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Darth Ovori
01-28-2002, 06:31 PM
Then how should it be...

I know its early days... But surely in 15 years time there will be new thirst for another StarWars saga...

Should it be form the books...

20 Years after Jedi...

Any other fresh ideas...

But I would'nt go for the books... cause I founded the Emperors many failed attempts to come back boring... considering he never won...

01-28-2002, 07:52 PM
I wanna see Luke become the new Emporer and have Han and Leia's kids duke it out with him.

but seriously...

It might be nice to have even a 3rd trilogy, but I do believe this is it.

As has been said before, Lucas has stated that SW is about the trials of life that Anakin Skywalker went through. And seeing as how he died in episode 6, it'll be hard to make any more after that one.

I think everybody has heard the old rumors of Lucas saying he'd do 3 trilogies, but even Lucas now says that won't happen. He's already in his 50s. Certainly he could still make some more SW after this, but there seems to be quite a LOT of negative reaction from the aftermath of Episode I. And while Episode II won't share in that same negative opinion, it is REALLY having to win many of the old fans back after the first new film.

IMO, I wouldn't mind seeing a new SW film every few years, but all good things, like ideas for movies and originality, must come to an end. Sequel-itis is now going into its fifth flim with Star Wars, and no film franchise has been very good after its third film. Heck, it takes a whole lot for a movie series to be as great as Star Wars did its first time out, but recreating that same success is probably marginal at best.

There will be future Star Wars-like epic sci-fi/fantasy movies by other directors (just look at Lord of the Rings).

01-28-2002, 09:13 PM
Originally, the 9 films were NOT all about Anakin. They were supposed to be about the Fall of the Republic, the Rebellion, the Fall of the Empire, and the Rebuilding of the Republic. That outline would have completed the series of 9 nicely, as it was originally intended. Now that GL has f'd the saga up by turning it into a Skywalker soap-opera, any episodes beyond VI would be irrelevent.

01-29-2002, 12:54 AM
Besides, even if he did decide to do another SW trilogy, how would he do it. Lets face it. The original characters are getting quite old. Harrison Ford would be in his 60's, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill would be in their late 40's early 50's. Alec Guiness is gone and can no longer serve as a spiritual mentor. It would be pointless to try and do another trilogy. Besides the salary of Harrison Ford alone wouldn't be fair to the other cast members. Plus he will probably be doing Indiana Jones 4. Six Star Wars movies is all we need.

Rollo Tomassi
01-29-2002, 08:16 AM
He's not asking whether their SHOULD be a new trilogy or not, he's asking what the third trilogy COULD be about...as in use your imaginations to create a new storyline. So let's take these things as a hypothetical granted's. G. Lu WILL make a third trilogy. Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee, etc., would be ESTATIC to star in the new trilogy for peanuts (and a small percentage of the gross). Now all YOU, the SSGer have to supply is the outline!

Go to it, my young chappies!

Note: To the disgruntled long term fan. If you can't reach back into your childhood and come up with a semi clever idea and all you can think to type is some snide negative post like "Well, in the first movie, George ruins continuity and makes the movie suck with bad acting and plot holes..." don't. This is for people who still have a spark of imagination...

01-29-2002, 10:39 AM
Well, this was a tempting post!

Stillakid: So you do admit that Lucas structures the 6 episode saga around Anakin Skywalker's story (now), you just believed it was his orginal intention to tell the story from the galactic perspective of the Rise, Fall, and Restoration of a Republic? I finally read where you're coming from.

I actually agree with you on what is more interesting, and larger than the limiting scope of "just Anakin's story." However, in our large "Skywalker family tree debate" I was trying to focus you on what the reality of what Star Wars today was (per George, it's creator and revisor .

This leads into the subject matter of this thread, because the reason I love the Expanded Universe is because Star Wars is about all that - the creation of the New Republic and reestablishment of the New Jedi Order, etc. And of course prequel books give up the background to where it all started from the Sith to Palpatine's traps he's laid down for everyone from Valorum to the bounty hunters.

Meanwhile, I think that the Expanded Universe is being guided to set things up in case there ever ARE sequel movies. When I read that Lucas considered them a long time ago, they were going to be about all new characters after the war to defeat the Empire was over, and they would interact with one character or so that survived the whole Civil War saga.

I do not believe the Yuuzhan Vong are the enemy for future movies, but they serve a very distinct purpose. Lucas himself specified that the (books') new enemy could not use the Dark Side of the Force. However, Star Wars has always been about good vs. evil, and the Force serves as the talisman that they use for benevolent or dark purposes. Now, if later movies would keep the faith, there would have to be Dark Jedi or Sith of some kind. But Luke Skywalker destroyed them in Return of the Jedi, right?

Where do the new Dark Siders come from? The terror the Yuuzhan Vong have spread across the galaxy have changed our heroes and their families - a lot! (as well as other key players that comprise the cast of heroes and members of the New Jedi Order). Kyp Durron is a young and powerful Jedi Master who has decided and even taught that the ends justify the means. He was an influence either openly or deceptively to both Anakin Solo and Jaina Solo. On their last mission, per Anakin's orders, Darksiders from Dathomir's Nightsister movement were allowed to escape the Yuuzhan Vong with the young Jedi strike team. Now their influence is added to Kyp's, and the fact that with Anakin getting killed, Jaina Solo is aching for REVENGE for the death of her brother. (small book spoiler alert) Adding Tenel Ka to the Dark assembly with the murder of her mother (Courtship of Princess Leia's Teniel Djo) the deck is being stacked.

Jacen Solo is still a wild card, with his quirks and introspective philosophies about the true nature for being a Jedi, but we know the Vong know how to push him too far, like when they tortured and almost succeeded in killing his mother.

So for 1) I submit that the Yuuzhan Vong are not a "movie enemy" but the motive, and vehicle for the creation of a new breed of those weilding the Dark Side of the Force.

For 2) Star Wars has always been a story about a young generation replacing the old - Obi-Wan taking over for Qui-Gon, but Anakin and Padme's group coming of age, and then Luke taking over for Obi-Wan, and his coming of age against the dark preferences of his father (Anakin).

So I think New Jedi Order is designed to bring Jacen, Jaina, (and Anakin - as I believe there might be some way he's still coming back from what they think is death) into the central character cast. Now we have Ben Skywalker added to the mix, though he's 18 years younger than Jaina Solo (and just a baby in NJO). But he's an appropriate apprentice age for Jacen Solo whenever he's old enough to take the teacher's mantle. Once again, there will be some kind of setup for a new breed of Dark Siders - possibly Ben Skywalker's own cousin (s) and Kyp Durron as one possible Dark Side Master - AND Han, Luke, and Leia are being written of as being aged almost the same as Harrison, Mark, and Carrie.

Harrison is close to 60 years old I think (58?) and in the books Han Solo is around 55 years old.

Mark is probably close to 50 in real life, and Master Luke Skywalker is around 45.

Carrie Fisher (might need a gym trainer before she could play Princess Leia again), but Carrie is probably around 43 and Leia Solo is going to be the same age as Luke, about 45.

Since the Expanded Universe applies, Shannon Baksa (though not exactly an actress) is about 32, but Mara Jade is going to be great-looking for being about 10 years older than Shannon. But it is possible she can be cast for a cameo role in a movie.

The point being, there is this conscientious effort by Lucasfilm to keep a continuity with the books, the characters are aging like the actors, and a new generation - even a Skywalker (Ben) are possibly getting ready to go a new round with the Dark Side of the Force.

I note that the average of 20 years age difference between cousins Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker is about the same age difference between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker (41 and 18 in ANH). So a story about Ben Skywalker at age 18 could provide him with a Dark Cousin close to their 40's, and if Kyp Durron is still around, he might be a Dark Master in his mid-to-late 50's.

While I'm not saying every book was great, and I'm not writing what a new trilogy should be about, I'm pointing out that I want the continuity to serve a purpose (and it possibly could), and if it does, these are the characters that might show up in some future sequel version of Star Wars.

01-29-2002, 11:08 AM
Originally posted by Tycho
Well, this was a tempting post!

Stillakid: So you do admit that Lucas structures the 6 episode saga around Anakin Skywalker's story (now), you just believed it was his orginal intention to tell the story from the galactic perspective of the Rise, Fall, and Restoration of a Republic? I finally read where you're coming from.

I actually agree with you on what is more interesting, and larger than the limiting scope of "just Anakin's story." However, in our large "Skywalker family tree debate" I was trying to focus you on what the reality of what Star Wars today was (per George, it's creator and revisor .

No, not as such. Episodes IV, V, and VI are still not inherently ABOUT the Anakin story. He didn't write them to be so exclusively about that thread of the plot so those three films still have a broader scale to them.

The prequels are shaping up to be primarily about the Anakin story. While, of course, there are events in Anakin's life that lead up to the original trilogy, there is so much more politically going on in the Star Wars universe that is being ignored. I've gone one step further by saying that the same philosophy holds for the Fett inclusion in the prequels. Yeah, maybe it all happened, but in light of what the saga was originally supposed to be about, none of it belongs...at least not to the extent that it is being presented.

That being the case, with Lucas is trying to rewrite the purpose of the saga to be all about Anakin's story, any films beyond Episode VI would be useless, because his soul was saved and he died. God strike me down for suggesting such a thing, but the only way to make further episodes worthwhile would be to clone Anakin (I still can't believe I even thought of that. Yuchh) and have his clone do stuff, whatever that turned out to be. But the mass audience would see right through that as an attempt to milk the Star Wars idea til it's good and dead. Sort of like those tv shows that hang on for one or two seasons too long.

01-29-2002, 11:45 AM
From what you just posted, Kid, I have to disagree.

- Episode One (not really all about Anakin at all)

1) Main thing: Palpatine (as Sidious and himself) has manufactured a political situation to use the Senate's sympathy for Naboo to elect himself Chancellor.

-the Trade Federation blockade and dispute on taxing the trade routes (basically making the hyperspace lanes Toll Roads) was just the vehicle he used to achieve this. Out of greed for advantages Sidious promised them, and fear of the Sith Lord who was making prophesies (like Nute Gunray's advance to power) all come true, the Niemoidians bought into it and became the unwitting pawns.

This is step one in The Fall of the Republic.

2) The Jedi are going to be a problem for a Sith Lord.

He seems to be in the business of making prophesies come true. He may know of some obscure Jedi myth about the Chosen One who restores balance in a time when the Jedi would be crushed by darkness - and in his ever so guile way, went about manufacturing Anakin's birth (possibly through the natural way of conception, though Palpatine is NOT Anakin's father). I do not believe we were told all the truth in TPM, just like we were not in ANH. In this case, Shmi Skywalker is the character that knows more than she lets on. Spoilers for E2 and speculation for E3 (based on those E2 spoilers) come into play, and Stillakid doesn't want to know spoilers, so we can't discuss this any more (bringing in Episode 2 characters, and so forth). But it is more likely that Palpatine did not know of Anakin before he met him during Episode One. I suspect in Episode 2 during Shmi Skywalker's brief scenes, major revelations will be hinted at and Anakin will want to know some truth's his mother only left him clues concerning.

However, the point is that Palpatine has created a pathway to eliminate his greatest obstacle for attaining power: the Jedi. Part of it involves this myth. Part of it involves a plant within the Jedi Order. All of it involves deception. Darth Maul was just a patsie - the Sith operate in secret, but Maul is tattooed like a true believer. He could never kill his master and replace him in public life without incurring a Rebellion on his hands 18 years earlier (before the Imperial war machine is ever in place anyway). So there are at LEAST 3 Sith's, if Maul could even be counted. Evidence suggests that Darth Maul did not count - in Palpatine's eyes.

3) So Anakin in Episode One was more of a tool, or an object for manipulation being set into place - just like the Trade Federation - or it will be taken advantage of. In terms of recurring themes, Anakin may not be any device by design of Palpatine, but just like Luke - an extranality Palpatine hadn't predicted, but one he would try and take advantage of (in Vader's case he succeeded).

4) All Anakin's story at face value was - a) he could pod race; b)he was Force-sensitive; c) his history of slavery was a vulnerability; d) he vowed to save his mother - a person whom he had strong emotional attachment to; e) he won his freedom and fell into Qui-Gon's care, but that soon meant he fell into the inexperienced Obi-Wan's care through a twist of fate; f) he earned noteriety when his evolving desires for Padme caused him to wind up flying an N-1 into a warzone and by virtue of just doing what a kid would do (one bolstered with confidence backed by the Force), he accidently defeated the Trade Federation - bringing him into the focus of Palpatine's attention.

The other characters circle Anakin as Palpatine sets up his dream of crushing the Jedi and ruling an Empire, while the movie's seemingly main character Qui-Gon, had his traditional dreams of training a truly gifted apprentice Jedi (who was familiar to Qui-Gon for spoiler reasons - and Qui-Gon was NOT Anakin's father either) - but where the main character had there dreams crushed and eventually got killed in the process.

I don't think a lot of people understand TPM this way.

Now Episode 2 will deal with Anakin and Padme's love story, yes. This leads to yet another secret birth of children (the first birth, Anakin's happened before the prequels obviously - but Luke's occured before the OT too, obviously). However, the kids are key because Luke (and Leia ) foil Palpatine's plans when he least expected them to exist or come into play.

But meanwhile, Episode 2 will set the stage for the Republic to gather an army that can be warped into the forces of an Empire under its "benevolent new Chancellor."

The Sith will also be operating behind the scenes of course, and we'll see the 'real apprentice' in this movie. Who will logically be replaced with Darth Vader by the time Episode 3 plays out.

So these movies do hold Anakin and his family as a key, but they are also about the larger story of the galaxy and the fall of the Republic and establishment of an Empire. A perfect wrap.

01-29-2002, 01:09 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
From what you just posted, Kid, I have to disagree.

Of course you do! ;)

No really, I'm impressed. YOu seem to have made some good solid arguments there. I need more time to reflect upon them, but at first glance it all seems possible. This isn't to say that it could undo the conflicts that will forever exist in TPM. Also your scenario depends greatly on Lucas's ability to weave such an intricate plot. Maybe it's possible, but like I've said before, there hasn't been any precedent of such storytelling from him ever. I enjoy that kind of feint within a feint writing (as in the Dune novels), but coming from Lucas...I don't know. I'll believe it when I see it.

Before we both get yelled at for not sticking to this thread (:happy: ), I'd better get back to the question at hand. Assuming that you're correct about this spectacularly complicated plot, Lucas has still proclaimed that the saga is all about Anakin (recent proclamation in conflict with earlier statements) so sequels beyond 6 would still be irrelevant. I can't imagine what they'd be about. He's already doing lil'- kids-of-Star Wars in the prequels, so to return to lil' Jedi kids of Star Wars for a final 3 episodes would be too much.

Lord Malakite
01-29-2002, 01:49 PM
If they made a sequel trilogy, it should be about the return and fall of the Emperor (Dark Empire I & II). Since the prequel and original trilogies were based on the mistakes and redemption of Anakin, it would be neat to see how the son can make the same mistakes as the father and eventually redeem themselves. Plus, if I remember correctly, didn't Anakin appear as a spirit in the book to Leia. With some creative thinking, you could make Anakin's spirit be to Leia what Obi's spirit was to Luke in the original trilogy.

01-29-2002, 02:00 PM
That could be interesting Lord Malakite, but the principle characters like Leia would have to be recast with new actors. Not that I'm against that.

To Stillakid, I point out that a story taking place 18 years after the New Jedi Order books would not be about kids per say - Ben Skywalker would be nearly 20 years old, and Jaina Solo would be in her early 40's. Definitely not kids except in the way that these are the children of the Skywalkers, Luke and Leia.

Bye the way Kid, thank you for your compliment on my interpretation of TPM's, Palpatine's, and Anakin's place in this trilogy.

Rollo Tomassi
01-29-2002, 09:42 PM
Whoo-hoo Tycho! Another chance to expand on the Star Wars Saga! This could be to Episode VII what the Mace Windu thread is to Episode III. In deference to Stillakid's spoiler-freeness. Might it be possible that "the apprentice" was in fact, another "master" and that somewhere in the past, another Sith trained two or more apprentices, who were oblivious to each other? So Sidious' apprentice was indeed Maul, and this "other apprentice" had designs on making Anakin HIS apprentice? This could be the intricate feint within a feint. As opposed to the Ludicrous "Sidious is the father" or "Qui Gon is the father" rumors that purvey the forums. Delving into the "truths" and 'half-truths' of Anakin's conception (immaculate or not) would be verrry interesting.

As far as Episode VII is concerned. I've always thought the main protagonist, that is the lightsaber wielding, inherently force powerful teenage hero of the film(s) should be female.

Also, placing the action 18 to 20 years after NJO puts the current crop of heroes (Luke, Han, Leia) into their 70's and 80's. If this is the case, it might even be better (and more appropriate) if they were "not in the story" a la Luke and Leia's mom in ANH. Placing octagenarians in the fray seems contrived. References to them would be a better link, much like the cryptic ruminations about Anakin in ANH...

01-30-2002, 04:13 AM
This isn't exactly the first time we've covered this topic ;) . On the new forums, I did a post about my idea for the 7-9 trilogy: http://www.sirstevesguide.com/vbportal/forums/showthread.php?postid=18542#post18542

Basically, I'd like to toss out most of the post-ROTJ EU and do a saga about Leia becoming a Jedi and falling towards the dark side, then having to be saved by Luke and Han and the gang before she is consumed. Make Leia the hero AND the potential villain instead of yet another Death Star or an Emperor clone.

01-30-2002, 02:28 PM
I will admit, I wouldnt mind seeing a new SW movie that takes place after ROTJ. The books and comics tell stories of how Luke Skywalker became the most influential Jedi Knight after the fall of the Empire. He even founded his own Jedi Academy and then married Mara Jade.
Mark Hamill is now the perfect age for this role as an older, wiser Luke Skywalker. Even good ol Harrison Ford could come back, reprising his role as an older Han Solo.
Sure it could happen!!

02-04-2002, 02:02 PM
I agree with Tycho on several points.

First, I will start by saying that there was a LOT more going on in EP1 than most people give GL credit for. Unfortunatly it will not be realized until the next couple of films are finished.:(

Personally I feel that Palpatine had something to do with Anakin Skywalker's creation. However you look at it the whole immaculate conception thing was bogus. I am confident that it will be revealed later.

As for an EP VII? I like the idea of Ben Skywalker coming of age (18 or so) for a new series. It works well for the series.

a.) Anakin Skywalker is rescued/taken from Tatooine and goes on the become a Jedi (EPI-EPIII)!

b.) Luke Skywalker is rescued/leaves Tatooine and goes on to become a Jedi (EPIV-VI)!

c.) Ben Skywalker is rescued/taken/leaves (Tatooine?:eek: ) and goes on to become a Jedi (EPVII-IX)!

The fact that Vader is in the OT becomes less relevant from a continuity standpoint because he is, well Vader-Sith Lord!


Tycho, I was thinking the same thing about Anakin in NJO. But I just finished reading Dark Journey and I REALLY don't think Anakin will be coming back. Not in any corporeal form anyway.:eek:

Stillakid, I don't think GL can write anything as complex as say, Zahn, or James Luceno (Cloak of Deception was awesome). But he definatly has something in store for us.

Darth Ovori
02-06-2002, 05:04 PM
I still feel they should make a set of a new Trilogy... maybe like 200 years after ROTJ... Why, because for good to exist, The dark side must also exist...

And think about it, totally new characters, no more Skywalkers, lando's etc... Just a fresh start...

Get some young and talented people to make new SW designs and more better, darker and deeper stories...

Woohooo, GL hire me...:crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

Rollo Tomassi
02-06-2002, 09:26 PM
I'm sorry, if there was a third trilogy, I don't think it would revolve around any of the characters from the Middle Trilogy. You might have Luke in a very small supporting role, but the nature of the trilogies is to follow a brand new group of characters. You could follow the Solo children and/or Ben Skywalker, but in order to have a completely clean slate (that is, not interfering with the continuity established by the books, and vice versa) you would have to set it fifty years after ROJ. I imagine something happened to most of the Solo clan. The Falcon finally hit an asteroid and the entire family was killed. Something to that effect. The main characters from the previous trilogy would be referred to, but it wouldn't revolve around them. People tend to die between trilogies. Padme, Bail Organa, Jar Jar...none of these are in the OT. Obi Wan is in it sparingly and he bites halfway thru the first film. Anakin isn't Anakin anymore, so we assume he's dead...killed by Vader.

So you have to start fresh. Completely fresh. Okay, you get Luke. And the droids. And maybe one other supporting character like Lando or Wedge. Other than that, All new characters. I've already stated I would prefer a female protagonist this time around, but it isn't neccessary. So what do you think?

02-06-2002, 10:04 PM
God knows we'd see Boba Fett. What's to stop GL from cloning everybody and their mother? He's doin' it in the prequels.

Co Jo-Da
02-06-2002, 10:48 PM
I would love to see a trilogy that was set before the Republic was formed, say 1,500 years before The Phantom Menace...

02-06-2002, 11:29 PM
The Old Republic was formed 21,000 years or more before the Battle of Yavin.

At some time back then, the Jedi Order saw its birth.

Some time at or before then, the Dark Jedi were banished forever from the explored galaxy. Years to millennia later, they conquered the Sith race.

5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin (that we saw in the movie) the Sith (as the Dark Lords of the Sith people were generally referred to as) ( and led by Naga Sadow) returned in The Great Hyperspace Wars.

4,000 years before the BofY, Exar Kun led the Sith to near victory, allied with the Dark Lord Ulic Qel Droma and the Mandalorian Warriors.

2,000 years before the BofY, the Sith nearly conquered the galaxy in a war (or period of warfare) that lasted nearly 1,000 years itself.

1,000 years before the BofY, the Sith destroyed themselves, along with a great majority of the Jedi at the Battle of Ruusan.
Darth Bane and his apprentice Zannah (aka Rain) were the only survivors.

32 years before the BofY, the traditions and secretive Sith training saw fruition at last as one of their own, Cos Palpatine, was elected Chancellor of the Old Republic.

22-18 years before the BofY, Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor to a public almost entirely unaware he was a Sith.

There's a lot of history that hasn't been told - even never been told of in comic books. Take your pick: a prequel's prequel could be on a lot of subjects.

02-06-2002, 11:44 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
Take your pick: a prequel's prequel could be on a lot of subjects.

And he had to choose this TPM stuff. sigh.

02-07-2002, 04:35 AM
I feel that another trilogy would be no better than a TV series. it would just spin slowly into a third rate death and I think it's time to say thanks for what we've got. Can you come up with something else please. George is turning into a one trick horse (maybe he always has been) It's nice the first few times you see it but after a while it gets tiresome.

I wouldn't mind something else in the science fiction vein from george but not any more star wars after episode three. There is such a thing as gilding the lily and that's what he'd be doing if he just churned out film after film after film of this stuff. It's bad enough that what we've got has holes in it. that's acceptable to a degree but just spinning the thing out would rip the whole thing open like a punch through a wet paper bag. you'd be left with a soggy mess that clings horribly.

02-07-2002, 09:33 AM
Galactica '80! Anybody remember that?

02-07-2002, 09:44 AM
I'm all for a THX-1138 redo/new movie! Ha ha ha ha ha...:crazed:

In all seriousness folks, I don't think I'd want to see any more Star Wars after E3. It is intriguing to the THEORETICAL possibility of more movies with the classic characters, but lets face it, how good could it be?

I'm not familiar with EU very much, but I have read the Thrawn trilogy as well as the Han Solo Trilogy (the newer one). I think the plots of the these could make good movies. A young trilogy or mini-series based on Han Solo, or a trilogy based on the Thrawn books.

Other than that, I don't think there should be anymore. I don't want to see it get any worse than it already is.

02-07-2002, 10:11 AM
If GL would just do what Gene Roddenberry did, just let go and have someone else take the helm for a while. Some of the best episodes of Star Trek:TNG were made after Roddenberry died, and some of the best ones made while he was alive, he acted as little more than an advisor.

Another example would be the Zelda games. Shigeru Miyamoto allowed others to take over for a couple games and we got Majora's Mask and the two GB Oracle games. IMO, those are some of the best games in the series (with Majora's Mask being my all time favorite game).

Closer to home, look at ESB. Lawrence Kasdan wrote the script and Irvin Kershner directed it (he said GL only visited the set twice during shooting). Many believe it is the best in the series.

My point is, GL doesn't need to be personally involved in every aspect of Star Wars and I really wish he'd stop treating this like his private sandbox that no one else is allowed to play in. There are plenty of people with vision that equals or surpasses what he's done on Star Wars.

Darth Ovori
02-07-2002, 04:41 PM
bigbarada, well put...

StarWars is'nt just about the Skywalkers...

It's a beautiful universe that we all want to live in, cause of the space travel, light sabers, the power of the force...
Those simple ideas is what made StarWars...

Take ANH... It was simple but a whole new universe to explore... And I do feel that because of the Anikin-Vader trip, alot of potential good stories are left under the desk...

Sometimes when I get togther with other SW fanatics we end up talking about other simple stories with the SW universe... but those are dreams... But it points that theres much more to explore...

I'm a Robotech fan also, and what I love about Robotech/Macross... That thier always exploring more and better sagas to follow each other... After 5 years of fans wanting more, Harmony Gold is currently in writing the next installment, Robotech 3000... Promising to keep the same elements, but with new stories and Characters...

And personally I do feel that if GL went forward with new characters and a new Era of SW instaed of Prequels... He would of had more success... Cause...

Not the same characters...
Story line is predictable as to how EIII will end...
And the technology clash where EI looks more advanced than ROTJ...
And I liked the mystery behind Vader, Yoda, Emperor and even Boba... Now all that is ruined...

And OT: Why doe's Jango have to die like that???

Rollo Tomassi
02-08-2002, 11:30 AM
Exactly my point. When you think of a "Star Wars" film, do you think of a film set in the 'Star Wars" galaxy? or do you think of a film revolving around the kin and ilk of the Skywalker Clan? So far all the Star Wars films have been about the latter. But this is such a rich environment that G. Lu and the others have created that it would be possible to do a film SET in the Star Wars galaxy that didn't neccessarily revolve around the Skywalkers. Would it still be a Star Wars film?

I think it would. And if that's the case, then the possibilities are endless.