View Full Version : Need assistance

08-11-2006, 04:01 PM
Anyone have a list of the H&V and Greatest battle releases? I would appreciate it if ya did. Thanks

08-11-2006, 04:05 PM
I hate to do this, but RS has them under the photo archives SAGA 2006 section. Lists of both are included.


08-11-2006, 04:14 PM
Thanks Jon

Darth Jax
08-11-2006, 07:11 PM
since i'd rather not venture over to rebelscum i use Jedi Temple (http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/otc/excl) for quick lists of figures.

08-11-2006, 08:00 PM
Thanks DJ, I dont want to give RS unneeded hits. Will use thast link instead from now on. I am listing everything in excel and need lists of the lines ot do so.