-3PO?)

If the last part is true, maybe C-3PO wasn't such a bad idea after all since folks could army build their battle droids with that figure if they still needed to.

Basic figures that always need to be made for newbies, etc. include:

Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, R2, C-3PO, Vader, Troopers, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Lando
Maul, Qui-Gon, Padme, Anakin, BattleDroids, Jango, Dooku, Grievous, Mace, Boba Fett etc.

I tried to do that above where applicable.

Han Carbonite should have made a great deluxe figure finally done right.

Yoda could be made with his E3 escape pod ship also as a Deluxe and Bariss SA could replace him in the Geonosis Wave.

02-20-2006, 08:56 PM
Love the Yoda idea for a deluxe, the Han Carbonite would have also been a good deluxe. Love the Carkoon wave, great choices.

02-20-2006, 09:13 PM
Hmm. Mine, if it must be semi-realistic would go like this-


1)Leia Boushh (with normal swivel head and better face)
2)Bib Fortuna (as is, I suppose a neutral facial expression wouldn't have hurt)
3)Sgt Doallyn
5&6 obligatory repacks

(I did want a new Han Carbonite but had loftier hopes for what he'd end up like, the Fett repaint/kitbash isn't too bad but we're overloaded with him lately and Barada has been out twice before)


1)Major Derlin (as is)
2)Gonk droid (as is)
3)General Veers (full torso armour, no ball joint neck, lighter colour hair)
4)At-At driver (most definitely as is)
5)Janson (badly need snowspeeder pilots)
6)C-3PO (ROTS figure with a more matte gold)
7)R2-D2 (as is but with more matte finish dome)
8)Snowtrooper (as is provided theres going to be a surprise ESB VTSC figure)

(Rieekan is all well and good if you missed him first time, Vader is OK but would have liked a different, preferably new character in his place)

Geonosis: (don't have the actual released wave yet so I'm only going on pictures)

1)Sorq Bulq (as is)
2)Sun Fac (as is)
3)Yoda (NOT a repack, and certainly not a repack of what was an abysmal figure - should have been new)
4)Bultar Swan
5)Poggle the lesser
6)Jango Fett (not the Kamino version though, the other one)
7)Red Battle droid (Episode I sculpt)
8)SA white Clone

(I have no great objection to Scorch, I'll buy him in fact, the C-3PO is OK but I prefer not to be reminded of that crap 'humour')

Now obviously my 'ideal' list would comprise all entirely new sculpts. I'd still have core characters but they'd be new and SA (except for.....guess what??!!??) In fact the only reason I didn't put SA jango Fett, an SA Obi-Wan Kenobi and new Arena Padme into the Geonosis list is because I assume Hasbro is holding off on those for some future special collection (an Evolutions reprisal we must hope and pray)

02-20-2006, 09:19 PM
Carkoon Wave (making it more Jabba's Palace concentrated):

1) R2D2 Lightsaber Launch - totally redone and sculpted right YES
2) Sgt. Doallyn YES
3) Woof (vintage Klaatu, green Nikto wearing lambskin) <maybe>
4) Battle Damaged Boba Fett <don't need another fett, no>
5) Ultimate Luke Jedi (removeable plastic vest over DSII Luke) YES
6) Princess Leia Boussh (as is, I guess)YES
7) Weequay drummer
8) Extra tall fanning Jawa

Hoth Wave:

1) Mjr. Derlin (as is)
2) Gonk (as is)
3) General Veers (totally wouldn't change a thing! Awesome!)
4) Snowtrooper (as is, I guess)
5) Torryn Farr (female Hoth ion cannon operator)
6) Darth Vader (as is, I guess)<not another vader>
7) AT-AT Driver (as is, I guess)
8) Wes "good shot" Janson (snowspeeder pilot, Rogue Squadron)
9) Rouge 2...I forget his name or a new Hoth Rebel Soldier
Geonosis Wave:

1) Sora Bulq (good choice)
2) Sun Fac (interesting)
3) Scorch (OK going here I guess)
4) Utopau Clone (smart to release an army-builder like him early)
5) Baltar Swan (Jedi)
6) Denaria Kee female (same species as) aide to Passel Argente
7) insert alien jedi not made here
8) Po Nudo walrus man seperatist senator


02-20-2006, 10:23 PM
Po Nudo was an excellent choice! :)

Passal Argente's aide doesn't really interest me. Very bottom of the barrel.

The Carkoon Wave only had 6 figures, not 8 - for whatever reason Hasbro deemed it to be done that way. But you took Boba Fett out of there, so 1 of yours (I like the Weequay Drummer - Umpas Tay I think) is a good choice.

Rogue 2 was Zev Senesca. I think he and Hobbie would also make good figures, but they'd look too much like Janson to release them all in the same wave. 1 per year of those 3 would be great. Well maybe 2 per year, but many months apart, hehe.

A No-Name new Hoth Rebel Soldier (in base support personnel uniform - similar to Derlin's) would rock. They've done enough Trench grunts from "the North Ridge."

Devo, while the AOTC Padme "Arena Battle" was limiting because of her action feature, I hope an Evolutions Padme set would have ALL outfits of her never done before. There's enough to have 1 from each movie (at least). Heck, they could make 3 Padme Evolutions sets and not repeat a figure.

02-21-2006, 08:01 PM
We're getting a lot of ANH X-wing pilots and thats great but the Hoth pilot outfits were different and so far the only treatment they've received is Luke and Dack from the POTJ snowspeeder. I've got those generic pack-in Xwing pilots in my Echo base set-up but they just don't look right with the black gloves&boots and no collars...also those are some crap pea-sized head sculpts...correction one crap pea-sized head sculpt repeated with different paint. We really need Janson, Zev, Hobbie, a new Luke and some generic snowspeeder pilots.

As to the Hoth officers I noticed a few variations on the deck officer types throughout the echo base scenes, one of which is the vintage figure. Future hoth waves need these although the North Ridge guys weren't well served by the last Saga figure so we still need that one aswell.

Padmes - I realise theres a lot of unmade outfits but the Arena outfit was one of only very few that she wore for any decent period of time in the entire trilogy. The others were blink&miss and I guess I just don't care enough for the Padme character to be bothered if they aren't being made.

Now Tatooine wave, my alternate version:

1) R5-D4 (as is)
2) Hem Dazon (as is I suppose, like many people the humanoid body surprised)
3) Hammerhead (as is)
4) Dr.Evazan (new)
5) Luke Skywalker (as is)
6) Ben Kenobi (OTC Dagobah repaint and/or kitbash with POTJ figure)
7) Sandtrooper (VOTC figure with pauldron&backpack)
8) Garindan (as is)

4 entirely new sculpts in the wave might be stretching it but I was reluctant to get rid of Garindan. He was less essential to be resculpted but after seeing the figure its nice to have him. Vader absolutely didn't need to be in this wave. I'd have Wioslea in a future Tatooine wave.


1) C-3PO ewok deity (as is)
2) Chief Chirpa (as is)
3) Admiral Ackbar (resculpt)
4) Moff Jerrjerrod (bendable knees, other than that its OK)
5) Emperor Palpatine (ideally new with Agen Kolaresque soft goods but if it had to be a repack then the POTF2 is preferable - amazingly)
6) Luke Endor (the kitbash it inevitably will be)
7) Leia Endor (some kind of kitbash since I've exhausted my 'new figure' options)
8) VOTC Stormie on basic card


1) Death Star Trooper (hopefully new or a good kitbash)
2) Death Star Gunner (from the actual endor wave)
3) Rebel Sentry
4) Luke Skywalker ceremonial
5) Han Solo ceremonial

If the death star trooper was a kitbash it might facilitate making the Luke figure a new one. The Han will presumably be the crap one coming out in the tatooine wave with a medal on him. 3 out 5 new sculpt figures might be too optimistic though. And ideally I'd replace the Han with a brand new ceremonial Leia figure. Then again ideally I'd also like to extend this wave to 8 figures aswell and have even more brand new characters.

02-22-2006, 01:25 AM
Devo took this discussion a lot further into the waves that have not been released yet. Let's look at them since they were brought up. Here's how I'd have liked it to be set to go down:

Wave 4 - Battle of Coruscant

SAGA-022: Firespeeder Pilot - good
SAGA-023: Lushros Dofine -good
SAGA-024: Commander Cody - great
SAGA-025: Anakin Skywalker - OK I guess.
SAGA-026: Utapau Clone Trooper - great
SAGA-027: Ki-Adi-Mundi (Hologram) - great
SAGA-028: Obi-Wan Kenobi - OK I guess.
SAGA-029: Foul Moudama - Alright, I suppose.
SAGA-030: General Grievous - OK I guess - these main characters have to be available

Wave 5 - Battle of Tatooine
SAGA-###: Dem Hazon - Awesome!
SAGA-###: Garindan - OK I guess
SAGA-###: Hammerhead - OK I guess
SAGA-###: Bom Vimdim
SAGA-###: Brea Tonnika
SAGA-###: R5-D4 - OK I guess.
SAGA-###: Biggs Darklighter - Academy Uniform

Wave 6 - Battle of Endor SAGA-###: C-3PO (Ewok Diety)
SAGA-###: Chief Chirpa - great!
SAGA-###: Keolkeech - Ewok
SAGA-###: Death Star Gunner - OK, it's been about enough time since we've had one
SAGA-###: Emperor Palpatine - a ROTJ version with parts from Evolutions would've rocked
SAGA-###: Luke Skywalker (Speeder Bike Gear - yes if softgoods, removeable helmet)
SAGA-###: Moff Jerjerrod - definitely! Yes!
SAGA-###: Rebel Endor Soldier - hmmm. I'd rather have a carded Paploo.

Wave 7 - Battle of Naboo

SAGA-###: Darth Maul (Hologram) - OK
SAGA-###: Gragra - Yes! I hppe so!
SAGA-###: Naboo Soldier - Ethnic variation not done yet.
SAGA-###: Obi-Wan Kenobi - OK, I guess. It's been a while.
SAGA-###: Pod Racer Pilots (2-pack) - If all new: Dud Bolt, Wan Sandage for example
SAGA-###: Rep Been - yes!

Wave 8 - Battle of Yavin
SAGA-###: Death Star Trooper - OK I guess
SAGA-###: Han Solo - ceremony figure? Then sure!
SAGA-###: Luke Skywalker - how about Stormtrooper belt if they have to do this?
SAGA-###: Rebel Sentry - OK
SAGA-###: Red Leader Garven Dreis

It looks like I'd make the most changes to the Tatooine wave. But maybe it's not as bad as I originally thought....

02-22-2006, 08:26 AM
WAVE 1- Battle of Carkoon:

2.Luke Skywalker
3.Bib Fortuna
4.Slave Leia
5.Han Solo Carbonite
6.R2-D2 Drink Server
7.Bboa Fett

WAVE 2 - Battle of Hoth:

1.At-At Driver
3.General Veers
4.General Rieekan
5.Han Solo in hoth gear
6.Holographic darth Vader
7.Rebel Trooper
8.Power Droid

WAVE 3- Battle of Geonosis:

1.Mace Windu with robe
2.Jango fett - removable head version
3. SA Clone trooper
4.Count Dooku
5.Poggle the Lesser
6.Baltar Swan
7.the Jedi guy that jango blasted
8.Battle Droid

WAVE 4 - Battle of Coruscant:

1.Anakin Skywalker with robe
2.Obi-wan Kenobi with robe
3General grevious with cloth cape
4.Grevious' Bodyguard
5.Lushros Dofine
6.firespeeder Pilot
7.Foul Moudama
8.Shaak Ti

WAVE 5- Battle of Tatooine:

1.Luke Skywlaker in poncho
2.Han Solo
6.Ponda Baba
7.Bom Vindin
8.Dr Evanzian

WAVE 6 - Battle of Endor:

1.Leia in poncho with removable helmet
2.Chief Chirpa/Wicket 2-pack
3.Anonymous Ewok 2-pack
4.C-3P0 with chair
5.SA Stormtrooper
6.Endor rebel trooper
7.AT-ST Driver
8.R2-D2 ,with clip on "electricity" and opening parts

WAVE 7 - Battle of Naboo:

1.Qui-Gon Jinn with cloth cloak
2.Obi-Wan Kenobi with cloth cloak
3.Darth Maul with cloth cloak
4.Queen Amidala in battle outfit
5.Captain Panaka
6.Jar-Jar binks
7.Naboo Soldier
8.holographic Darth Sidious

WAVE 8 _ Battle of Yavin:

1.Biggs Darklighter
2.Wedge Antilles
3.Grand moff Tarkin
4.Darth Vader
5.Princess Leia
6.Rebel Sentry
7.Ceremonial Luke Skywalker
8. ???????

WAVE 9 - Order 66:

1.Anakin Skywalker - Sith lord
2.Tactical ops Clonetrooper
3.Ki-Adi Mundi Hologram
4.Yoda Hologram
5.Jedi Padawan 2-pack
6.Padme in nightgown
7.Bail Organa
8.Commander Gree

WAVE 10 - Battle of Death Star II:

1.Luke Skywalker
2.Darth Vader
3. Emperor Palpatine - evolutions version
4.Moff Jerrjerod
5.Lando Calrissian - general
6.Admiral Ackbar
7.Nien Numb
8.Imperial dignitary

Battle Droid
02-22-2006, 06:06 PM
Wave 3 - Battle of Geonosis

1) Gilramos Libkath
2) Sun Fac
3) Po Nudo
4) Tikkes
5) Rogwa Wodrata
6) Neimoidian Ground Crewman (Variation of both versions)
7) Denaria Kee
8) Battle Droid - Commander

Wave 4 - Battle of Coruscant

SAGA-022: SA Commander Odd Ball
SAGA-023: Lushros Dofine
SAGA-024: SA! Commander Cody
SAGA-025: Battle Droid - Security (POTJ rerelease, though get rid of the thing in it's back, the lever or whatever.)
SAGA-026: Nute Gunray (Cody wasn't at it either.)
SAGA-027: Rune Haako (See above)
SAGA-028: Rute Gunnay (See above)
SAGA-029: SA 1G-100 MagnaGuard
SAGA-030: SA General Grievous

Wave 7 - Battle of Naboo

Tey How
Daultay Dofine
Nute Gunray - Hologram
Battle Droid - Pilot
Battle Droid - Captain w/ Mini Nute and Rune holograms.
SA Droideka (transformable)

02-22-2006, 07:56 PM
and here's jumping ahead and telling what i'd like to see in 2007....all new sculpts preferable where possible:

WAVE 1 - Battle of Cloud City:

1.Han in Carbonite
2. Leia in red CC gown
4.Luke skywalker
5.Darth Vader
6.Bespin Security
7.Lando Calrissian
8.Cloud car Pilot

WAVE 2- Coruscant Nightlife:

1.Anakin Padawan
2. a GOOD EP2 Obi-Wan Kenobi
3.Zam Wessel
4. Lt. Faytonni
5.Elano Sleazbaggo (is that the name?)
6.Ahmed Best's character
7.Padme in senate gown

WAVE 3 - Tatooine Encounter:

1.Qui-gon in parka
2.Anakin skywalker
4.Shmi Skywalker
8.Jar Jar Binks

WAVE 4 - Hunt for the Falcon:

1.Han Solo
2.Leia in hoth gear
3.Admiral Piett
4.Darth Vader
5.Boba Fett
6.Holographic Emperor
8.anonymous imperial officer

WAVE 5 - A New Hope:

1.Luke Skywalker
2.Uncle Owen
3.Aunt Beru
5.Ben Kenobi
7.Jawa 2-pack

WAVE 6 - Fall of the Republic:

1.Chancellor Palpatine
2.Mace Windu
3.Anakin Skywalker
4.Commander Cody
5.Aalya secura
6.Commander Neyo
8. Ki-Adi Mundi

WAVE 7 - The Senate/The Prophecy

1.Supreme Chancellor Valorum
2.Queen Amidala in Senate gown
3.Senator Palpatine
4.Captain Panaka
6.Qui-gon Jinn
7.Anakin Skywalker

WAVE 8 - The Clone Wars:

1.Obi-Wan Kenobi
2.Uatapau Clone
3.Commander Fox
4.Commander Gree
5.Felucia Snowtrooper
6.Stassis Allie
8.Biker Clone (kashyakk)

WAVE 9 - Battle of Naboo II:

1.Battle Droid
2.Sio Bibble
3. Obi-Wan Kenobi
4.Darth Maul
5.Captain Tarpals
6.Naboo Royal guard
7.Nute Gunray
8. Boss Nass

WAVE 10 - Battle of Yavin II:

1.Luke skywalker - X-Wing Pilot
2.Princess Leia Ceremonial
3.Wedge Antilles
4.Tie-fighter Pilot
5.Han Solo Ceremonial
7.Biggs Darklighter
8.Jek Porkins

WAVE 11 - Escape from the Death Star:

1.Luke Skywalker stormtrooper disguise
2.Ben Kenobi
3.Darth Vader
4.SA Stormtrooper
5.Death Star Gunner
6.Han Solo stormtrooper disguise
7.Death Star Droid
8.Scanning Crew tech

02-25-2006, 02:43 PM
OK, some of these or perhaps all will be repeats of what has already been said but here goes:

R2-D2 lightsaber launch
Ultimate Luke Jedi
Super Articulated Leia Slave
Battle Damaged Boba Fett
Weequay drummer
Re-pack of Elphant Mon

Baltar Swan
Sun Fac Sora Bulq
Red Battle Droid
Padme Amidala (new sculpt SA)

Imperial Sandtrooper
Tonnika Sisters
Hem Dezon
OTC Dagobah Kenobi Re-paint

Luke Skywalker Jedi
Princess Leia (new Sculpt)
Moff Jerjerrod
Death Star Gunner
Death Star Trooper
Biker Scout
Darth Vader Funeral Pyre
Emperor Palpatine with throne SA

Han Solo Ceremony
Luke Skywalker Ceremony
Rebel Sentry
Admiral Mottie (New Sculpt)
Grand Moff Tarkin (new sculpt)

Captain Panaka (new Sculpt)
Darth Maul Hologram
Naboo Guard (new sculpt)
Obi Wan Kenobi (new sculpt)
Qui Gon Jinn (new sculpt)

Coruscant and Hoth I would leave alone.