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08-25-2006, 12:42 AM
The VOTC and VTSC lines are pretty much the only Hasbro product-lines that have reawakened my interest in collecting.

Every once in a while, they do a great job on a figure in the standard line (like the AT-AT Driver), but on average it's pretty ho-hum (and riddled with too many prequel figures).

So, since Hasbro is already planning on figures for a third wave of vintage style toys, here are some of my ideas:

Star Wars:
Death Squad Commander (SA with the grey uniform)
Jawa (soft goods - they could do it in 1978, no reason they can't do it now)
Power Droid (we already have two, but the one from the Beru farm that the vintage figure is based on)
Death Star Droid (silver chrome finish)
Walrusman, Hammerhead and Snaggletooth would pretty much round out the entire 1978-79 SW line.

With the exception of the Death Squad Commander, the initial 21 figures have been done to death.

Since people don't seem to mind recards anymore, I'd like to see the VOTC Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and R2 on Star Wars cards with appropriate paint adjustments and accessories (like no circular saw for R2).

Empire Strikes Back:
TIE Fighter Pilot (already a great start with the Saga version, just make him SA and he's perfect... OR give him the ANH paint applications and stick him on a SW card)
4-LOM & Zuckuss (the only bounty hunters that haven't been updated since 97-98, and make sure to get their names wrong just like the vintage figures)
Bespin Luke (SA and NOT battle-damaged for once)
AT-AT Driver (I know we just got him, but add a couple more points of articulation and I know I'd buy him again just for the cardback :yes: )
AT-AT Commander (technically we got General Veers in the Saga 2 line, so I'd be happy with another version without the removable armor pieces - this way we could actually get the backside of his armor)

Return of the Jedi:
I've heard we're getting a Jedi Luke and Endor Leia, which is awesome.
The Emperor (maybe soft goods, maybe not)
Admiral Ackbar
Gamorrean Guard
Wicket W. Warrick (these three figures really need updates to shed that old POTF2 look)
B-Wing Pilot (it'd be nice, but he's barely even in the movie so he'd be a better candidate for the standard line)
Klaatu (removable helmet would be a great way to spruce this figure up and give the customizers a blank Klaatu head to work with)

Power of the Force:
Yak Face (he never showed up in America on this card, now's your chance to rectify that)
Anakin Skywalker (as long as he's not just another clear blue figure)
Barada (unlikely I know, but this is MY wishlist after all :yes: )
Imperial Dignitary (the ugly one.... oh wait, the TALL ugly one :D )
A-Wing Pilot (here's Hasbro's chance to finally get this figure right and give him the correct helmet. The Star Wars Chronicles book mislabeled a Y-Wing Pilot helmet as the A-Wing Pilot helmet and we've never gotten an accurate version of this figure since)
Amanaman (of course he would be a repack, but it'd still be a great carded figure to own)
Warok, Romba, Paploo & Lumat (if Hasbro can make a dud of a character like Chief Chirpa shine, then imagine what they could do with these guys - at least make Paploo since he had an actual role in the movie)
Luke Stormtrooper (they now have a perfect Stormtrooper body, why we don't have him - or Han - yet is beyond me)
Han Carbonite (he should have nothing in common with the recent Saga 2 version - in other words, he won't completely suck)

08-28-2006, 03:33 AM
How many figures will be in the next wave? 5? If so, from your list i would go with the Jawa, Bespin Luke, Klaatu, Lumat and Gamorrean Guard. Its true, this vintage style collection is the best hasbro has done so far.

08-28-2006, 01:27 PM
If you count the Lucas figure, then the new wave has 6. Although I would like for them to do an even sampling from all the films, the same way they did for the first VOTC wave. Even add in the POTF line to just to mix things up a bit (and to finally give us a new Luke Stormtrooper).

Although, with the way that the current VTSC figures are clogging shelves (all except the Biker Scout), I'm wondering if the sales are good enough to justify a 3rd wave.:sad:

ESB got overlooked the last time, so Hasbro should focus on that.

Since EVERY TIE Fighter Pilot made since 1996 has been the ROTJ version, then Hasbro could give us an ANH version on the ESB card (the metallic grey faceplate with white stripes down the face, the text on the top of the helmet, and the third vacuum hose going across the waist). Make the figure SA and there you have it. A new TIE Pilot that is different enough to justify a new figure.

08-28-2006, 07:58 PM
I'm guessing that since the universe didn't collapse in on itself when Hasbro released the Lucas Stormtrooper as a "vintage" figure, then it would be okay to expand on the concept.

So how about a Star Wars "Wave 3" or POTF "Wave 2?" Figures that didn't make it into the toy lines, but should have. This idea has already been brought up in another thread, I'm just giving it a home here.

Star Wars wave 3:
Grand Moff Tarkin
TIE Fighter Pilot (SA with stripes on face as mentioned earlier)
Cantina Band Member
Wedge Antilles (he's never had a proper carded release)

POTF Wave 2:
Hermi Odle (he might be too big to go on a vintage style card though)
Chukka-Trok and Kaink (we need more Ewoks and even though these are from the Ewok Adventure, they are different enough from your standard Ewok to be worthy of their own figures)
Han Stormtrooper (only makes sense that he would follow Luke Stormtrooper)
Leia Slave
Removable Helmet Vader (this could just be the Evolutions Vader on a vintage style card)

08-30-2006, 12:51 AM
I'd especially like to see
Death Squad Commander (SA with the grey uniform)
Power Droid (we already have two, but the one from the Beru farm that the vintage figure is based on)
Death Star Droid (silver chrome finish)

08-30-2006, 01:36 PM
Just so they could **** more people off, do 3 waves, each with their own mail away. Either need some or all of the UPCs in away such that they'll be easy to steal or need to open and cut up the figure card...

Wave I: ANH
CZ-3 Droid
Jawa (maybe with pack in salvage or droid)
Ponda Bopa
Dr. Evzan
Mail Away: Rebel Technician

Wave II: ESB
Piett (with removable rank badge to go between captain and admiral)
Bespin Security Guard
Mail Away: Ice Cream Guy

Wave III
Admiral Ackbar
Logray or Paploo (toss up)
B-Wing Pilot (Ten Nunb)
Orimarrko (Prune Face)
Mail Away: Dresselian Commando without eye patch or other Ewok.