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10-04-2006, 10:12 AM
By now you might've heard that Del Rey is having a fan contest to name the new Dark Lord that Jacen Solo eventually turns into. While other threads have the arguments about whether this is altogether a good or stupid idea, I thought I'd post a sounding board for ideas here:

Darth Dorkus
Darth Pacifist
Darth Whiner
Darth Stupidous
Darth Retardo
Darth Rejector
Darth Idioticus
Darth Moron

These are just examples of brain-storming. What do you like? Got any ideas of your own?

*Hey, Legacy might turn out pretty good - the authors they selected are great, but it remains that only time will tell. Keep the names coming.

El Chuxter
10-04-2006, 10:19 AM
Darth Del-Rey-Succeeded-Where-Others-Have-Failed-And-Made-Me-Stop-Reading-Star-Wars-Books.

10-04-2006, 10:43 PM
Darth EU


10-04-2006, 11:10 PM
Darth Not-reading.

10-05-2006, 07:19 AM
Darth Del-Rey-Succeeded-Where-Others-Have-Failed-And-Made-Me-Stop-Reading-Star-Wars-Books.

That's it, Chux, release your anger (can't believe you kept going back after that convo about "poor, delicious Greedo")

Darth Egregious
Darth Malf
Darth Tenuous
Darth Sobriquet

And for tycho (based on the Solo-clonestock concept)
Darth FETT


10-05-2006, 07:29 AM
Darth Coloring Book

Darth &

Darth Isobars


10-05-2006, 09:04 AM
Darth Dodge Dart

10-05-2006, 01:21 PM
Ford Pinto!!!

Darth Frackin' Ford Pinto!!!!!

Bel-Cam Jos
10-06-2006, 10:09 PM
I am assuming that this is a sarcastic thread, from the replies so far. :rolleyes: So...

Darth Htrad?
Darth Jader?
Darth Name?
Darth George ('cause he can't say Sylvester)?
Darth Tucker?
Darth Faster?
Darth Morentense?
Darth Runeorkloon (stupid)?

10-08-2006, 10:49 AM
Darth Every Home Should Have One

Darth Carp

El Chuxter
02-15-2007, 11:14 PM
So, was there ever a winner?

Not that I really care all that much. It's just that this seemed to die out really quickly.

Phantom-like Menace
02-15-2007, 11:20 PM
It would have actually been pretty cool to get to name a Sith Lord, but these guys certainly frittered away their chance.

The finalists:

Acheron (a river in Hell for those who deny justice), Caedus (a battle of darkness), Judicar (the final judge), Paxis (bringer of peace) and Taral (ancient Sith for "he who protects")

Bel-Cam Jos
02-16-2007, 07:32 PM
Acheron (a river in Hell for those who deny justice), Caedus (a battle of darkness), Judicar (the final judge), Paxis (bringer of peace) and Taral (ancient Sith for "he who protects")I voted for Judicar (but Paxis was my 2nd choice... since he probably will officially turn to the Dark Side to protect... something/one... no spoliers :D ). It'll save money on not replacing his monogramed hankies. :pleased:

02-16-2007, 07:56 PM
Darth Dandie Dinmont
(co-owned by Bill Cosby and 2007 Westminster winner of Best in Group for the Terrier Group)

02-16-2007, 08:19 PM
Wait....I've got it.....

Darth Brooks!!!!

02-17-2007, 09:48 AM
DARTH KRAYT!!!! :yes: :lipsrsealed: ;)

Those of you who understand, snicker to yourself.

02-17-2007, 02:08 PM
Darth Brooks!!!!That one made me chuckle.

I think all of those names are lame.

People are just trying to damn hard to give the name meaning.

Look at Count Dooku.

What the hell is a Dooku anyways?!

02-17-2007, 02:32 PM
Darth Tyranus = Dooku.

Or am I koo-koo for Dooku?

02-18-2007, 09:05 AM
Yeah, Dooku's not even a Sith name...but it is pretty slick. ;)

El Chuxter
02-18-2007, 08:58 PM
Dooku's Japanese for poison... or so Mr Lee said.

02-18-2007, 09:11 PM
I still think Dooku sounds like a new term for poopin' as in "Dude, I just took a wicked dooku!"

El Chuxter
02-18-2007, 09:19 PM
Ask JT what I said when the name "Count Dooku" was first rumored.

Okay, since he may not remember, it had something to do with the job no one wanted as an auditor at the waste treatment plant. "Excuse me, I'm off to count dooku!"

Phantom-like Menace
02-18-2007, 10:42 PM
Dooku is Japanese for poison, but it would be pronounced as doh-koo, not doo-ku.