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03-01-2006, 05:42 PM
I went yesterday the 28th to a walmart supercenter probably about 10 to 15 minutes from my house and my girlfriend and i walked to the toys isle and found the whole wave 3 with schorch and the utapu clone and the rest of them. And i was shocked cause walmart is alot of times slow about that sort of thing. I grabbed schorch, the utapau clone, both versions of the c-3po and the genosis worrior. i didnt have enough money to get the new jedi and dont really care for the jango fett or the yoda cause they are a rehash but then we left and went to a walmart in ohio (i live in ky) and they had a few of the new ones and then we went to the walmart that is about 5 minutes away if that and they had a couple so i guess walmart is trying to be better at stocking up on the new figures but it was crazy but it was fun so yeah...they are out there and if you are having a hard time just keep trying you will find them trust me. i just thought i would left everyone know whats going on.

03-01-2006, 05:46 PM
oh yeah also when i went and bought those figures i told the lady at the register that toys r us had them on sale for 4.99 and so i got them for that price. LOL!!!!

03-01-2006, 06:33 PM
Cool finds, but you should have picked up Sora Bulq instead of C3PO. He's a better figure and he's one per case to boot.

03-01-2006, 06:40 PM
yeah i thought about that afterwards but i will find him again.

Bacta Beast
03-02-2006, 12:16 AM
Where's the moderators, this should go in the "Just Found".

03-02-2006, 08:51 AM
Welcome ot the boards Goerge. Great finds BTW.

Bacta, I am leaving it here becuase basically he is stating that he found the assortment in abundance, so no need for movement

Darth Cruel
03-02-2006, 09:08 AM
Welcome to the boards JMG06 and thanks for the heads up! I have been religiously checking Wal-Marts every morning on my way to work and this gives me re-newed hope! I gots to get me a Utapau Clone variant!

Captain Spoon
03-02-2006, 12:38 PM
I also found Scorch, Utapu Clone and Weequay Jedi Man at Wal*mart. I have been unable to get anything at Target due to the fact there is a Ebay scalp'n piece of trash who works tere now, they had boxes in the back and one kid was nice enough to go get them for me but Scortch and the clone was picked out of all 5 boxes.

03-02-2006, 01:02 PM
Are you there when the store opens? If you are and you are sure that this employee is really picking through the cases report him to the store manager. Explain to the manager what is going on and how long it has been going on for. Make sure you say that certain items are not making it to the floor and that you want to know why this is going on. The manager WILL want to know that one of his employees is picking through the boxes in the back.They WILL look for this.

Captain Spoon
03-02-2006, 01:51 PM
wow, realy?? I didn't think anyone gave a damn

jedi master sal
03-03-2006, 07:53 AM
Yeah, certain stores have apolicy against this. A friend of mine was fired because he held two cases of OTC back to buy once his shift was over. He didn't pick anything out then put out the rest. He just held the whole cases. Target deemed they lost money there as they could have sold both cases worth of figures for a total of about $12 more.

It sucked because he got one for me (unbeknownest to me at the time). When he told me he got a case of figs, I thought cool, but then told him not to do anything to put his job in jeopardy. Two days later he was fired...

I would have rather he just call me and I would have come to buy the figures myself. I wouldn't have cared that I paid full price. But he still would have done the same for his own case, so in all likelyhood he still would have been fired.

In the example at the beginning of the thread of certain figure being "cherry picked," hell yeah report that. There's NO other reason for an employee to do that than to resell them.

You should point out that not only is Target losing money on those figures because the employee gets a 10% discount, and that you would have paid full price, but point out that it FORCES you to shop elsewhere because of what's going on there. Let them know that you not only buy toys there at Target, but everything else. (Be specific about certain things to give as an example, like toilet paper, CDs, fod-if applicable, bedding, etc). Saying that let's them know they are losing many more dollars than just a few on toys. I bring that up because of the apparent attitude towards collectors. If you can make them belive that you are more than just a collector and are a regular consumer like anyone else, they are more apt to help you, or at the least resolve the situation with that employee.


Count Kooku
03-03-2006, 06:34 PM
I am pretty new to this collecting figures stuff and I have a question. I was on Ebay and saw a 2006 Saga Darth Vader and it was going for $40??? It said AFA 90, and there was another that said it was AFA 95. What exactly does this mean, and why are they so expensive? I have had no trouble finding Vader at the local Walmart, so what is the deal? Please help.

03-03-2006, 06:36 PM
I am pretty new to this collecting figures stuff and I have a question. I was on Ebay and saw a 2006 Saga Darth Vader and it was going for $40??? It said AFA 90, and there was another that said it was AFA 95. What exactly does this mean, and why are they so expensive? I have had no trouble finding Vader at the local Walmart, so what is the deal? Please help.AFA is the Action Figure Authority. You send them action figures that are in pristine condition and they grade them thus driving the price up for Mint On Mint Card (MOMC) collectors.

03-04-2006, 06:23 PM
It comes in a special plastic case as well, presumably promising that there's no way in heck anyone could ever do anything to the precious $5 figure inside that they've graded - making it worth 10x what anyone with sanity would pay for it. God bless professional graders, and their willingness to drive up the demand and price for overproduced new product!

03-06-2006, 04:58 PM
update i found the jedi at a walmart so i got him

i also bought the jango fett too..i didnt care for it at first but i said why not you know...but im done as far as the new guys so im just waiting for the next wave. does anyone know when that will be or is it unpredictable cause i think hasbro is very unpredictable. And also if you had to pick which figures to get out of the next wave who would they be but of course we all know that com. cody will be one of those.

jedi master sal
03-07-2006, 09:35 AM
I won't suggest who to get. You should decide for yourself whom you wish to collect. Personally I'm getting nearly every fig from the Coruscant wave.

Here's how it breaks down for me, but keep in mind that I'm an extremem army builder and scene/diorama builder:

Firespeeder Pilot X12
Lushros Dofine X8-10
Clone Commander Cody X6
Anakin Skywalker (Maybe one)
Clone Trooper (Utapau) X40-100
Holographic Ki-Adi-Mundi X2
Obi-Wan Kenobi X2-6 (have to decide once I buy the first one to open)
Foul Moudama X2
General Grievous 1 or 2

Now again my numbers are greatly inflated compared to some of the more normal collecting goals. I think there are quite a few winners in this next wave.

Anakin is a stinker of a fig, because it's the same one from last year. The only saving grace for the fig for some people is that is has a cloth robe (some refer to this as "soft goods"-meaning the cloth robe). While Obi-wan isn't neccessarily a stink in this wave, he's been out before and recently. Though again a soft goods robe makes this already great figure that much better for fans of soft goods. The biggest stinker of the wave is probably Grievous. Wrong scale yet again and the articulation looks to be sub-par. IIRC, he's the same we got last year as the breakapart Grievous, but now those parts are glued in place.

The thing is though, since it's still within a year from the movie an those three are main characters, they'll still sell, even if slowly.

If I were to guess the pegwarmers from this wave, I see them warming like this (from pegwarmer down to flies off the pegs)

Lushros Dofine-PEGWARMER
Anakin Skywalker-Relative pegwamer due to previous release
Obi-Wan Kenobi-Relative pegwamer due to previous release
General Grievous-Relative pegwamer due to previous release
Firespeeder Pilot-mild pegwarmer as the majority of collector won't see a need for more than one of him

Foul Moudama-hardly a pegwarmer due to shortpacking. But again most people will only want one if at all. This mold was previously used as Muftak the Talz from the Cantina. No need for duplicates here.
Holographic Ki-Adi-Mundi-previous holos have flown off the pegs. Many never saw Plo Koon or Aayla Holo figures. At 2 to a case it will definitely move.
Clone Trooper (Utapau)-Finally a movie accurate clone WITH a great mold. While the Tactical Ops trooper continues to sell out, many still grumble at the choice of the AT-TE gunners mold for that trooper. No reason to grumble with this trooper though. It uses the very popular #41 mold. My only minor complaint is the antennae in the back and the subsequent open slot in the back for it. Still, casual fans, kids, carded collectors, loose collectors and army builders such as myself are going to have a field day with these clones. They are limitedly packed but are due to be in many case revsions down the road. Hopefully it's enough to satiate everyone's needs/desires for this figure.
Clone Commander Cody-The most anticipated clone/character/figure all year. This is a definite figure to get. But we all know that. While some balk at the fact Cody isn't an SA figure, there's plenty of articulation to make us happy. With a removable hemet as well, this figure is nearly perfect. It's a definite, when you see him get him. (Though please SAVE A FEW for other people!)

As much as I want 6 of Cody, I will make certain first the other collectors in my collecting group locally have one before I consider getting more, especially with the bare trickle of figures.

Certainly on Cody I ask EVERYONE to not hoard the figure. Besides your local areas, if you see fellow SSG forumites, who need one, consider hooking them up too. Above al don't SCALP these figures. Collecting of late has been a pain in the arse. We dont' need to add scalping to the fray, more than what is unfortunately already out there.