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03-30-2006, 09:57 AM
Before this site become less well travelled - I wanted to post a final rant about battle droids.

They suck. The plastic is weak, so they sag after a while, they don't stand up properly, and they just are useless.

The only sculpt of Battle Droids that I actually like are the Ep. 1 ones. Those atleast stand on their own.

Use stronger plastic on these guys - there are important to the whole PT. Also - make a SBD with the same plastic as Ep. 1, and put articulated wrists on them... Is it really that hard?

We need regular BD, pilot droids, security droids, all red droids, white OMM droids, red OMM droids, super battle droids with proper arms...There are enough to make - just throw away your current mold and either bring the Ep. 1 one out of retirement, or make a new one.

03-30-2006, 10:21 PM
The Ep 1 line's battle droids have a very inaccurate sculpt though. What they need to do is use a better material and a new, transforming mold.

03-31-2006, 07:00 AM
JT - I completely agree with you - what I mean to say is that, IMO, the Saga and Ep3 Battle Droids are inferior to the Ep. 1/POTJ Battle droids, because of the material used.

Actaully - on my way into work this AM I thought a "Titanium"-like Battle Droid would be cool...made out of metal...then you wouldn't have the sagging issues that the later BDs have.

05-20-2006, 12:10 AM
Yeah I'd like to see Hasbro produce a new BD mold using stronger plastic too. I agree with your points regarding the SBD as well pegger. Come to think of it all of the Separatist Droids could be drastically improved upon. I for one would really like to see a new Destroyer Droid at some point. One that could roll into a ball and came with a transparent blue bubble to simulate the droid's sheild would be ideal but I'd happily settle for something more accurate than the previous releases.

Mad Slanted Powers
05-20-2006, 12:35 PM
Agreed. I've not really been happy with any of the the battle droids/super battle droids/destroyer droids. The POTJ security battle droid was all right, but sort of stuck in that pose. Plus, the pegholes all seem too small on the battle droids. I've not opened any of my Episode I droids, but if they are the same as the ones I got in those foreign 2-packs, they need some more articulation.

The ROTS SBD was inferior to the Saga SBD in my opinion. The destroyer droids have all been pretty similar, but it would be nice to have one that rolled up.

05-20-2006, 12:51 PM
The foreign 2pack ones are not the same as the basic versions from the Ep 1 line, the 2pack version had no articulated elbows or knees where the Ep 1 versions did, and the 2pack version has its blaster molded to its hand.

I'll never understand why Hasbro has done SUCH a poor job with the Super Battle Droids, not a single one came out well, even the Destroyer Droids have 1 figure they can look to with pride.

jedi master sal
05-23-2006, 09:29 AM
Well, I'm not as concerned with any innaccuracies of the EPI battle droid. Plain and simple it stands up. If that means the legs are a little thicker and the knee joints are a little bigger, so be it.

I woul SO buy an army of those. When they came out during TPM I was POed that there were 4 variants. Not becaause I couldn't find them all, but rather that I couldn't find wnough CLEAN versions. Even after these last 7 years (cripes can you believe it's ben 7 years since TPM came out?) I still don't have enough of this version. I've scoured many a website/toy convention/yard sale, etc.

Hasbro, if you do make these again, PLEASE make the TPM version. You have the mold so make use of it. But PLEASE make it affordable.

So many times I keep saying to make sets of army builders to sell. While you have with 3packs and the Entertainment Earth clones, you still continue to miss the point.

Listen to me as I AM one of those people who WILL buy hundreds of army builders (and I have PROOF if need be). We DON'T want static posed clones and battle droids. We DON'T want them to be overpriced exclusives. We DON'T need battle damage (we can do that ourselves). We DON'T need one out of the set to be different, as that detracts from the sole purpose of army building.

Straight packs of battle droids, clones, etc. Clean and super articulated. Again you have the molds, so it's no excuse for high cost since you don't have to develope the toy.

You may say, but look at EE's clones, They didn't sell out as fast. Believe me I did hat I could to help and bought a "super" case of these that cost me over $300. Plain and simple these were TOO much money. If they weren't exclusive AND you allowed us to buy WHOLE case of NOTHING but white CLEAN clones, many more could and would have been sold. If you would have offered this to the general market instead of making it an exclusive, the prices could have dropped and we would have bought MORE.

You've got to get this thorugh your head. We want to buy armies of these, but you have to make them affordable, non-exclusive and the right molds.

I still say that there is EVERY possibility of garnering profits from selling larger sets of nothing but army builders. Nickle and diming us to death with single carded figures is killing our walets and will ultimate hurt your profits as well.

Here's another idea:
Sell these on a graduated scale. MEaning the more a consumer buys the less per unit they pay.
For instance, a person can order 1-5 (insert army building figure here) for $5.50 each (when broken down per unit). But if they buy say 6-15 they can get them for $5 each. If one wants more then say 16-40 gets you the price of $4.50 each and 41+ is $4 each.

Sure there would be people going in on orders together to save moeny, but wouldn't that be the piont in a way? You are still selling many figures albeit at a smaller profit margin, but when compared to the fact that the average army builder wouldn't buy that many figures at full retail price, then some profit is better than none.

Of course you'd have guys like me who would literally buy 100 battle droids at a time or 100 clones. But I'm the exception. But I truly think if you made these affordable to we consumers that you'd sell a heck of alot more. We are NOT going to continue to buy these forever. When the product is no different in many cases (ie rereleased figures) yet sells for $2 higher than last years product, how long do you think we can keep buying them at that rate. You can't bilk us forever on these, BUT making them affordable NOW will have us coming out in droves to buy your product.

One last thing, you MUST do something about the shipping cost. When I can get 10 figures from a guy in California (I'm in Pennsylvania) for under $8, there's something wrong with your system if it's costing $4.95 to ship one figure.

Army builders sold as stated above do NOT need to be in collectible packages. (That's another point about the Entertainment Earth clones-why the spiffy packaging on figures that are meant to be opened and played with? You say these toys are for kids, but by doing these in those packages, you're not fooling anyone)

Plain cardboard boxes work just fine. I order MANY stormtroopers back in the day when you offered them to the fanclub. I took advantage of the buy 4 sets get a 5th set free offer. I'd like to see that again, but know that's probably unreasonable. So just sell them cheaper to begin with and we'll still get them!

Okay, enough said, I repeat this statement ad naseum several times a year.

Pay attention to your consumers Hasbro. Many have flocked to other Star Wars lines because of quality or price. Many "mature" collectors such as myself have gravitated to the higher end stuff, not only because of quality but because your stuff is either too hard to find or too costly per figure. Now I'm sticking with you, but I've heard more than enough from other collectors to know that they are willing to pay for quality items, that can be purchased readily.

For myself, I would MUCH rather purchase 100 clones for less than $400, than ONE high end blaster or light saber hilt from Master Replicas. This isn't a knock to them at all as their products are most excellent. But for me, it's more impressive to have hundreds of figures than one collectible. That's part of the point of being an army builders. That and if I drop/smash/lose one figure, I can take that hit to my wallet much more than if the same were to happen to the Master Replica prop.

Don't you want my money? Get it NOW while the getting is good...


05-23-2006, 02:28 PM
I have 2 dozen of those figures, they bend too. I have a POTJ security droid who stands perfectly and behind him a dirty Ep 1 version who's leaning back at the ankle.

06-01-2006, 02:00 PM
I been saying this for years, but Hasbro needs to make a BOX of Battle Droids! Using a stronger plastic and using the ROTS Battle Droid Mold. This way we can get enough of the figures we want AND build an instant Army.

See, I have a lot of battle Droids, but my Clone Troopers can outnumber them by far.

06-03-2006, 07:13 PM
I'm on board for more 'good' battle droids. I'd really like the POTJ droid recarded as ROTS as well as a ROTS battle droid carded pilot. They'd fit well in the Heroes & Villains wave

06-03-2006, 07:18 PM
I'm on board for more 'good' battle droids. I'd really like the POTJ droid recarded as ROTS as well as a ROTS battle droid carded pilot. They'd fit well in the Heroes & Villains wave

The only problem with that droid (the security droid) is the large handle sticking out of his back.

06-24-2006, 02:18 PM
they sho;d bring the ep.1 drokeka out of retiremnet.it was small enough to be movie accurate. it wqas small enough to fold up, but the articulation would be hard to do but i can understand that. the ep.2 and 3 droikakas however are far to big, look inaccurate, and remind me of the cw drokaka (cartoon version) god hasbro....