View Full Version : Every movie had a big vehicle release

06-20-2006, 06:23 PM
Every movie had it's big vehicle release:

ANH had the Millennium Falcon.
ESB had the AT-AT
ROTJ had the Imperial Shuttle
TPM had the Queen's Royal Starship
AOTC had the Republic Gunship
ROTS had the ARC 170 starfighter

I think they got the most mileage out of either the Republic Gunship (because of the repaints) or the Falcon (because the mold's been in service since 1978).

It looks like the Imperial Shuttle and the AT-AT are coming back. The Gunship is selling right now with ANOTHER paint scheme. It was 2004 that we last saw the Falcon again (with engine lights added).

Do you think the ARC 170 would do well if it came out again?

The Queen's Naboo Royal Starship is the most underutilized from the list. Would it sell if re-released? I personally think it was a good vehicle. How about you?

06-20-2006, 08:25 PM
The Falcon got the most mileage because it was released all throughout the vintage run and again at the beginning of POTF2, and again with OTC and beyond. The Gunship's only had 4 years of releases and just 2 repaints, though it does give it props over the AT-AT which is only now getting its 2nd repaint (though it's been in service longer).

The ARC-170's lines are a bit too soft I think, the wings don't open symmetrically, the astromech droid slot is loose and too high up, and the paint is too simplistic, so I think as-is it wouldn't do well if rereleased, it'd need maybe a dedicated droid and better paint.

The Queen's Royal Starship is in 1 movie and has no weapons, it's a pretty boring vehicle in that respect, the toy is good but could be better, so I don't think there's really any call for a rerelease as it was. Maybe if they fixed some of its issues (flop-open panels, wonky boarding ramp, oversized slide-around throne) and chromed it there might be some interest.