View Full Version : Whatever happened to the ARC Troopers?

El Chuxter
03-29-2006, 02:28 PM
I'm reading Republic Commando: Triple Zero right now, and it's raising some interesting EU-related questions. I was planning to hold off presenting the main question I have until the new site is up and running, but I'm going to jump the gun and post it here. lol

Following the supposed "Jedi Insurrection" and Order 66, what happens to the ARC Troopers?

Yes, this question is entirely EU. Deal with it. :p

Standard Clonetroopers are genetically modified to dampen their personalities. It doesn't mean they don't have personalities, but they're more likely to unquestioningly turn on their generals at the drop of a hat.

Standard Clone Commanders are like Clonetroopers with slightly more independence, albeit not much. According to Star Wars: Republic, many of them were trained by the ARC Trooper Alpha. (Gree, however, was recently revealed to have been a Clone Commander about 15 months after Geonosis, before Alpha was reassigned to the training. Not that it matters, though, since the same limitations would apply to him.)

Republic Commandos are the next step up, with very little genetic personality modification. They're not totally autonomous, but close.

And then we move into the ARC Troopers. There are two different varieties: Alpha ARCs and Null ARCs. Most are Alpha ARCs, a few of which seem to have been in action before the Separatist attack on Kamino a month or so after Geonosis, the remainder of which (including Alpha himself) were taken from stasis during the aforementioned battle. These guys are described as "pure Jango," with no personality modification, and trained by Jango and other survivors of the Mandalorean Supercommandos.

And then the Null ARCs, all four of them, answered only to former Mandalore Kal Skirata. They were rescued from certain termination by the Kaminoans due to their extreme independence by Kal at an early age, and operate outside the standard command structure.

The Commandos, ARCs, and Null ARCs were trained by various mercenaries who were hand-picked by Jango. Most of them received some training from Skirata, who instilled in them the ideals of the Mandalorean "people."

So. . . . When Palpatine suddenly issues the command to terminate all Jedi, what comes of these three groups? Surely some of them turn on their leaders, since Palpatine is higher up in the chain of command. But even a few standard Clonetroopers questioned the order (as seen in Dark Lord). So what of these other guys, especially the Null ARCs, who foster a distrust of authority?

I'm not saying that they'd still be running around by the time Luke leaves Tatooine. But how many of the ARCs become "enemies of the Republic" as well?