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Darth Cruel
08-04-2006, 08:23 AM
First of all, the reason I put this here is because there is no longer a Miscellaneous Star Wars section. And this thread will span multiple toy lines so it does not fit in any one, single toy line. And I chose this subject area becuase this thread WILL spark discussion of variations. And this thread was inspired by a message posted by The Darth Vader in the 30th Anniversary Line thread. So here we go.

Hasbro (mainly, but this thread is intended for ALL munufacturers) has been infamous for slapping some groups of collectors in the face by allowing different retailers at different times to have what were supposedly "exclusive" items. What I would like to do in this thread is discuss as many of those exclusives as we can consolidate in it. I would like to identify "exclusive" items that were released in the original condition of a specific mold (paint app, accessories, packaging...), where it was supposed to be "exclusive" to, and how and where it was re-released and with whatever changes may have been done to it. So for the purpose of this thread we will define the exclusive figure by the mold of the basic figure, not the paint app, accessories or package. And I would also like to identify exclusives that have not yet seen a re-release. I will start with three varied examples.

1) 501st Stormtrooper - Supposedly an exlusive to Comic-Con released with a stormtrooper blaster and a stand and guidon in an uniquely designed "cresent moon" shaped card (reminiscent to me of the Toybiz Lord of the Rings packaging released during the movie releases of the figures from that line) and with a slot that the volunteers of the real life 501st organization could put their individual trading cards in, and with a 501st legion emblem on the chest armor. And, as everyone knows, the exact sculpt was released last year in the "VOTC" line as the retro-packaged, regular Stormtrooper with only the blaster and no "non-movie" paint app. But this figure had a few other releases as well including the current release with a few changed accessories and in the Saga(2) packaging as a Sandtrooper, as a Sandtrooper in the Evolutions pack (although the width of the stance could be argued to be different sculpt) and even as a second "exclusive" in a black re-molding of the figure with the stormtrooper blaster and a chrome "UGH-style" stand and on an EU card.

2) The Escape from the Death Star Cinema Scene Three-pack with Stormtroopers Han and Luke and Chewbacca was originally supposed to be an exclusive (I do not remember which store, someone will have to help me out there) but was released later in it's original form to everyone.

3) The Kir Kanos/Carnor Jax two-pack is currently exclusive to Entertainment Earth and starwarsshop.com. But it has not even been released to them yet, so it has not yet seen a subsequent release.

I hope this gives you all a general idea of the intent of this thread. Basically, if it was a sculpt used in an exclusive item and got released (no matter how many times nor in what condition) it should be listed here.

08-04-2006, 08:51 AM
Exclusives that have not seen a re-release of of yet

WM Cantina Deluxes.
12" Luke and Yoda
12" Han Trooper
All the Target Lava Figures
Demise of Grievous
12" Luke on Speeder
Luke and Skiff
K-Mart Cantina OTC 3 packs.(well Kit is being carded now in the TSC line.)

One that is being re-released is Kabe from the Kabe and Muftak fan club as he/she is being released again in the TSC line(#71 I think)

Kabe was rehashed into Foul Modama.

The FAO shuttle is being released as a Target Exclusive

Most likely more to come, but this is off the top of my head.

Rogue II
08-04-2006, 09:26 AM
Max Rebo Band Pairs
Trash Compactor sets
TIE Bomber

Saga Accessory Packs

Does the OTC Falcon count as a TRU exclusive?

I got the band without a problem, but I never saw the the Trash Compactor sets or the TIE Bomber. I can live without the bomber, and the only thing I want from the sets is the trash monster.

08-04-2006, 01:48 PM
KB Toys
TIE Fighter/Interceptor

TIE Fighter "scale wings"

The Oola Salacious Crumb, Salacious Crumb was repacked in with the Amanan (sp).

The B'omar Monk figure was repackaged in the Jabba's Court Denziens from the Saga Ultra/Deluxe figs.

08-04-2006, 03:28 PM
The first 2 POTF2 Cinema Scenes were originally exclusives and then later mass-released.

Death Star Escape - TRU exclusive originally
Cantina Showdown - WM exclusive originally