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Dominic Guglieme
07-12-2006, 03:54 PM
Light week this week. Only 2 new books, and a few variant covers and reprints.
Transformers Infiltration: #6
And, thus ends the first arc of IDW's Transformers comic. It does not end brilliantly, but it is far from terrible. One thing this arc succeeded at was delivering on the "whole new start" concept. This new take on Transformers seems to be disposing of many of the elements from previous series, such as "awakening and culture shock" and "stranding" to name a few, Now, Furman has to take the book beyond basic genre fiction. Another interesting dynamic introduced in this issue is the reasoning given for Megatron and Prime's interest in a random planet (Earth), despite bering ranking officers (if not supreme leaders) with 2 factions involved in an interstellar war. (Going by some of the explication, Megatron may be more analagous to a field commander than a general.) Finally, Furman seems to be setting up a "reluctant warrior" dynamic for both factions. The sense I get from these early issues is that nobody (aside from the explicitly deviant Starscream) really wants the conflict to escalate, but the situation is out of their control.
Grade: B A flawed, but worthwhile effort.
GI Joe America's Elite: #13
Ack. This series managed to draw me in on the basis of morbid curiosity. For a bit, it looked like GI Joe was getting away from the pretense of writing charged political and reaslistic miliatary fiction. Granted, this meant the franchise was running aimless comic book genre fiction, but...... Well, with this issue, that all changes. Cobra Commander has managed to infiltrate the White House. This is not quite the infamous "Snake Reagan" (the low point of Gruenwald's Captain America run), but it comes close. On the other hand, the are bringing back General Rey, in an arc that may be thematically similar to the arc Devil's Due truncated a few years ago. (Of course, it likely will not be handled as well.) But, the pretense of writing political comics does not rule out comic-booky foolishness. In this issue, readers are given a "nothing will ever be the same" moment, a few short pages before being given a "look, its just like it was when you were a kid" moment.
Grade: C/D I have no justification for picking this book up. None at all.

07-12-2006, 05:01 PM
I had a look at Marvel's website, and don't think I'm going in this week. I'll pickup Wolverine:Origins 4 and Civil War: Frontline 3 next week with my other books.