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03-08-2006, 07:42 PM
Tonight's the premier of Black/White, Ice Cube's new show that "paints" a black family white and a white family black and (now I'm guessing), has them move to a new town and live together and discuss their perceptions.

I generally don't dig on reality TV too much, but as SSG"s resident racist (or so many of you think) I'm expecting to get a good laugh over the emergence of stereotypes beginning with tonight's episode.

My preconceived opinion is that members of specific races bring stereotypes upon themselves (gangstas with 40's, etc.) and then the media focuses on them. Keep that in mind when I ask you to consider if Ice Cube has become an anti-black racist himself with his show (never mind you that he is black - he himself may have forgotten). Meanwhile, watch language use (Eubonics, slang, etc. that will come up and be described as cultural differences - but keep in mind that I'm a proponent of a unified American culture and not divisiveness based on skin color, or religion, etc.)

Anyway, I'm curious to see if this show will have a point to it, and what it is.

I'll be back here in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

03-08-2006, 10:23 PM
First Episode Recap:

I really enjoyed the show actually.

It didn't delve into stereotypes too much. It looks like it's headed in that direction though.

Nick (he looks a lot younger than 41, doesn't he? - black guy turned white) is a really sympathetic character.

But I also agree a lot with Bruno (white guy turned black): that Nick looks for racism and carries a chip on his shoulder.

I was ashamed to say that he found it (racism) in that bar he took a job in, with that "there goes the neighborhoods" guy that spoke with him. An actor likely, because he would have had to have known he was on camera. If it was really random, they might have blurred his image so he couldn't sue the show for "defaming his character" - though he did that to himself. However, I've felt like that guy - there is gang violence predominantly in poorer ethnically diverse populated areas here in San Diego, and I can tell the color of the suspects' race by reading in the newspaper what areas the drive-byes were committed in. The articles don't say their race, but later when I see the trial pictures on TV or whatever, well I can't recall when I was wrong.

The young boy (black turned white) didn't get focused on much, so I can't say much there. He has an attitude that he's not "going to participate" though. I'm curious if he'll change over the course of the shows.

The young girl, Rose, is often cute as a white girl and as a black girl. She's really trying and pretty intelligent for someone, what, 17 or so?

The two wives were not featured that much, but the black lady (turning white) has a bit of an attitude and she's trying to see what she wants to see it seems. The chip on their shoulders seems to run in the family.

I may be seeing what I want to see as well though. Insight anyone?

03-09-2006, 05:07 PM
Jimmy Kimmel had something on about this last night, featuring the white girl turned black. There was a group of blacks kids, she among them, and they were asked who their favorite performer was. The real black kids said stuff like Mary j Blige, 50 Cent, etc. The black white girl said the Cranberries. lol I don't know if it was 'real' or not, but it was funny as hell.