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jedi master sal
06-20-2006, 01:42 PM
Okay, so the idea has been tossed around of late among the forums and other SW collecting sites.

We'd love to see this possibility for SW action figures.

The Gorax from the Ewoks movies has been mentioned and this would be a great way to include some much needed Ewoks and other Endor characters, notably Teek.

Along this thought, you (Hasbro) could also do a "Build a Beast" program.

For instance:
Build the Rancor wave:
New updated and better articulated Malakili (Rancor keeper)-comes with head and torso.
Nikto rancor keeper-comes with abdomin
For the other parts you can choose various Jabba's Palace denizens that haven't as yet been produced, like Hermi Odle a much desired figure.

Each of these other figures would include an arm or leg to help complete the Rancor figure. This new Rancor figure would be super poseable. Not like the previous versions.

Both the Gorax and Rancor waves give you an opportunity to release figures never before seen, plus the added bonus of the build a figure piece. These could easily retail for $10.

Beyond the "Build a Figure" or "Build a Beast" waves, you could also consider a build a vehicle line. There's tons of vehicles and ships we'd like to see done. Having them pieced together with a figure might just be a way to get some of the larger vehicles done. But even the smaller vehicles would be welcome albeit smaller waves and not so many pieces to complete the vehicle.

For example:
Yavin Hangar transport: This is the cart seen transporting our heroes around the Yavin base. This can be accomplished with 2-3 figures and vehicle parts. For the figures include a transport driver, Rebel Sentry, X-wing pilot. The Pilot can be a named pilot as yet not done, or just a generic pilot.

Larger vehicles can make good use of army building figures.

For example:
Clone Turbo Tank (AKA Juggernaut):
This massive vehicle can easily be built using many of the same parts, hence why you'd include troops as your figure pack-in.
Kashyyyk trooper (look like Biker Scout from the original trilogy)-includes Set of wheels (Since there are 5 sets of wheels for each jueggernaut, anyone wanting to build this vehicle would need to buy 5 sets of these)
AT-RT driver-includes Front cockpit
AT-RT driver-includes Rear cockpit
AT-TE gunner (battle damaged)-includes middle section
Commander Gree (movie accurate)-includes observation tower
Chewbacca (here's your chance to re-use an old mold-if not then pick one of the Wookiee warriors)-includes front section wheel base
Wookie Warrior different color than from above-includes mid section of wheel base (since this would be the same for three sets, then a person wanting to build the vehicle would have to get three sets for each)
Quinlan Vos-includes back section wheel base We would go NUTS for this figure and since he was written to be in this scene it would be a neat way to get him made and again assuring that you would sell this set.

Each set for the larger ships could cost $12. In the case of the Clone Turbo tank this means it would cost $144 to complete the set. You would make use of no less than 5 previous figure molds and the new mold of the Kashyyk trooper would be purchased 5 times over at least. You'd only have to develope two new figures, the aforementioned Kashyyyk trooper and Quinlan Vos. Then it's just the vehicle itself. This is a veritable slam dunk. Small packages mean retailers would buy/sell them. Low cost per sets means we consumers can afford to build it, even if it takes a month or longer to do so, rather than being hit with a cost of $144 up front. TROOPERS SELL and you know that.

So what say you Hasbro? (and my fellow forumites?)


El Chuxter
06-20-2006, 02:37 PM
I'm not sure about having any repacked figures, since this could force some people who don't buy repacks to buy a figure they ordinarily wouldn't get and tick them off.

However, the idea itself is very sound. And, since we all assume that you'll continue the Marvel build-a-figure trend (though hopefully with no fiascos a la the Giant Man wave), it would make sense to apply this to Star Wars.

An added bonus for the Gorax: most of the figures would be very small. They could even be a shared exclusive of sorts (though, please, with better distribution than the Giant Man wave). Here's an example of what it could look like, using all EU Ewok characters (and one very logical ROTJ Ewok):

Head & Teek
Upper Torso & Cindel Towani
Lower Torso & Chuka-Trokh
Upper Right Arm & Noa
Upper Left Arm & Jeremitt Towani
Right Forearm/Hand & Charal
Left Forearm/Hand & King Terak
Left Thigh & Wicket resculpt
Right Thigh & Marauder Warrior
Left Ankle/Foot & Princess Kneesa
Right Ankle/Foot & Dulok King (Gorneesh?)
Axe & Dulok Warrior

That's a total of eleven figures that a collector would have to get to complete Gorax. And anyone who wants Gorax would want all ten of these. Six of these would be child/Ewok sized, and the two Duloks would still be slightly smaller than normal (about 3.4"). And yet, with the Gorax parts, you could easily charge $8-$10 through standard retail outlets (or $10-15 through hasbrotoyshop.com) and no one would complain.

This is a cash cow of an idea here, Hasbro.

06-20-2006, 03:10 PM
Death Star Wave:

New Tarkin
General Tagge
Luke Stormie(new)
Han Stormie(new or release the older one on card)
VOTC Stormie(re-release)
New Ben Kenobi

06-20-2006, 03:31 PM
death star wave.
new tarkin
han solo votc stormtrooper body
luke votc storm trooper body
chewie votc with handcuffs.
new sculpt of an imperial officer.

El Chuxter
06-20-2006, 03:33 PM
Only thing is, when you're talking about a Death Star, you go from "build a figure" to "modular playsets." :D

06-20-2006, 03:36 PM
god I'd end up with a deformed limbless torso-less Gorax if you include ewoks cartoon series characters. Oh damn, I complained.

I think there are enough ewoks from ROTJ and the tv movies to flesh out some of that list there. Kaink, Deej, Warok, Lumat, Romba, Nikki, basket of woklings including Nippet and Wiley.
Although it occurs to me that given the size of the Gorax it could also be produced as a storage case for figures. the torso and head being the main areas to consider. Even at cheated scale it'd be pretty big, lots of empty space inside. sell the Gorax as a super deluxe thing and have a few ewoks and teek to back it up with an ordinary deluxe set that features a tree trunk with ewok hut and balcony. this could be recoloured and re-released with more ewoks and ewok repaints mix and match. there's also opportunity to re-release the ewok glider. could even go so far as to do the ewok pony and condor dragon as small size beasts.
As long as the Gorax has moving arms and legs and the head turns what more do you need of a character that size? and the outer look of the thing? well using fake fur like on the bantha would be cool. maybe an opening mouth. swivel wrist and shoulder and hip articulation.

I like the idea of build a figure deals but what happens when you get someone hoarding ewoks and not buying the other characters? you end up with spare parts on the pegs. if there's not enough ewoks to go round then people won't buy the other pieces of gorax. Which is why i think a large figural set, that makes use of the gorax for dual purpose is a better idea. with limited joints and furry body only a basic sculpt is needed on the limbs and torso. it's hands feet and face that need detailing. cover the rest in black fun fur, have the back of the head and the back of the torso open and inside is a series of ewok sized compartments to stash those little grr bears away in.

either way. a gorax and more endor characters would be cool. I am so sick of clonetroopers and this trooper and that trooper something purely fantastical would be right up my street in terms of tempting me to plonk down hard cash.

jedi master sal
06-21-2006, 08:31 AM
Mr. DP to answer your question in part, by selling these sets for no less than $12 up to $15, it's a hard pill to swallow for hoarding Ewoks. People would be less likely to do so. And it's hard to refute I'm wrong here, just taek for example some of the battle packs that have come out. The CLone Attack on Coruscant is an army builder's dream, and yet because it was $20, while they sold through, they didn't sell out as quickly as many anticipated. The very same thing is going on with the Skirmish in teh Senate battlepack. Two highly deisres Shocktroopers and the Pod, yet the price is keeping people back from buying tons of these. So have just one figure and in the case of the Gorax build a fig, small figures like Ewoks, people would be less apt to buying tons of them to get more Ewoks because indeed they would have spare parts lying around. Also looking back, when Ewoks have been on the market they aren't fast sellers. Teebo pegged around my parts for some time. So did the two-pack and even Wicket to a degree. Sure new Ewok figures will sell, but I don't believe to the point of hoarding or army building. Each Ewok is different so it's harder to justify army building them. Same went for Wookiees, that's why we saw them peg a lot last year. Same goes for Rebel fleet troopers, Endor Rebel troopers to a degree.

If you really want the Gorax though, you'll buy the sets. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that were this to be produced, we'd see a lot of trading going on for parts and/or the figures that come with them. Not to mention people selling the parts and figures seperately as well as completed Gorax figs on eBay and the like. So not to worry, if you don't want a specific figure with the part, you'd only have to look to eBay...Though in the long run, I think it would still be less expensive to buy them at retail and either trade away/sell the action figure or just literally toss it.

Lastly I would ask that yes we are allowed to disagree here, please give something like this a shot. If all Hasbro sees are a couple of good posts, then a complaint, they are going to focus on the complaint rather than the positive posts and be less apt to considering what we are proposing here.

06-21-2006, 10:06 AM
but the point of any forum is dicuss merits. pros and cons. if from one post in non agreeance hasbro takes the view it aint worth it then hasbro would be dumb. By all means disagree with me. prove me wrong. I don't take it personally. Just saying theres other ways to do it.

06-21-2006, 05:17 PM
I think the idea has merit but if Hasbro does do something like this then the price should be around 15 and the figures should be all new versions and unseen characters.

Rogue II
06-21-2006, 07:02 PM
Ohh, another list. I want to play too!

Tattooine wave: Build-a-Dewback
*using a semi-recycled molds

Carded Evolutions Sandtrooper: Torso
Dr. Evazan: Leg
Carded Kitikit (whatever from Kmart cantina set): Leg
Blue Snaggletooth: Leg
Pick an un-made Cantina alien: Leg
Jawas: Tail
Uncle Owen: Head

The build-a-whatever (beast/vehicle) question was asked by one of the fan sites and didn't get a favorable response from Hasbro, so I'm not holding my breath.

jedi master sal
06-22-2006, 11:21 AM
Ohh, another list. I want to play too!

Tattooine wave: Build-a-Dewback
*using a semi-recycled molds

Carded Evolutions Sandtrooper: Torso
Dr. Evazan: Leg
Carded Kitikit (whatever from Kmart cantina set): Leg
Blue Snaggletooth: Leg
Pick an un-made Cantina alien: Leg
Jawas: Tail
Uncle Owen: Head

The build-a-whatever (beast/vehicle) question was asked by one of the fan sites and didn't get a favorable response from Hasbro, so I'm not holding my breath.

Nice idea for the Dewback. Previous versions have pegged in my area before so I don't know how well they would sell, but I for one would buy it. Especially if it meant we were getting a better sculpted/articulated Dewback.

As to the question being posed, I think if it was a well thought out one, and one that illustrated the point like the first post, then they might at least think about it, rather than shooting it down from the onset.

Okay so what other sets??

Even though we already had an AT-ST, it could still make a cool build a vehicle set.
Set pieces would be:
Foot and lower legs
Upper legs

So that's six parts.
So who would the figures be?

For one I'd like to see an Imperial officer with rank marks on it. Since we have a General (Veers) and the soon comming Commander (Moff Jerjerrod), then this one could be a non-descript Lieutenant (two blue and red "pips")
Also this set could also inlcude Ewoks as yet not made. But then what? I for one am all for troop building but people may tire of that. So instead of the obvious troop figures, what RELATED specific figures would you like to see in this wave, were it made? (If somewhat obscure please give references.)


El Chuxter
06-22-2006, 11:24 AM
The two Ewoks who take the AT-ST with Chewie would be shoo-ins for two parts, and a third could come with an AT-ST Driver resculpt.

Rogue II
06-22-2006, 12:16 PM
Chewbacca, the Ewoks, and a AT-ST driver would have to be in there. Maybe add in a Stormtrooper, Rebel in Scout disguise, and an Imperial Officer to finish off the wave.

jedi master sal
06-22-2006, 08:27 PM
A yes so Chewbacca, the two Ewoks who helped him, an Imperial officer, a Rebel in scout trooper disguise. That's 5 figs. So I guess throwing in a Stormie (so Haasbro can reuse a mold) is a good idea.

Here's another potential "Build A..."
The Colo Claw (this is the Second sea monster that attacked the Bongo in TPM-it was consequently eaten by the Sando Aqua monster, which would be way to big for a Build-A) Here's a link to refamilarize yourselves:

The Colo Claw would be broken down into 5 parts:
Head, Left and Right Arms, Body, Tail.

So which figures for this then?

How about:
SA Obi-wan
SA Qui-gon
SA Jar Jar (yeah I know, but really it makes sense)
Then what two other characters?

How about a Krayt Dragon? Bone or Flesh?
What characters?

Here's yet one more:
Battle droid carrier. This is the one seen in TPM that held about a dozen battle droids.

It would come in the folowing pieces:
Front (where the pilot droid is) Obviously this would come with a Pilot droid.
Front-left side, front right side, back left side and back right side.
Some of the other characters included could be Holographic Nute Gunray and Rune Haako, basic tan Battle droid, SA Gungan warrior

Here's yet one more to chew on:
CIS (Seperatist) Tank Droid, see link below.

Parts would be:
Left large wheel and eyestalk
Right large wheel and eye stalk
Left side stablizing "arm"
Right side stablizing "arm"
Body with track assembly
Small front wheel and Rear wheel
Figures for this might include:
Tan Battle droid
Officer battle droid (like OOM-9)
Wookie Warrior
Kashyyyk trooper
Then who?

What other Beasts, Medium sized vehicles or ships would you like to see done as a "Build A..." series??

Rogue II
06-24-2006, 02:34 AM
How about a Krayt Dragon? Bone or Flesh?
What characters?

I'd go with bone, but either way, there would be a lot of re-hashes with this wave. They have done lots of Tatooine figures.

C-3PO: Head
Tusken Raider (VOTC re-release?): Vertabra
Obi-Wan (maybe with cloth cloak/hood up) Vertabra
Jawa w/ small droid? Vertabra
Luke: Tail bones

What other Beasts, Medium sized vehicles or ships would you like to see done as a "Build A..." series??

Rebel Base transport (its kind of small and be broken into a few pieces):
Rebel Technician
New Biggs Pilot
Luke Pilot
Yavin R5 unit
Princess Leia
Wedge re-release (but that may be too many pilots)

They could almost do a Skiff, too. With Sgt Doallyan, Jedi Luke, Weequay, and so on. There would be several re-released figs for this one with this year's Jabba's wave and the Boba Fett box set.

jedi master sal
06-26-2006, 11:13 AM
They could almost do a Skiff, too. With Sgt Doallyan, Jedi Luke, Weequay, and so on. There would be several re-released figs for this one with this year's Jabba's wave and the Boba Fett box set.

Ah yes, that's a GREAT idea. I know there are still many who didn't get a skiff when it came out a few years ago. That would be a tremendous way for Hasbro to sell not only the vehicle but yet more figs.

Great suggestion!

Hasbro?? PLEASE!!!!

El Chuxter
06-26-2006, 11:26 AM
I haven't read it yet, but the first few pages of the X-Wing Omnibus suggest that Tycho and Wes in Endor gear could be candidates for the Gorax Wave, as could a re-release Scout Trooper.