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01-28-2002, 08:56 AM
Has anyone seen "Fanzoids"? It is an independent documentary about Star Wars fans and it also looks at the line for EP1 in 1999.
It has a fan displaying his collection, and even a woman who drives an "X-Wing" toyota!! It is a great film if you love Star Wars and you enjoy seeing other fans. I personally think it is funny in some spots (mainly the guy who is obsessed with collecting) because it reminds me so much of myself!! If you havent seen it, go get it and check it out. I got mine at Suncoast on DVD for $19.95. It also has a commentary by director Kevin Smith.

01-28-2002, 11:23 AM
Was it also released as Starwoids? I have seen it for sale (this one also has a Kevin Smith contribution) and I am quite tempted to buy it. :)

01-28-2002, 12:12 PM
It probably is the same thing. It is a really good movie. The best part about it, to me, is the collector. It shows him going to Target, TRU, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, etc at 6am in the morning and he talks about making "the run" to find the newest toys. Later on it shows him in California at some of the spots where some of the Tatooine scenes were filmed in ANH. I really recommend this film.

01-29-2002, 01:47 AM
If its anything like that movie "Trekkies", count me out. I don't like seeing documentaries on fans that take it too far. It just gives a bad rap to fans in general, IMO.

01-29-2002, 03:06 AM
I understand your perspective Wolfwood, but for me that is the exact reason I want to see it. As a fan / casual collector, I find the few extremists to be pretty funny to watch.:)

01-29-2002, 09:14 AM
I agree Caesar. Personally I think Trekkies is hillarious. Fanzoids isnt quite as funny, but there are some spots in the film (mainly the toy collector) that related to me and therefore I thought they were funny.

02-18-2002, 12:16 PM
Jango96, I just got a copy of Starwoids and had MANY laughs! The guy planning his SW hunting schedule was classic, the turmoil within the Countingdown line was hilarious, and there were many other things that really made me :rolleyes:

I thought it was a nice touch to include an interview with Phil Brown. And the inclusion of the Insider's Scott Chernoff was a surprise.

02-18-2002, 12:27 PM
I am glad you liked it Caesar!! Now we need to get a bunch more other fans to watch it so they will know what we are talking about!!

03-01-2002, 02:29 PM
Originally posted by JangoFett96
Now we need to get a bunch more other fans to watch it so they will know what we are talking about!!

Agreed :D

Wolfwood, now that I have seen this DVD documentary, I still agree with your position. But I don't think there's a market anywhere for this thing other than within the SW fan community. Hence, there's only room for laughter and criticisms amongst ourselves. If I'm not mistaken, Trekkies was a much wider release, with a broader marketing campaign to it. In that case, I agree that it gives fans a bad rap. :)

Jango96, what do you think of the hip hop Boba Fett? I thought it was funny, the way he outfitted his Rebo band with headphones and turntables :D

03-01-2002, 07:49 PM
I've had this DVD since October 16th when it was released alongside TPM. Great look at the fan frenzy that was rampant for E1. And it didn't really paint the Star Wars fans in a bad light like "Trekkies" did Star Trek fans. I hope someone takes the time to do a E2 line documentary, though since the hype is less rabid this time, I doubt it.


Jar Jar Binks

03-09-2002, 04:37 PM
What did you think of the political turmoil involved with the counting down line? I thought it was funny/scary that some people waiting in line were told by others that they would have to pool their tickets and take care of everyone by seniority first.

Part of MY motivation for waiting in line for many hours on May 18th 1999 was so that some of my friends could see it on opening day at midnight. Then again, I didn't wait in line for 42 days, so what do I know ? :crazed:

03-09-2002, 04:48 PM
Yes, the deal with the 2 conflicting lines and what not was rather funny.
One other thing comes to mind about Fanzoids that made it funny was the girl with the X-Wing Toyota.
This chick rides in what looks like a Toyota Tercel or Corolla which is painted grey, red, and black and is supposed to look like an X-Wing. Wow, she is unique.
Perhaps what cracked me up more than anything was when she was riding down the street and a pedestrian was on the sidewalk and gave her that "I want to look but I dont want to look", uh look.
Funny stuff, but still I say the avid collector and "making the run" was the funniest.

03-09-2002, 04:57 PM
Originally posted by JangoFett96
This chick rides in what looks like a Toyota Tercel or Corolla which is painted grey, red, and black and is supposed to look like an X-Wing.

She even painted red bars on the side to distinguish it as Luke's Red Five ! :D

03-09-2002, 05:12 PM
She had a fair idea with the whole X-Wing car thing, but its really not practical. I mean why not get something with more size than a small Toyota? It would have looked alot better if it was a large truck or SUV. The Toyota isnt very becoming to the X-Wing idea.
Another thing....
You know when the collector is making his run, when he speeds off in his car, he makes the comment about only dealing in cash. I believe the quote was "you're gonna have some register time."
Did you notice the way he said that plus his facial expression was just hillarious!! I cracked up so hard the way he said that and the way he nodded his head and smiled. What a riot. I watched that about 10 times in a row, just dying laughing. That dude is a trip. I bet he would be fun to go on a run with.

03-10-2002, 05:12 PM
Originally posted by JangoFett96
That dude is a trip. I bet he would be fun to go on a run with.

It IS fun to go with others! I've brought noncollecting friends along on some quick runs, and the reactions have been varied . . . but they usually always include a :rolleyes: reaction to my madness :crazed:

That "register time" line is great . . . . how true !

03-11-2002, 12:50 PM
I didnt say that I didnt take friends with me on my run, Caesar :)

I just think it would be a trip to go with this guy because he certainly does have things planned out.
And as an added bonus I could hear him say the "register time" line.

03-11-2002, 01:39 PM
I know, I was just seconding the notioning of going on toy hunts with other people. My bit about taking friends along would be the complete opposite of going with this guy - like you said, he is very speedy and works with a plan (allowing for register time) whereas when I take non SW fan friends, they are almost disgusted by the speed I use in the hunt.

Sorry for the confusion :)

03-11-2002, 01:46 PM
So when are we going on a run Caesar?

03-12-2002, 01:40 AM
I'm actually going tomorrow ! (today :confused: ). My main bounty is a clearanced Aurra Sing Masterpiece. I'll be doing a QUICK in an out of the local WaldenBooks, hopefully there will be "register time", 'cause I scored my prize :D

Then I'm hitting Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target all within a 25 minute period, hoping to find some preview figures, but I'm not too hyped for those. Then I'm off to Best Buy for a quick DVD purchase. I think I'll skip TRU, it's a pretty depressing place :cry:

03-12-2002, 02:05 PM
Sounds like youve got it all planned out!! Thats cool because you know how important that "register time" is.
Hope you find some good stuff.
Let me know what you get.

03-12-2002, 02:12 PM
I finally saw the movie, and I must say, I enjoyed it. It was nowhere near the scale of Trekkies, which I enjoyed.

My fiance got a kick out of the guy who plans his "hunt" cause often I'll stop by Wal-Mart after work just to check, or we'll be out shopping and I have to take a detour to the toy aisle.:D

Another good documentary on fans is Bruce Campbell's "Fanalysis" which is on the new "Evil Dead: Book of the Dead" DVD. There are some pretty wierd people in that one too. Some Star Wars, Star Trek, Anime, etc. Its also a nice light-hearted exploritory piece into the medium.

I still don't like "Trekkies." I'm not sure if that movie was made for Trekkies or for people to watch to make fun of and cringe at the same time.

03-12-2002, 02:27 PM
Originally posted by Wolfwood319
Another good documentary on fans is Bruce Campbell's "Fanalysis" which is on the new "Evil Dead: Book of the Dead" DVD. There are some pretty wierd people in that one too. Some Star Wars, Star Trek, Anime, etc. Its also a nice light-hearted exploritory piece into the medium.
Definatly. I was impressed to see that being a celebrity hasn't gone to his head like so many stars. It's neat to see that he likes to meet the fans and get to know them, as well as answer their fan mail as well as E-mail. Lucas should have cast him as Bail Organa over Jimmy Smits. :D


Jar Jar Binks

03-13-2002, 01:17 AM
Binks, was Campell rumored to be up for the role? I do like Smits, but this is interesting :)

Wolfwood, I'm glad you liked StarWoids! I personally have not seen Trekkies, but I would like to take a look for myself. It's one thing to feature crazy fans, but there's room for manipulation by showing only the most extreme, plus that kind of footage can really be edited to slam the fans unfairly :mad:

Jango, no luck on the preview figs or the Aurra Masterpiece :cry: Actually, the guy from StarWoids would be pretty disappointed in my planning yesterday - more on that tomorrow . . .

03-13-2002, 01:23 AM
Originally posted by Caesar
Binks, was Campell rumored to be up for the role? I do like Smits, but this is interesting :)
Nah, It's more of a case of me making a smart arsed comment about the fact Lucas likes to work with somewhat unknown actors for his movies, and using Jimmy Smits just seems out of place. Besides, how could you not love seeing Bruce "Don't Call Me Ash" Campell's giant face in a Star Wars film. I can imagine it now, "Shop Smart, Shop Star-Mart" Heck, throw him in as a remaining Jedi in Episode III that gets his hand cut off and attaches a lightsaber to the stump. :D


Jar Jar Binks

03-13-2002, 01:38 AM
Trekkies didn't just have the hardcore fans in it. The movie covered the general range of "Trekkies." But being labled a trekkie must mean your pretty hardcore to begin with. I'm a fan of Star Trek, I liked the original and Next Generation, but it ends there, and I don't consider myself a trekkie by any stretch of the term. I think a Trekkie in general is pretty hardcore, hence the unique label.

Most of the fans in Trekkies were about what I'd expect, but there were a few that really make you kind of feel sorry for them. These people have really nothing else going for them. That's the part I didn't like about the movie, and it made me wonder if this movie was made for Trekkies or the general public.

03-13-2002, 08:20 AM
Caesar, if you havent seen Trekkies yet, you need to.
It is funny and I always look at it when I need a good laugh.

03-14-2002, 03:55 AM
. . . So I had my entire trip planned perfectly to be time efficient. My first stop was a mall with a Waldenbooks, because I would really love that Aurra Masterpiece to go with my Vader and Threeps Editions (both also obtained through clearance ;) )

I arrive, go in through a "Wal-Mart" type competitor, hit their toy section, and head to the mall entrance. Plenty of people walking around, and as I stumble past the usually worthless KayBee, I notice their gate is drawn. Hmm, must be a bit late in opening. Then another closed store. And another. I look around, those people I mentioned ?


Gah ! The mall is closed. My watch reads 9:25 am, must open in 5 minutes ? Nope, not til 10. So I head out, take care of Target and KMart while waiting but waste time with the extra travel. When I did get back to the mall they were out of Aurra's but I did snag a consolation 2nd Edition Freddy Kruger on clearance at KB for 6 bones.

Overall, a pretty unproductive "run", one that would be shameful in the eyes of the StarWoids collector :(

I'll have to watch Trekkies, I'm curious to see how the filmmakers approached the topic.

03-14-2002, 08:41 AM
Hey Caesar,
Dont feel bad man. We have all had those unproductive runs. I can think of many times where I have gone toy hunting and come home with nothing. Just last week on my birthday I took off work and went toy hunting. I covered over 100 miles on my car and I was only able to score 1 LEGO set. I really had my hopes set on the BoShek wave (wishful thinking) or the AT-ST.
Thats how things go sometimes in this hobby. But when we do find the stuff, its the best feeling in the world to get it.
By the way, in Trekkies, there is this one collector (who is about 15-16 years old) who goes to a convention and then they show him hitting like Suncoast or something like that looking for new loot. Then in his room he shows off his figures, ships, etc. He has alot of the Star Trek figs on his shelf, but behind there he has a nice little collection of red-carded POTF2 figs. Of course nothing was mentioned about that.

03-14-2002, 02:10 PM
I think a good average of a productive run is about 20%. If you find what your looking for once out of every 5 times you go out, I think your on top of things. I think stores generally get in new shipments on Tuesdays, because I've always found the "big scores" on a Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure we'll never see that Bo Shek wave on store shelves, ever. I did manage to see the AT-ST sets a few weeks ago, but they were gone by the end of the day.

Those mall walkers scare the hell out of me too. Now I make sure to get to the mall after 10.

03-14-2002, 02:17 PM
Perhaps the malls will begin charging them to walk there, and it will scare them away.
That would be great for us, because we fear the mall walkers.

03-15-2002, 12:10 AM
I used to be a real bloodhound, one to make that guy from Starwoids very proud :D In college, whenever I had a 2 - 3 hour break between classes, I used to go on lightning fast jaunts making huge scores. I always bought for myself and two friends, and since we bought two of everything . . . well, you get the point. It got to be pretty crazy, whenever I found a new wave of 4 figures, that meant I had to haul 24 pieces to the registers.

But now I'm retired. In the past year I purchased only 3 pieces. But the memories are sweet :)

I think it's funny that I never noticed I was the only person not in the AARP age range until I walked almost the entire length of the mall :D

03-15-2002, 02:23 PM
Recently I have been making alot of late night runs, rather than during the day. I have been more successful when I go late at night. I guess it is partly a result of late night stocking at Wal Mart.
Last Friday when I got my first set of preview figures it was at 11:30pm.
Then this past Monday I went to another 24 hr Wal Mart around 11pm and scored another whole set.
At least in my area the variety is better in the evenings.
It is odd, but at least it works.
So tonight I am going out for a late night "Jedi Starfighter run."

03-17-2002, 03:17 AM
Jang96, any luck on that Jedi Starfighter? I had success myself Friday afternoon when I found a stash of those Aurra Masterpieces at a different Waldenbooks. But still no luck on the AOTC preview waves. No Starfighter sightings either.

I hope to watch Starwoids again on Sunday . . . I should have some more bits to discuss :)

05-08-2002, 01:52 AM
:eek: I watched Trekkies for the first time last night!

Wolfy, I now know what you meant by how the film does not just include the really crazy fans. They did show some normal dedicated fans who do the costumes and conventions, but they also showed some frightening scenarios.
The lady who was dismissed form the Whitewater jury - That's cool that she wants to wear her uniform in public, but even when she doesn't wear it, she still wears her tricorder, communicator badge, and a few other pieces. She said she never wants her club members to be ashamed to wear their uniforms so she always represents. Then she equated it with other (meaning "real") military personnel who wear their uniforms in public. BIG difference ! :eek:

05-08-2002, 03:03 PM
Trekkies is the bomb!!
I always get a kick out of watching it. Kind of makes me feel more normal. It seems the fans on Trekkies "outweird" the fans on Fanzoids.

05-08-2002, 03:11 PM
Is there anybody with a cooler voice in sci-fi than Nimoy or Takei?
(Maybe JE Jones)

I liked how they had some interviews with cast members, and on top of that I was surprised at Brannon Braga's youth. Not that I knew anything about him, I just assumed he was an older guy.

I'm not sure what to make of the Trek Dentist. Though I find it ironic that there was a big R2-D2 (garbage can maybe?) as well as the R2 & 3PO coin bank.

Gotta run, I have to take a "Brent break" and look at Brent Spiner's house. Well, it's actually the top of the hill that his house is at the bottom of that I'll be looking at. :D

05-08-2002, 03:35 PM
Remember Gabriel, who was showing off his collection in his room? Did you notice all his POTF2 figures he had? I guess they couldnt say anything about that-wrong documentary.
The Trek dentist was a little odd. I get the feeling the receptionists didnt like the outfits or the atmosphere.

05-08-2002, 03:41 PM
Ah yes, Gabriel - he was quick to point out his minor "quibbles" with his new costume. I just did a web search on his fan film Star Station Nemesis, but I could not find any info. I wonder what he's doing now . . .

I'm perplexed by the school of Klingon language. :D

05-13-2002, 06:20 PM
Gabriel is also the Star Trek geek on Comedy Central's "Beat the Geeks." I saw him on there the other day and I died laughing. When I saw him all I could think about was his antics on "Trekkies." He definately was a great part of the film.

05-13-2002, 08:35 PM
I thought his dad was cool. Clearly not into Trek, but he supported his kid's hobby and helped him out with it. :)

03-08-2003, 03:56 PM
Looks like I'm a year late on this one. Somehow I missed it then, but I just bought it and watched it last night.

Granted, most of the guys who stood in line were fanatics anyway, but what I really want to see is if their opinions about TPM changed after the initial thrill wore off. The one guy flies out of the theater yelling "The critics are on crack!" That opinion seemed oddly familiar. I got to wondering if anyone here might have had a little screentime? ;)

I haven't watched it with the Kevin Smith narration yet. I know that he wasn't too enthralled with EP I, so I'm hoping for some interesting commentary. That'll be next...

03-08-2003, 09:40 PM
I don't think there's much to that Kevers Smith narration stillakid, I think that refers only to his voiceover at the beginning of the documentary . . . I THINK. :)

I haven't watched Starwoids in so long, I think I'm long overdue!
I've seen Trekkies again in the past 6 months, so maybe Star Wars should get their equal time. ;)

Has anyone seen "A Galaxy Far Far Away" ? I just recently learned of it and it seems to be in the same vein as Starwoids.
I'd like to give it a try if I can get the DVD for 10 bucks or less.

James Boba Fettfield
03-08-2003, 09:44 PM

It's $11.51, I'm sorry I can't do any better.

03-08-2003, 09:46 PM
There is a small interview featurette with him on the DVD. He actually speaks somewhat highly of The Phantom Menace. The comentary is with the director of StarWoids, not with Kevin Smith. :)


Jar Jar Binks

03-08-2003, 10:21 PM
Pulled out my DVD, here's his quote about E1. The scene isn't captioned or subtitled, so some of the formatting could be a bit off. :)

Kevin Smith: "A lot of folks are not big fans of Episode 1. I was not one of those cats. I thought yes, we could have done without a few hundred laps on the pod race. But I didn't go in really expecting that much. I didn't feel like well this movie was gonna take me back to that time and place when I was a kid. I'm gonna be swept up the same way I was, when I was a child. I mean, that time has passed. I'm older.

You know, granted I still kind of trade in juvenile humor. But I just didn't expect that Episode I would hit me the way that the first three hit me. I mean I was a kid when those flicks hit me. I was flabbergasted when the people were sleeping out on the curb, ya know for months at a time. And lining up to see this flick. The backlash that that movie was gonna face was enourmous. I saw the movie at a press screening before it ever came out.

And I think I wrote on the website, on our View Askew website that it's going to be very fashionable to bash this movie in another month. Because the anticipation was so high and all the movie really ammounts to is setup for Episode II and Episode III. So it has the unhappy burden of being just only so much a set-up ya know, for movies what I can only assume, only hope are two stronger movies. With that being said, I liked it Episode I. It didn't really bother me as much as it seemed to bother people.

Yeah, I could have done with a little less Jar Jar, but actually the second time I saw that movie theatrically, when I paid to see it, he made me laugh a couple times. I mean I'm sure that makes me an idiot on some level but, I didn't have the problem with Episode I a lot of people did. I think Episode II is probably going to be quite genius, and Episode III even better. I mean, Clone Wars. Ya know, what could be better then that. "


Jar Jar Binks

02-26-2008, 12:30 AM
Wanted to bump this thread because I am sort of in a nostalgic mood. Thinking about the "old days" of sw collecting. This was one of my first posts on here (as jangofett96)...Caesar and I talked about making toy runs, jedi starfighter toys and auura sing masterpiece sets, about the starwoids film, and how weird the trekkies fans were compared to the sw fans. :)