View Full Version : Viva la Cuba

08-20-2006, 02:14 AM
Here's one probably none of you might ever see.

I got persuaded to see this one by a girl I'm friends with.

It's entirely in Spanish with English subtitles. I doubt it was a Cuban-made film, unless it was made by exiles or refugees.

It is about a 10-12 year old little boy and a 10-12 year old little girl who are best friends with each other and very likely in love. Their mothers hate each other though. The girl's going to be taken away to a foreign country by her mother, who's being courted by a boyfriend living abroad (the mom is divorced). The little girl and the little boy embark on a cross-Cuba trip to find the girl's father to persuade him not to sign a release of child-custody form that will allow her mother to take the daughter out of the country. They have some very funny adventures as they journey across the island nation and you get insight into what life is like in Castro's communist dictatorship.

Meanwhile, the two mothers become close to each other as they try to find their children whom they fear have been kidnapped or worse.

The movie's both romantic (in an innocent child-like way) and cute and funny.

I went to see it because of a girl, but I came away glad that I did.