View Full Version : Unleashed Han, Shocktrooper, and Chewbacca REVIEWED!

06-18-2006, 10:44 PM
Well after what seems like forever we FINALLY have some more large scaled UNLEASHED figures, this particular wave Has Han Solo donning a Stormtrooper disguise, a Shocktrooper, and Kashyyk Chewbacca.

Now as most of you know all 3 of them are not specifically "new" Han in Stormtrooper disguise using body of the ever elusive stormtrooper unleashed from 3 waves ago, the Shocktrooper using the body less the head of the episode 2 clonetrooper, and Chewbacca being the same except a new right arm.

Lets do this thing!

Han Solo (in Stormtrooper disguise)

I don't know about the rest of you, but i never found the original incarnation of the Unleashed Stormtrooper. This figure uses the body and head (hollowed out mind you) of the original. So What IS new? The base which depicts the ground of the trash compactor and also includes a bendy tenticle. The Head is new as well, but instead of an upgrade from the original, it seems very undetailed put next to the first. VERY LITTLE paint is even on the thing, just some very flat brown hair and some eye detail. This is action figure detail, NOT large scale figures which we have come to expect fantastic things from.

I suppose Hasbros if it aint broke don't fix it attitude can be truly shown in this wave of "new products".

Chewbacca (Kashyyk)

This figure suffers the most complete and udder rehash "with flair". The body IS NOT NEW AT ALL *Except a bent right arm and a slightly more flared out napsack thing. So What is new? The Right arm and the new shield and wookie blaster. Not mentioning the base? you're right. COMPLETE UNALTERED RE-ISSUE (Just painted like sand instead of grass). Paint ap is slightly different, eyes are more brown instead of blue (which is the color they actually are). Now lets move along quickly to the new accesories. They look nice. BUT they don't fit properly in the hands he was provided. The shield has to be wrapped around the back of his hand instead of being held in it, and the gun has to be held by the end and not by the trigger. The arm held up instead of in the dynamic shooting pose also presents a few display problems (depending on your display situation) height wise, all while trying not to knock the gun out of his hand.


Now i think the Shocktrooper is one of the coolest looking clones feature in the films. I only recently got the 3 3/4 scale figure with the Skirmish in the Senate battle pack. I had great expectations for this figure, despite the previous knowledge it would use the same body of the Episode 2 versions. The body works, it looks good on the mustafar base. Now the major issues I have with it... The head looks funny, this head is looking forward whereas the originals were facing left. It looks as if this poor clone has no neck, and he also uses the PUNY lil' stormtrooper blaster instead of the larger clone blaster included with the originals. This one has the most paint flubs due to the original white base of the clone body never being painted so vigourously. There are som paint over applications leading to some bleeding, and things of the nature, it's not overly bad, but this is the first time (at least in my personal experience) that the paint flubs have been so obvious. The new Mustafar base is very nice looking, and is almost too good for this kitbash figure. *Same goes for the Han Solo base.

Ok there is my review of the new Unleashed figures, I am not sure what you guys are going to think of these figures, but this is my 2 cents.