View Full Version : SW:Transformers Boba Fett / Slave I review

02-25-2006, 05:03 PM
It's no secret that I like the new Star Wars Transformers line, and even though there are many who dislike the line, I'm not alone as many areas are reporting heavy sales with the line. One of the sets I was most looking forward to was Boba Fett / Slave I, and it doesn't disappoint.

Paint-Deco: 4/5
Slave I shared a lot of its colors with its master, Boba Fett, so this was destiny. Colors on this toy are light green-gray, dark green, dull maroon, gray, white, and a few orange, copper, and silver accents - though the orange-painted kneepads on the prototype were left unpainted on this final model. The cockpit is clear, the guns are a metallic gray plastic which lets too much light shine through. The paint work goes from simple to nifty and back, the bot head, hands, and backpack are all well-done, accurate and effective. Neither of the emblems Boba Fett sports on his chest and shoulder are here though. The minifig is pretty good too, intricate with plenty going on.

Minifigure: 5/5
The Boba Fett pilot has a surpising amount of detail, his shoulderpads, his 2 belts, his gauntlets, his jetpack, the wookiee braids, the cape, even the arrows on his helmet, there's a lot here. The rangefinder on the helmet sticks up a bit too far, but it's nice that it's there. The figure is rubbery but he seems ok by it; he's articulated at the shoulders and hips. Everything I could have wanted.

Vehicle Mode: 4.5/5
This SWTF version captures all Slave I's lines, even the details on the underside - they did cheap out and design only 1 side's gun and just included 2 of it, but they're so similar you can barely tell. The wings are a little higher and fatter than the original, but it gets away with this. The only bot kibble is the inside of the hands which can only be seen if you look under the wings. The cockpit uses the prequel style with Fett standing up by the canopy instead of in the back, this is fine by me and it has a slot inside to keep the fig from rattling around but it does bend the rangefinder a bit when the canopy closes, which is a little tough since it pushes in further than you think it will. Slave I lands horizontally and flies vertically, the tail guns and the wings rotate but because the wings' pegs are hexagonal, in horizontal mode they are forced against points rather than flats on the peg. The underside has plenty of detail, and the rear portion flips around to reveal the missile-launcher (Fett's backpack) which is very well concealed.

My only real complaints are the front "skirt" of the vehicle which doesn't lock onto its tab so it can too easily be moved around on its hinge, and the wings can come out of alignment by rotating at the end or popping out at the shoulder.

Transformation: 4.5/5
Very ambitious! A few panels, some rotation, some sliding, there is a lot going on here, this is one of the more creative transformations I've encountered in a while, with lots to do and it even hides some of its kibble away. The shoulders have more going on than they really needed, but unfortunately the actual shoulder pegs are a cheap hexagon squeeze design so they sometimes pop out. Because of that, I kinda wish they had just made the shrouds around the shoulders into the arms, saved the wings for the rifle.

Articulation: 4.5/5
Boba Fett has 15 POA - swivel neck, swivel rangefinder, universal shoulders and elbows, a second lower-elbow hinge, swivel waist, limited ball-jointed hips, hinged knees, and hinged ankles. The rangefinder was a great touch, and the way the lower arm bends for transformation effectively makes it a double joint. The shoulders as mentioned are those hex-pegs which are a bit frustrating. The hips are limited by a plate on the front and in general the design but there is enough motion for a sitting pose. There's springs in the elbows and waist which is unusual but it does work, although the first of the 2 elbow hinges is sprung so it goes either straight or 90 degrees only (luckily there's the second joint for extra mobility). The knees only move about 35 degrees; the ankles are hinged really for transformation but there's a little extra either way for pose stabilization. Fett can definitely stand on his own which is nice.

Bot Mode: 4.5/5
This bot is my favorite of the SWTFs so far, it's pretty solid, has humanoid proportions with round new shoulderpads to keep the upper torso from being too obviously just the forward fuselage, a little "cape" in the back out of the vehicle's rear "skirt" (they even fold that into pieces, nifty!), and the Fett missile-firing jetpack. The forearms are designed to emulate Fett's gauntlets but don't have the weapons, just the color and a little tech, the hands are done like Fett's gloves including the half-moons. The legs are a little plain but do suggest the pouches and toolkits, plus the boot shape. And they got Fett's helmet details, the paint is cleaner and there's no dent, but there's plenty to like. The jetpack looks decent and really fires the missile, the only SWTF so far whose missile-firing action is in context with the character. Boba has twin pistols which are the tail guns, so no rifle but he did carry a blaster in the costume, the guns have shallow pegs but they do their job. I like how the cockpit makes up the chest, very bold; the seat has moved back a little so the figure rattles around a bit. This bot has the Boba Fett look and feel down with colors, design and details.

Overall: A-
It's a very nice representation of the Slave I vehicle, the transformation is quite cool, and I like the bot mode a lot both as a figure and as a representation of the character. The cheap pegs on the shoulders do hurt the overall score, but I still think this one is a winner, enough that I'll probably be buying the Jango Fett repaint as well.