View Full Version : STAR CASE 3's are to be in on march 1

02-23-2006, 08:40 PM
i already ordered mine. they are protec and pretty much the same as the starwarsshop cases. i use these. they are pretty much the best and fit the new saga. they have been out 4 ever and still need a couple for my last rots figures too. sure wish i would have got a trooper or scorch last night. i went there around 6 pm and they were not there yet. then i got the email from the forums and they were gone. lets work out trades if anyone snagged xtras PM me. here is the link:
Our shipment is on the way, and will arrive on or soon after
next Wednesday, March 1st.

If you'd like to place an order now so that you get them as
soon as possible, our web site is now open for ordering here:

To be fair we'll ship on a first paid, first shipped basis.

Though we do have plenty coming, we might be surprised, since
it has been determined that the Star Case 3 is the case you'll
need to protect the 2006 Saga figures. Hopefully we have enough
to last for at least a few weeks, but again, I might be

Again, the address to order from, or to get more information, is: