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08-30-2006, 11:27 PM
I just bought seasons 2 & 3, and 4 is out as well. I'll get it after I watch what I own now.

Actually, I just started season 1 again with the pilot. They did a really good show. In the pilot, a different guy played Faceman. Dirk Benedict hadn't signed on at the time they filmed that to sell it to the studios. The guy standing in for him did a really good job though.

The story in the pilot centers around Amy Allen hiring the team to rescue a friend-reporter of hers from Mexican drug lords who were funding guerilla revolutionaries. The battle takes place just outside of Alcapocco, Mexico. Pretty cool settings I must say. It's amazing how Face manages to get all their gear through his charm. Hannibal's disguises are great. Murdoch in the insane asylum is too funny (don't say "amonia.")

Did you guys love this show or what?

El Chuxter
08-31-2006, 02:34 AM
The Amy Allen? Wouldn't she have been a toddler? Okay, realistically, a young teenager?

08-31-2006, 09:53 AM
Amy Allen is the character name, the actor was Melinda Culea.

08-31-2006, 11:51 AM
Amy Allen is the character name, the actor was Melinda Culea.

Right. The character's name was Amy Amanda Allen.

Hannibal mused "Triple-A, huh? Sounds like someone who needs to be on The A-Team."

That totally slipped by me that the character's name paralleled Star Wars' girl behind Aayla Secura. Too funny.

I don't know the real Amy's middle name, but I'll have to ask her about this as I do know her.

08-31-2006, 11:01 PM
I love the episode where they take down the SWAT team made up of dirty cops. It was like the A-Team vs. the boys from The Shield.

The scene where Face and Amy bugged their uniforms in the locker room while posing as exterminators was hilarious!

So was Hannibal calling the captain at his girlfriend's home and saying "You should tell her you love her every couple of days. It helps out a lot." Too funny.

09-01-2006, 01:54 AM
One of the best episodes yet was when the Team took on a biker gang to help a small town sherrif who was going to almost be standing alone against nearly 60 "Hell's Angels" types.

To tick them off, Hannibal ran a cable through their bike wheels while they were all in a cafe diner. Then he told them he had to move their bikes because they were violating a parking ordinance. Of course they laugh at him. Then Hannibal has Murdoch use a crane to pull like nearly 30 bikes off the ground by the cable they ran through their tires. The Team destroys the controls to the crane as they bail out of there, succeeding in luring the gang into the town and bent on revenge. Too funny.

Hannibal once said "I love it when a mark is angry: they don't think straight."

09-02-2006, 01:28 AM
Melinda Culea who played Amy Allen is cute! I'm surprised Faceman didn't try his charm on her.

09-02-2006, 03:53 AM
I just watched the best 1st Season episode: the A-Team gets on board a hijacked airplane and retakes control!

There's explosive decompression as gun blasts go off.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine fans will recognize a young Andrew Robinson (Garack) as the leader of the hijackers! He's one of the first A-Team "bad guys" to actually get killed (presumably) in an episode.

Amy takes over air traffic control as LAX officials try to reroute the plane into the ocean because Hannibal is going to try landing it in a truly scary, edge-of-your-seat-scene. Murdoch is blinded by gun powder as a shot went off too close to him. And B.A. does his best to deal with his fear of flying in order to help his unit. It was a really well written episode.

You wished the A-Team was around on September 11th!

09-02-2006, 07:03 PM
I opened my 2nd Season A-Team DVDs and found them to be severely lacking:

there are 3 discs and they are double-printed with 3-4 episodes on both sides of each disc (there's 22 episodes for Season 2). Season 3 is similarly structured, but there's 26 episodes for Season 3. I haven't bought season 4 yet, but a coupon for $5 off S4 came with S2.

Meanwhile, my S2 discs 1 & 2 are not printed on the front sides, so I'm missing at least 8 episodes! I am taking them back to Frey's in a few minutes to exchange them for a different set of S2 discs. I'm so disappointed and this is not in the least bit convenient.

"I hate it when the plan doesn't come together."

My episodes are as invisible as Murdoch's dog, Billy!

09-08-2006, 06:47 PM
I've since replaced my defective Season 2 DVDs and have been watching the show.

There's a lot to mention so far.

Face gets his famous white Corvette in Season 2! Nice decaling.

I think Melinda Culea left the show - as she is not in the opening credits on 1 episode I've watched so far, and they added images of Face and Murdoch to keep up with the music tempo. I don't remember what the deal was with that - as there is no "behind the scenes" additions to these DVD sets, nor commentary.

There was a great 2-hour Western style story that introduced Colonel Decker to the show, and he catches the A-Team now (but they manage to escape of course). Lynch had been portrayed as bumbling, but Decker is ruthless and it ups the stakes for the A-Team a bit to know he's after them with his trusted sidekick, Crane.

A great episode was when the Team helped a mom & pop run fishing business survive a protection racket and the guys left the bad dudes behind for Decker to arrest - as he also arrested the guys who were rounding up wild horses to sell to dog food companies.

Speaking of dogs - it is perhaps one of his best performances when Murdoch thinks he is a dog and Face has to keep a pocket full of animal crackers to placate him! Dwight Schulz plays a pretty good puppy!

Disc 2 contains the infamous construction site demolition when the A-Team takes on the mob, trying to prevent the demolition of the building where the bodies are burried. The future opening credit shots for the show with the team using heavy equipment and Face (Dirk Benedict) and the Cylon (BattleStar Galactica) come from this episode.

Universal Pictures produced the A-Team and don't hesitate to market Universal Studios Tours amusement park to a great extent with this show. Lucky for me, I like the park, else I might find this sort of annoying. But it's all going with the A-Team's style.

Anyway, did I mention I like Faceman's Corvette?

09-08-2006, 07:15 PM
When Face runs for Sherrif against a thug, Star Trek's Andy Robinson makes an appearance as a dirty deputy.

Last season he was the leader of airplane hijackers - but they didn't make him look any different at all - except for the Sherrif's uniform.

True I like seeing him, but when Star Trek had the same actor playing different roles, like Jeffrey Combs (Shran, Weyoun, Brunt, amongst others), and Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forest on Enterprise, various aliens), you hardly recognize them.

Not so is this case - as Andrew Robinson fell out of a hijacked airplane over the ocean, only to turn up a year later as a Sherrif's deputy in New Mexico. :rolleyes:

09-09-2006, 04:04 AM
A new girl has joined the cast in Season 2, as it seems Melinda Culea (Amy) has left the show

This one is a recurring guest star, the reporter "Tanya Baker." On first impression, she's a terrible actress. I'm not impressed. She tries to be sexy, too. But she's not as cute as Melinda was - and she comes off as slutty instead of hot and really tempting. (That's not bad if the sexiness is slutty, but so far, Tanya is not).

The Team continues to really make a fool out of Decker by actually invading a US Army Base and getting away with a tank! During the course of their escapades (to stop a corrupt lieutenient who's created an illegal arms trading business) they fool Decker into shooting up his own guest house on the Army Base.

Lance LeGault plays Colonel Decker. I think he was in another show I used to watch. He played a bounty hunter on Werewolf the series. At least I think it was him. I like his style.

09-10-2006, 01:17 AM
Towards the end of Season 2, bad guys hire a team of hitmen to take down the A-Team.

This is a really good episode as it pits the Team up against other deadly military professionals.

They use a girl in a Ferrari to bait Faceman.

And, LOL - they use a dog to lure Murdoch.

Face says, "They used a girl" and Murdoch responds.... - you get the picture.

You also see the team use a training ground to know that Hannibal still puts them through extensive military drills the same as they would do were they still on normal active duty.

09-11-2006, 01:06 AM
Well, Tanya got married to a guest-starring guy from "Airwolf," which I guess was a movie or TV show in its own time.

It was during a 2-hour "A-Team Movie" of sorts that was really good I might add.

They seem to have done a 2-hour movie episode per season starting a tradition in Season 2 with their Western.

This time it was fighting in South America (Brazil - in the Amazon Rain Forest no less) as they helped rescue Tanya Baker's boyfriend who was an Indiana Jones type of archeologist trying to find a lost Indian civilization. He was captured by pirates that operate on the great River. But even the pirates didn't know they were working for a Nazi who had been hiding in South America after the fall of Hitler's Germany and was building a nuclear reactor.

In one of the most explosive battles I've ever seen the A-Team engaged in, the crew decide to raise an army to fight the Nazis, with the help of the pirates - and the river explodes in big battle action. Hannibal brings out the big guns in this one - not the often-used cliche of the A-Team defeating the bad guys with gas-powered leaf blowers and tennis balls.

This was a great 2-hour episode that leaves me wanting to watch their next adventure soon!

There's even a pirate girl for Faceman, of course.

09-12-2006, 02:28 AM
In the next spectacular episode of "The A-Team," the boys posed as firefighters to save a one-engine company that contracted out to a small county. A larger engine company was trying to take over the rights to respond to a particular court house, to use a fire diversion during a trial, to break a big time mobster out of prison. Of course the A-Team foiled their plans - all with the latest military officer - Colonel Briggs - hot on their trail.

Meanwhile, the show catered to my childhood fantasy of being a fireman (with an AK-47) and saw Mr. T driving a big red firetruck through barricades of course.

Meanwhile, two guest stars are of note:

The principal from The Breakfast Club plays one of the lead bad guys.

And "McCall" (Stephanie Kramer) from Hunter, plays a woman fire chief. She takes a romantic interest in Hannibal as well and he gets the girl this time (after Faceman's gotten some almost every episode).

So here's your chance to see Military Police cars chase fire engines! - Only on The A-Team!

09-16-2006, 10:19 PM
Murdock just impersonated none other than Darth Vader (in principal and a similar costume) to work a scam with Faceman to retrieve a bomb-sniffing dog from a US Army base.

The A-Team was defending a coffee shop that was being forced out of business by a larger chain that was going to expand their holdings to an entire mall because they had foreknowledge of plans to build a new freeway detour. So the Team hired on to protect the Mom & Pop shop (who of course had a cute daughter for Face to date).

Well the competition wants to bomb them out so the team needs the dog. They decide to scam one off the US Army and Murdock poses as a bomb disabler, and his protective gear is reminiscient of Darth Vader. The officer they scam, with Face wearing Hannibal's colonel's uniform, must have been a Star Wars fan because he was a little too enthusiastic about helping "Lord Murdock." Too funny. Nice dog. Big explosion.

Mad Slanted Powers
09-20-2006, 07:54 PM
Been so long since I saw this show. I never did see the pilot or whatever episode that truly explained how they ended up on the run. I enjoyed the show a lot back then though.

One funny moment I recall was when Murdock was in the loony bin and he started saying "I want a trash bag!". Years later, I was reading through a Star Trek Usenet group and someone posted a list of things you'll never hear these Star Trek characters say. "I want a trash bag" was the line they put for Barclay, played by the same actor.

09-20-2006, 11:28 PM
Right. The episode had the team getting arrested on drunken driving charges in Florida to infiltrate a prison where the warden and sheriff were making prisoners fight to the death, with the winner being freed - only to be given a running start before the gamblers on the fight were deputized and authorized to hunt the winning prisoner down with shoot-to-kill orders. A friend of B.A.'s from his old neighborhood, before the war, actually managed to escape but was re-captured - just not before he could warn his little brother who was a kid in B.A.'s troubled youth workshops in Los Angeles. B.A. forces the team to do this job for the $10 bucks the kid had in his pockets.

To get into the jail, Murdock, B.A., and Hannibal have to get arrested. They try pretending to be drunk drivers, but the sherrif refuses to arrest them due to on-going probes of deaths in their prison system. Miffed that the local law enforcement would stand back from a DUI arrest, Hannibal crashes their "front car" directly through the wall of the sherrif's office and lands the whole vehicle on his desk.

Hannibal plays a gay hair dresser who interprets for B.A., who plays a mute so the pair won't be separated. The two don't know sign language worth crap, but it's funny how their version of it involves some obscene gestures ;)
Meanwhile, Murdock goes crazy like usual and is transferred into the psychiatric ward - of the prison - not his usual home in the VA hospital. There he has a terrible fixation for plastic trashbags and will only be quiet for 30 minutes or so until he needs another one. He eventually accumulates upwards of 40 or 50 trashbags.

Meanwhile, Faceman poses as "Dr. Pepper," yup. Dr. Pepper is a real prison reform advocate and professor of rehabilitation under incarceration (at least in the A-Team's world). Amy was still on the show then and she plays her hand as a reporter covering "Dr. Pepper's" visit to the prison to avocate reforms there. Face suggests the warden start job training programs and work opportunities, and since Hannibal was posing as a gay barber, they set up a hair salon in an unused area of the jail.

Basically, Face helps let them loose as B.A. is taken away to fight, and Hannibal uses the hairdryers and extension cords to fill Murdock's trashbags with hot hair, and all those bags act as balloons tied to the salon chairs, allowing Murdock and Hannibal to float over the prison walls, thereby escaping and using Face's car to find Amy who followed where they took B.A. and his friend from the 'hood to fight in some barn.

When Hannibal catches up to all of them, he pulls out his M-180 cannon from the van to "talk to" the sherrif and the warden, while Face films all of them and Amy publishes the gamblers' names and images as well.

In the end, the bad guys who ran the prison are the ones who wind up as prisoners, of course. Another great episode. I think that one was Season 1.


I'm watching Season 4 now. Like every year with The A-Team, the season opens with a 2-hour special episode. This one saw them rescuing a beautiful Los Angeles Judge's daughter who was kidnapped by helicopter by the Italian Mafia while she was jet skiing. The Team actually fights in a hick trailer park in the inland valley of California, and then journeys all the way to Italy to take on the whole Mafioso organization. Sick of being drugged to be taken on airplanes, B.A. drives their borrowed military truck right through the airplane Face procured for them, so the 2nd half of the show finds the team battling the Mafia on a cruise ship, where FaceMan hooks up with no less than 3 girls in one episode (one with a very jealous body builder boyfriend, whom the Team sees fit to use to distract the Mafia with - but I admit, this girl was soooo HOT and I couldn't blame Face).

By the way, 2 of the last episodes of Season 3 were really worth noting:

Colonel Decker starts using attractive escort girls he hires to lure Faceman. These ladies routinely have breakdowns with their fancy sportscars, then bend over in mini-skirts and wait for Faceman to whiz by in his Corvette, only to slam on the breaks and come to their rescue. Hannibal thinks it will improve Team efficiency in the future if Faceman forgoes women - as this time it resulted in the team blowing up an entire gas station. This proves impossible for Face, who next falls for a girl who is a Forest Ranger who calls Decker down on the guys when they try to take a fishing trip after rescuing Face.

Meanwhile, in a different episode, Bounty Hunters break into the VA Hospital and capture Murdock in an attempt to lure the team into a trap to kill them and collect a reward from Decker. Murdock escapes even before the Team arrives with the help of a beautiful veterinarian who falls in love with him. She knows Murdock isn't really crazy. But the bounty hunters take her hostage in an attempt to lure all of the Team back. With Decker on their trail, the boys go back and close down the bounty hunters and rescue Miss Kelly Stevens (Murdock's new girlfriend), who begins to visit Murdock in the insane assylum wing of the VA hospital, realizing he isn't really crazy afterall.

Dwight Schultz who plays Murdock was Lt. Reginald Barclay on Star Trek: The Next Generation, TNG movies (First Contact), and Star Trek: Voyager.

The two characters are very disimilar, although both have mental issues:

Murdock may not be really crazy, but doesn't want to live life on the run and prefers the free room & board in the VA hospital. He might have been AirForce instead of Army like the rest of the Team. He may not be caught up in the charges the other 3 face for "robbing the bank of Hanoi" and "causing a diplomatic incident at the end of the Vietnam War." They didn't really, but their C.O. was supposedly killed and they have no proof they were under orders. They also didn't escape with any cash or bounty from that little operation - but the charges remain trumped up, and Lynch & Decker stay on their trail. Murdock was probably associated with them in 'Nam by way of being their chopper pilot on quite a few missions. That incident was never shown - even in the pilot - which is set 10 years later (in 1982) and does not take place in Vietnam. I believe the Team goes back to 'Nam once or twice during the show's run, possibly to prove their own innocense because they learn their former C.O. is actually alive - but I haven't gotten to that episode yet.

Lt. Barclay is a shy, social-anxiety prone, misfit who prefers a fantasy life on the holodeck to real life. He is a very brilliant engineer however, and he even helps bring the USS Voyager back home to earth from being lost in the far, far distant, Delta Quadrant. He would not kick butt like Murdock would, and he is paranoid of about a million diseases, doesn't like going through the transporter, and is terrified of spiders (prompting one strange episode of TNG to cause him to turn into a spider). I'd say Barclay is a passive-hero type, while Murdock is an action hero. Dwight Schultz is very talented to have pulled them both off - not to mention all the extra character acts Murdock used to pull to help Faceman execute his scams.

The A-Team brought together an amazing cast of talent and gave them all a lot to do and really developed their small ensemble troup.

Hannibal had his disguises and ingenious strategy-plans. (George Peppard did an incredible job with all the characters he got to play).

B.A. had the brawn and mechanical know how to "MacGuiver" anything.

Faceman had all the hot women and some of the most crazy scams. Great acting on Dirk Benedict's part (yeah the original Starbuck)

Murdock had a psychopathic fixation in every episode, causing Dwight Schultz to play all kinds of comedy routines while backing up many of Faceman's scams and pulling off a few of his own - like each time they needed a helicopter or airplane.

I loved it when they ripped off the army all the time - often stealing stuff from Lynch or Decker directly! (Lynch was season 1, Decker seems to be seasons 2,3,4 so far). General (Rank?) Briggs chases them in an episode here or there. The latter two make Lynch look like a cream-puff, but Decker eventually starts to admire Smith - and Hannibal uses the military police to arrest many of the bad guys the Team goes up against. If police response time is slow for example, Smith will phone Decker and taunt him, and just as the A-Team is getting away, all the beat-up bad guys left behind, Decker swoops in just in time to lead the latest episode's trash off in handcuffs.

A masterpiece of a show. I'm so glad I bought these.

Mad Slanted Powers
09-21-2006, 12:53 AM
I just liked how they'd kick butt on all the bad guys with their improvised weapons and tricks. Kind of a precursor to MacGyver, but on a larger scale. I also liked the episodes of Highway to Heaven when Michael Landon would start throwing guys around. That's one tough angel you don't want to mess with!

Murdock and Barclay, both are characters I like. I was just looking Schultz up on imdb.com and he sure has a lot of voice work in video games and cartoons.

09-24-2006, 02:19 AM
I laughed out loud at the end of this episode in Season 4:

The CIA decides to create a false pardon for Face in order to lure him out because they know a certain Vietnam war criminal, wants to kill Face for a fling Face had with this Vietnamese General's daughter.

Thinking he's home free and not running with the Team, Murdock assumes Faceman's identity and starts to dress like Face, act like him, and drive the 'vette and all the rest.

What's hilarious is that there's a sexy publicist (who's actually a CIA operative as well) that is supposed to help Face publish his book deal, but Murdock picks up on her successfully at the end of the show.

That's not all though! To get back at Murdock, Face puts on his bomber jacket and baseball cap and jumps on a table and starts acting like a monkey just as the EMTs from the VA hospital's mental ward show up and cart Face away to the VA, thinking he's Murdock. The Team totally laughs at that one and does nothing to interfere. The show ends with Face being dragged down the hall in a straight-jacket trying to tell them that he was just pretending to be Murdock and he doesn't actually believe that he's a monkey! Too funny.

09-25-2006, 02:48 AM
Of all things, Boy George and The Culture Club did an episode of The A-Team in season 4. He's a strange fellow, but has got a good voice - I'll give him that.

Did this dude ever come out of the closet? Or is there such thing as a cross-dressing hetero?

In any case, it was funny because a armored truck / payroll robbery was discovered by Face who accidentally booked Boy George instead of Cowboy George in a country-western bar.

Season 4, btw, is the first year of The A-Team that doesn't have individual episode synopsis for the start of each show on the disc. A cost-cutter for the 4th year I guess? There wasn't a price cut - I can tell you that.

09-26-2006, 06:07 PM
An episode actually made me cry! - It was that good!

A few people actually die, get shot, and bleed, and burn alive in an episode of The A-Team!


In perhaps the most emotionaly stimulating episode of The A-Team I can ever recall, the Team returns to Vietnam.

Mixed in the epsiode, as flashback footage, are clips of each member of The A-Team in their full metal jackets, in heavy combat, during the Vietnam War. It was done really well - like straight out of Platoon or something. In one scene, Hannibal was the last man standing over dozens of dead bodies: US Soldiers and NVA regulars alike. He and the rest of the boys saw some serious action over there. Murdock flew guys out that had their limbs blown off of them - and they showed that (the aftermath) of the wounded on this 80's TV show.

The Team winds up actually working for General Fulbright, who takes over for Decker, who relieved Lynch, of trying to capture the A-Team after they've been surviving on the run for nearly 14 years.

The General thinks he has a son he'd never known about, with a girl he once was seeing while stationed in Vietnam. It turns out that he had a daughter, who lured him back to try and kill him because she grew up with a harsh life, being part American and the offspring of what the Communist government in Hanoi regards as a war criminal.

The A-Team gets lured into working for the General on the pretext that General Morrison, the A-Team's C.O. in 'Nam, is still alive and being held in a POW camp. His rescue, Fulbright tells Hannibal, can clear the guys' names. (They're charged with war crimes related to the robbery of the Bank of Hanoi during the fall of Vietnam - though the money was never found. Morrison was long thought dead - and I can't recall if he ever does turn up alive in the series. But Hannibal and the others were under his orders when they hit the bank and Morrison's testimony could clear them.)

Well Fulbright was really out to rescue his son, that turned out to be a daughter, who turned out to want to kill him.

The General was captured and tortured by the NVA, being charged as a spy. The Team goes in with his daughter to rescue him.

Murdock gets shot in the chest, right through their stolen NVA helicopter windshield. Fulbright is hit in the back, dead center and the fatal shot exits his chest. There's a tear-jerker scene with him and his daughter in the helicopter before he succombs to his wounds. Hannibal turns around and torches the hut where the NVA General was holding him - likely burning to death everyone else, but surely the General. The Vietnamese troops on the outside of the hut are shot or grenaded by Face and B.A. They really go into action in Vietnam.

This was the final episode of Season 4 and it packs a punch!

09-27-2006, 12:25 AM
Season 4 came with a bonus episode from Season 5 that was very interesting. This was the final season of The A-Team as far as I know.

They were arrested by the military and tried and found guilty, but it was a fake trial, followed by their fake escape and they wound up assigned to General Stockwell, who was an operative for the CIA. The Team did paramilitary work for the government then, and the military no longer tried so hard to capture them.

The episode "Point of No Return" is included with Season 4 as enticement to buy Season 5 (out October 10, 2006). They don't need to entice me. It adds two new cast members (Stockwell, and "Frankie," the latter whom I forgot how and why he was fit in, besides to appeal to a Latino demographic.)

In PONR, Rosalind Chao guest stars. You know her as Keiko O'Brien from Star Trek TNG and Deep Space Nine.

Also, Dustin Ngyun guest stars - as you'd recognize him from alongside Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street.

It was a good episode that involved terrorists trying to buy plutonium for operations based in Libya and was a very real contemporary threat until a year or so ago. The episode was set in Hong Kong - another locale that might be used in the real world for such a clandestine transaction.

Of course The A-Team saves the day.

I wish I had Season 5 now. But a few weeks we'll wait I guess. Then I'll get back to posting here, talking to myself. "Tycho, you're the most brilliant conversationalist on this whole forums site, and it's been a pleasure discussing the A-Team with you."

"Well thank you very much. It's been my pleasure as well."

10-16-2006, 01:11 AM
Season 5, the final year for The A-Team, was released on DVD last week for those who are interested.

I'm in my Miami Vice phase right now so I haven't purchased it yet. But I'll be sure to go for more of Hannibal and the gang soon.

Bel-Cam Jos
05-30-2014, 11:46 PM
Season 4 came with a bonus episode from Season 5 that was very interesting. This was the final season of The A-Team as far as I know.

They were arrested by the military and tried and found guilty, but it was a fake trial, followed by their fake escape and they wound up assigned to General Stockwell, who was an operative for the CIA. The Team did paramilitary work for the government then, and the military no longer tried so hard to capture them.

The episode "Point of No Return" is included with Season 4 as enticement to buy Season 5 (out October 10, 2006). They don't need to entice me. It adds two new cast members (Stockwell, and "Frankie," the latter whom I forgot how and why he was fit in, besides to appeal to a Latino demographic.)I was flipping channels today, and saw the two trial episodes, which I don't think I have ever seen before (although I am certain I had seen some of the parts in the credits intro before). Then, I saw the start of an episode I'd have called "I Pity Them Jumping the Shark," because the team builds a football squad to hide smuggling a defecting East German scientist out from the Iron Curtain (players include Joe Namath, John Matuszak, Jim Brown).

05-31-2014, 01:05 AM
Season 5 is good