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Dominic Guglieme
08-20-2006, 03:24 PM
GI Joe: America's Elite 14
Transformers: Evolutions 2

GI Joe
This issue re-enforces my consistent impression that
the series as a whole has lost its direction.
Following the spasmodic editorial fits of about 2
years ago, GI Joe seemed to have settled into a happy
little rut. This issue takes us out of the rut, and
back on to the road to nowhere, as it seems to be
undoing a previous hasty bit of editing. The biggest
problem here is that while the series is returning to
a storyline that was callously truncated, it is being
written with less sophistication, and a great deal
more pretense. Not every book can be Mark Gruenwald's
"Captain America", and most books (this one included)
should not try. For more specific thoughts on some of
the characters in this arc, head over to:
Grade: C Not without some interesting points, but not
much merit unto itself.

So far so good. Dixon does a good job of playing with
the progress and evolution theme in this issue. There
is also a nice little thematic nod to the "chain of
command" idea from IDW's main Transformers comic.
Dixon also does a good job in conveying a sense of the
time (early Industrial Revolution), and the flavor or
early TF issues from Marvel (with Transformers
reacting to the eccentricities of Earth culture),
complete with a "coke" reference. There is pretty
blatant foreshadowing for a "John Henry v/s
Astrotrain" fight in the next issue that could either
be brilliant, or be bad enough to bring the whole
series to a ruinous end.
Grade: B Real potential, and the previous issues lend
themselves to optimism.