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08-22-2001, 05:54 AM
This kind of feeling I have not felt since so many years ago. I walked into a retail shop famous for having back-dated SW figs and Lo and Behold, a POTJ Sandtrooper hangs blatantly in front of a pegful of Qui-Gon Armour and Smowbi-wan. I felt this adrenalin and my heart beats faster and my legs grow weak... barely enough strength to walk over the pegs and grab that Sandtrooper. Then all of a sudden, the strength came back to me and I flipped through the rest of the pegs and found another. Bought them both without a micro-inch of hesitations.

This is the FIRST time I saw a Sandtrooper in a retail outlet and ironically, found it in this low SW reputation shop.

This feeling of joy is soooooo immense :D

Do you experience this phenomenon when you found something totally out of ZERO expectations?

08-22-2001, 06:20 AM
You betcha! I love it when I walk into Wal-Mart totally not expecting to find anything. Thats happened to me on several occasions from Bespin Han to Darth Maul SA.

Its a great feeling!

08-22-2001, 07:32 AM
That is a great feeling, the feelinf of victory. Unfortunately, I havn't felt that in a while. Myluck has run dry. :(

08-22-2001, 08:46 AM
Evenflow hit it on the head for me, with Star Wars, it's been a while since I felt that (last time was with... Leia Bespin wave, I think).

I felt it recently with some of the Transformers: Robots in Disguise line though.

El Chuxter
08-22-2001, 11:01 AM
The last time I felt it was when I found BumbleBee Man from the Simpsons. Though coming across Sandtrooper, SA Maul, and Dirty Biker Scout (before the last two became pegwarmers) at one time at Wal-Mart was an even greater feeling of victory.

08-22-2001, 11:20 AM
I love that feeling! The last thing I found in a store was the Chewie Mechanic wave last April. It's an added rush for me, because where I live theres this one scalper who buys up EVERYTHING in every store around, so I know when I find something that I have beat him to it. Going back to the rush of finding something unexpected, about 3 years ago I went into a Record/CD exchange and found Han in Stormtrooper Disguise from the Froot Loop or Frito Lay offer or whatever. I was so excited, my hands were shaking like a junkie's when I handed the guy the money. It was kind of embarrassing, though, being that excited over a toy at my age, but, what can you do?

Rollo Tomassi
08-22-2001, 12:11 PM
Having missed the Y-Wing and Skiff, I felt it when I found TWO B-Wings at Target. I couldn't afford $80 worth of toys, but I bought 'em both...

08-22-2001, 06:37 PM
Yeah, I forgot about the shaking-hands-when-paying syndrome that hit me too. The cashier lady was looking at me probably thinking "... this freak is sick" :eek:

08-23-2001, 03:23 PM
The last time I had the feeling was last week.I went to target with the code number for th B-Wing just knowing that they didn't have it or would give me a had time,but I had to look in the toy section just in case and low and behold "3, count them 3" were there on the bottom.I was standing there with a big grin on my face when my wife walked up and she knew we were not leaving the store without one.Oh happy day! :D

08-23-2001, 04:36 PM
There is certainly no comparison to that feeling, though for me it has been too often absent. Or vicarious. Sith Worm and Bubba Fatt seem to have far better luck finding new figures on the pegs than I do of late. Rather ironic since I met Bubba Fatt while perusing the pegs myself years ago and Sith Worm when he bought some very inexpensive vintage Star Wars toys from me at a local flea market. I did discover a lone Ketwol on the pegs at a Wal-Mart before Sith Worm could find one for himself (yet he already had the elusive R2-Q5 at the time).

Bel-Cam Jos
08-23-2001, 04:54 PM
This could go along with the "Star Wars Dreams" thread. I had a dream once where I was in some store and there was a huge glass case filled with SW toys and figures. This was before POTF2, so SW figures only meant Vintage. Anyway, a few weeks later I went to an antiques shop (Olde Towne Pomona, in So Cal), and there was an almost identical case filled with stuff. I actually got weak knees and had to pause a bit. That store took over $500 in pre-POTF2 money from me; all well-spent!

Obi-Dan Kenobi
08-23-2001, 11:12 PM
I think my greatest experience with that feeling was finding the CTC Stormtrooper. After drooling over that figure for over a year and never finding it, having dreams of finding it only to wake up feeling disappointed, it all came together at TRU last December. Having heard reports of the figure turning up on clearance, I turned the corner to find dozens of them just hanging there! I think my heart skipped several beats. Then I casually looked through the pegs, and found a CTC R2 hidden only by a single Vader! What a bonus! Not wanting to be too greedy, I only bought four troopers and the R2. Ten bucks. I was giggling in the car as I drove home. Positioning the troopers around Vader on my shelf was so cool. It was particularly sweet to tear the R2 open knowing how much they were going for on EBay. Aaah..... I will remember that night forever...