View Full Version : Dang it! I miss having NEW Unleashed! (7")

08-03-2006, 05:59 PM
Almost all of my Star Wars collectibles were rounded up and boxed up for storage while I was in the hospital. I've been going through stuff and taking inventory as best as I can, when I can.

Of all the things that I have the greatest desire to bring home with me however:

The Unleashed 7" were the first to come home! I don't have all of them located yet - but I really wanted these back at my new place with me.

08-03-2006, 08:25 PM
Thats sad!! Why'd they do that??

08-03-2006, 08:53 PM
Why'd they pack up my stuff?

Most people die from brain aneurysms. Otherwise, they aren't normal after they "recover" and can't go on living as they did before.

I was given only a 20% chance of living. Then I was put in rehab as I wasn't walking so well on my own. I beat some odds and fully recovered. Ironically, my aneurysm was to the date, a year ago from yesterday. Hmmm.

Anyway, since I was going to be "clinical" for a while at least, my Uncle didn't see the logic in paying nearly $1400 a month rent on top of my rehab hospitalization bills. However, again, I was discharged and bouncing back faster than most people expected.

Meanwhile, my Uncle is at or nearing 60 years old and he is from Chicago. He's never watched Star Wars really and has zero interest.

If you look at the Just Found USA forums here, I've noted before that a disproportionate amount of Star Wars collectors seem to be from California more than anywhere else. We've discussed that on the boards before as having to do with Hollywood and fantasy, as well as disposable income.

Anyway, it's not something my Uncle sees or approves of in Chicago. It went down that he asked his girlfriend to take care of my things, and then in turn she hired some women laborers to pack everything up and haul it off to storage. I'm missing some curious things like my Microwave, a fish tank that held a Star Trek display, and an Ironing Board, but nothing from Star Wars that I can yet determine.

But it was like my whole life was packed up and shipped away with that. What could I do though? I was pretty much unconscious. By the time I knew what was going on, it was too late for me to ask any of my friends to intervene.

I have the keys to the storage units now (obviously), but it is a depressing thing to go there and try to organize everything and see my AT-AT squeezed into a storage box, etc.

Right now I am separating the prequel and sequel toys to help me set up everything for a more detailed inventory. I have 2 storage units.

I misjudged their sizes though and now have to exchange the prequel and sequel items because it seems I bought more prequel stuff because I was excited about there being new movies. I think I'll plan on checking out 2 roll-carts next time to speed up a transfer.

I really want to find the rest of my Unleashed, Obi-Wan's lightsaber blade (AOTC Unleashed), and the rest of my Prequel Comics and Books (I was reading them all in order before I read new stuff like The Last of The Jedi, and I was right in the midst of the Clone Wars when I had the aneurysm and I need my General Grievous comics pronto, as I want to read through everything and get to Betrayal and all the new stuff.

You don't know how sad this has all made me.

I had 3 main goals:

1) have some relationship with a girlfriend that I'd want to work
2) buy a large home that I could set up all my Star Wars scenes in
3) have a meaningful career I'd do something important in (preferably politics)

These goals seem hard to attain until I know if I am to get a kidney transplant and be able to survive long enough to make future-plans (I could be dead in 4-5 years).

1) a walking dead man is not most girls' idea of a good catch, especially since I strongly believe in prenuptual agreements (in case I do live) as monogamy doesn't suit me.

2) I really need to get back into a career because the mortgage on a $600,000 plus home is going to eat up more than half of my monthly distributions I get from my parents' estates now unless I can sell other real estate that I've not yet been free to do. Meanwhile, a 5-bedroom in San Diego could cost more like $900,000 unless housing prices continue to reverse themselves.

3) I do not really want to be bored, plus I need to be able to nap a lot as I'm very tired often and might not work well at an occupation I'm not stimulated by. After college and 2 degrees, plus receiving a good stipend from the trusts I'm beneficiary of, it's hard for me to justify giving myself any job-stress when keeping my blood pressure low is precisely what my kidney disease treatment consists of.