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09-29-2006, 02:23 PM
Dearest darling Hasbro,
What would be really useful is if you made one decent SA version of the main characters plus the same for any costume changes they have. And stop there. None of this trillion versions of Luke Tatooine or Leia Tantive IV or R2 or 3PO. None of the countless Vaders. Just one solid SA version that you could re-issue from time to time if you needed a core character in a wave. What would make the difference in re-issues would be accessories. Nice practical accessories without silly gimmicky action features.

And this would then leave you free to continue creating new sculpts of secondary and tertiary characters.

You should also get rid of the useles monkey who keeps sculpting atrocities like the SAGA Emperor or the V/OTC 3PO (whichever version it is that has the golden diaper and weird proportions). It's just not on. Ditch him or her now.

Basically you need to be giving the same quality right through the line irrespective of character status. If it costs a bit more per figure then so be it. At least we'd know it was for the sake of quality.

The entire vintage kenner line had one basic cardback design, only the movie logo changed. Why do we have to have a whole new card every damn year? Is it because you think people are so dumb they'll be fooled into thinking they're getting something new? How insulting. Only dumb parents and grandparents are fooled by those ploys. kids know what they want and what it looks like. Stick with one damn cardback. Some unification. EASY product identification.

Less blister plastic. It may not be high on the list of priorities but these figures are tiny and there is no reason whatsoever for them to be having such huge blisters. Aren't we suffering an oil crisis right now? Won't reducing the amount of plastic help save money? I'll wager over half of those blisters go in the trash. Do something for the world and help reduce plastic waste with smaller blisters. There's a picture on the back showing the contents of the blister so why does it need to have every tiny piece on display? A smaller card wouldn't go amiss either.

I appreciate some figures are taller so therefore make a two size card and blister. If you can go do a completely new set up for Ephant Mon then why not save time and make two card sizes for the taller and regular size figures. Tuck things neatly inside the reduced blister. Shave a fraction off the cost of the packaging and spend it on quality control instead. Or at least getting decent painters employed in the factories.

Twin packs of small characters. Ewoks, Jawas, droids, odd alien critters. Double them up. None of this selling R2 single on a card and then two Jawas carded together for the same price. Small figures twinned in a blister please. Stop trying to dupe us.

No more crappy pack in figures with vehicles thanks. If it can't be done with a figure of the same quality as the regular line then don't pack a figure in at all. Sell decent pilots/drivers separately. Cheap pack ins are just that, cheap and nasty looking. No-one wants that dear.

Consider unprinted boxes for larger items like the AT-AT and Shuttle etc. People don't want to pay a lot so keep the cost down by not having heavily printed packaging.

Waves don't have to contain six or so figures. Rather than padding a wave out with crap second rate older figures, just release the good stuff. Spare the pegs for better quality merchandise that'll move faster. Those crappy older figures tend to sit around a helluva lot longer than anyone really anticipates, sometimes years.

And sort out this case assortment thing. If you're going to make army builders then for pity's sake make enough to build an army and sell them in straight cases. At least to begin with. Then reduce the numbers to a steady trickle. Hoarders and diorama builders are going to be out hunting hard when they hit and buying in large numbers. Let them have their fill at the start and then the collector who ambles along later will find what they want in a timely fashion rather than facing a drought all round. Or suddenly finding a deluge as you get your numbers wrong and try to meet consumer demand too late and end up with peg warmers.

Knees on figures. Figures don't all need to be SA but it stands to reason that many many characters are seen sitting in movies and comics and people want to recreate those scenes and can't because the figures legs won't bend.

These characters you class as a hard sell. Shove them in multi-packs or twin packs with a character that will sell then. Surely that's a no brainer?

If you aren't going to be making playsets or diorama backgrounds then give up that part of the license and let someone else have a go. It's churlish to keep hold of it and deprive people of a chance to get something they've been wanting but never had available - decent settings to display their toys in.

Just - get your act together please. For me?

With much love,

Daddypants. xxx :love:

El Chuxter
09-29-2006, 03:06 PM
Here, here!

If Hasbro were to take your suggestions and work with them, we could do away with the Dear Hasbro forum altogether.

Please, dear friends at Hasbro, listen to this man. He has some very, very good ideas, and I'm sure all of us (collectors, kids, retailers, and you) would be ecstatic if these ideas were to become reality.

09-29-2006, 03:42 PM
Yes, listen to your target audience, we just like every other person who loves the Star Wars universe are only here to help.:thumbsup:

09-29-2006, 06:10 PM
I didnt read the whole thing, but whole-heartedly agree with the first 2 paragraphs.&&&

:beard: to MDP

09-29-2006, 08:25 PM
& make a Teek figure while you're at it, please.

jedi master sal
10-02-2006, 09:08 AM
Well thought out, Mr. DP. I agree completely!

Hasbro argument for rereleasing charaters but of a differnt sculpt is that they know there will be a good portion of peole who will buy the next sculpt because it is "new" even if inferior.

It looks like they've heard your wish for smaller bubbles though as it appears the 2007 line is just that. Though there is the stupid coin idea...

Hasbro, please if you read this forum and specifically this section and thread, consider all that has been presented here. Regardless of actual numbers, we the collecting community represent a much larger fanbase. We are the ones who are the most passionate about this line and have bought MANY a more toy than the avergae kid over the last decade. We'll continue to do so, but it's readily apparent on more than one collecting site that we are losing our patience and tolerance for inferior product or reissued product. I know mine has, and regarding me personally you are talking about a person who has over 3000-THAT'S 3 THOUSAND Star Wars figures. My desire to collect SW has waned greatly in he past 2 months. This usually happens when new product is hard to come by, but this time it's more than that. I as with everyone else are getting older. Our tastes have changed. We see other companies much smaller than yourself producing top notch product. Okay so for a bit more in price. But the fact is, if another company can sell a 12 inch figure for $60 and sell out of them and you couldn't for $20, then there's something wrong there.

We as a whole (not just collectors, but kids alike) more than just want, we NEED playsets and ships and vehicles. Not just those reissued/repainted starfighters you keep cranking out. I like those designs, but come on, give us a break please. We've been clamoring for the AT-TE since 2002. FOUR YEARS!!! We've been begging for playsets for much longer.

On that, I know I've personally posted ideas ad nauseum on how to make them, what size and quality level, etc.

I'm sure you believe you have a talented crew of designers and product developers and that you have many an idea stored in your archives. But that's just not cutting it.

Please take a look at the current and near future offerings. Do you really think those tins will sell all that well? I don't. I know I'm going to do like many others and wait for them to clearance. No need to buy a set where the majority of figures are reissues of inferior sculpts. Especially just to get a tin that's going to take up a bit of space in ones collection. If you would have thought a bit more on how to do them right, then THAT would have been the time to make superior sculpts of those characters. You're asking people to shell out money again for figures we already have many times over. Make them THE definitive ones and maybe, just maybe we'd have been sold on those tins. While I like one figure out of each tin, that in no way justifies me paying the full price for the rest of the set.

The idea of the coins didn't fly post ROTJ back in the mid 80s. It wasn't a good seller in the lat 90s. What makes you think anything has changed since those two times? What more kids who have turned collectors? They too have the same figures and are looking for something exciting and new. Not reissued figures. Granted some of the first wave are going to sell well, but let's take a look at that for just a sec, huh.

This is the 30th anniversary. Where are the characters from the first movie? Oh wait, you've already made and just recently released them. Hmm, that doesn't smack of good planning. I know you say it's a celebration of 30 years of SW and thus it's the enitre saga to celebrate. But that's NOT how we fans see it. ONLY the original has been around that long. That's the one that should be celebrated. At the least it should have been the one to have figures in the first wave. Instead you cose to make yet more figures from ROTS. I'm not complaining about those figures persay as I defintely want most of those, but it would not have hurt to have released them a wave or two later.

Going back to what I said about people losing interest. What do you really think about those collectors who have turned away from your product for much more expensive ones like Master Replicas, Gentle Giant and Sideshow Collectibles? Much of that money they are making could have been yours had you only listened to us more and planned accordingly. Why you couldn't have a premium line called "Star Wars select" for instance is beyond me. Make that the top quality line. All the bells and whistles for articulation, sculpt etc. NO holding back. Keep making the toys, but then make the premium figures too. Sell them for more but don't flood the market with them. I know, I know, you gave us the VOTC and VTSC lines and many of those figures were well done. But when Jonny Nobody can come by and pick up the same figure, it tends to diminish them.

I guess what this really boils down to is this:
Listen too us.
Make the toys we are asking for and stop making excuses why you're not.
Quit rereleasing the same inferior sculpts.
SA on nearly every figure. You're asking us to pay at least a dollar or two more than we have been for several years, so make it worth our dollars to buy them.