View Full Version : Thanks for GI Joe and GI Jane. Now can we get Billy?

El Chuxter
02-21-2006, 03:42 PM
I just saw pictures of the GI Joe "Viper Lockdown" set on hasbrotoyshop.com. (Please tell me you'll get more. Please, please.) And I'm totally stoked that you've produced not only a General Joseph "GI Joe" Colton figure in the 3.75" scale, but a GI Jane to go with him!

And don't even get me started on that wicked new Spirit in the Devil's Due costume.

I had my doubts about making the line exclusive to your website, but I can't express how much more fun collecting this line is now. Rather than a few dozen neon repaints of Snake Eyes*, we're getting awesome, high-quality figures based on existing fan favorites, along with a decent ration of new (or obscure) characters in the mix.

Now to my request. (C'mon, you don't really expect gushing praise on a message board without some sort of request mixed in, do you? :D) Since this is a more collector-driven line now, how about seeing more characters who appeared in the comics (or even the old cartoons) at some point, but were never immortalized in plastic? Like maybe Alexander Destro? Mistress Armada? Firefly as the Faceless Master? The Hard Master, Soft Master, and Blind Master? Cobra Commander in that wicked battle armor he used to whomp Snake Eyes toward the end of the Marvel run? Zanya? Cool Breeze? Mangler? Dr Mindbender in his Devil's Due jumpsuit? Unmasked Snake Eyes (post-'Nam this time; scarred, plastic surgery, scarred again, bald, mullet, I don't care)?

Or maybe Pythona? Cobra Commander as "Great Snake" or whatever he called himself in that episode of Transformers?

Or alternate-reality versions, like WWII-era costumes from Dreamwave's Transformers vs GI Joe comic, or the costumes from the short-lived but visually stunning Reloaded series?

Or my personal favorite, Cobra Commander's estranged son (and one-legged Arashikage ninja) Billy? While I love my Kwinn figure, I have to wonder how Kwinn the Eskimo got a figure before Billy?

Think about it. All of us grown-up geeks who are buying these figures would snatch these up. You'd probably get a lot of old-school Joe fans who aren't currently collecting who wouldn't pass up figures like these, too.

*--Don't get me wrong. I love Snake Eyes. Just a slightly different paint job on the same Snake Eyes figure every wave, packed with a new character, isn't my cup of tea.

02-21-2006, 07:12 PM
I just got my 3-pack with Scarlett, Breaker and Hologram Cobra Commander today and they are awesome! I am really enjoying these comic book 3-packs. The paint deco makes them look just like their vintage comic book counterparts. This is the best Scarlett figure they have done. An exceptional improvement on the original 1982 figure. Breaker just makes me want to stuff my mouth with a wad of Hubba Bubba and blow bubbles.

I also liked the Kwinn 3-pack with issue #2 of the Marvel series which has always been my favorite issue. I hope Hasbro continues to make more vintage 3-packs. There are so many other figures they could do. These are the Joes I have always wanted since childhood.

Am looking forward to 'Nam Snake-Eyes, Stalker and Tommy from issue #26. YO JOE!!!

02-22-2006, 08:36 AM
Put me down for a Billy, Hard Master, Soft Master, non-arctic Quinn, Dr. Venom, and Scarface when they make them. Also, we could use a non-astronaut Flash.