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10-06-2006, 07:21 PM
In JediTricks' question round up I read the following:

Yakface.com: have heard for a long time that Hasbro has shied away from doing more than a few Ewoks since among Star Wars fans there has been much Ewok bashing due to their "cuteness" factor. I haven't counted recently, but I believe there are only about 5-7 different Ewoks ever made (not counting generic ewoks including the one with that globe thing several years ago and whoever came with the glider). I believe we also still have at least three vintage Ewoks (Warok, Lumat & Paploo) that have never been remade. I know I have read repeated requests/suggestions on various collector sites for a mother ewok & wokling and other prevoiusly non-sculpted ewoks. I say all this as background for 2 questions: 1). Is it true that Hasbro backs away from doing several different ewoks? [and if so, how have sales been for ewoks?] 2). Can we someday expect to see the previously mentioned vintage ewoks (including the freeze frame Wicket & Logray) figures resculpted?

Hasbro: We love Ewoks. While these guys may have once been on the low-end of the desire scale, that's certainly not the case any more and collectors overall seem to have a good appreciation for these furry fiends. What could it be? Is it that there is new respect for Ewoks, based on calm reflection over the years? That these guys might be pretty nasty underneath the fur since they were planning to roast and eat their captives? That we have granted them more respect with hindsight because they did, after all, have plans in place that led to the defeat of a whole garrison of the Empire's best? Or because the collector ranks have been swelled with legions of now-grown kids who fell under Return's spell as "their" Star Wars? Whatever the reasons, you'll see more Ewoks, delivered a little at a time, and eventually we'll do the remaining ones.


The Ewoks would go along way towards updating EVERY vintage figure ever made that is left to be updated!


1 Luke
2 Han
3 Leia
4 Chewie
5 Darth
6 stormtrooper
7 Obi-Wan
8 C-3PO
9 R2D2
10 Death Star Trooper
11 Jawa
12 Tusken

13 Boba Fett
14 Luke X-wing
15 Greedo
16 Hammerhead
17 Walrusman
18 Snaggletoothe
19 Blue Snaggletoothe (K-Mart cantina exclusive)
20 Power Droid
21 R5D4
22 Death Star Droid (RA-7 w. Sandcrawler)

(the "21-backs" are done - all 22 of them ;) )

23 Hoth Han
24 Bespin Luke
25 Bespin Leia
26 Bespin Guard (sort of)
27 Lando (Bespin)
28 IG-88
29 Bossk
30 Snowtrooper
31 Hoth Rebel Soldier (was actually a TaunTaun wrangler or something)
32 Yoda
33 FX-7

34 Han Bespin
35 Leia Hoth
36 Dengar
37 TIE Pilot
38 21-B
39 Hoth Rebel Commander
40 C-3PO w. Removeable Limbs
41 Zuckuss (was labeled 4-LOM)
42 AT-AT Driver

43 4-LOM (was labeled Zuckuss)
44 Luke Hoth
45 ATAT Commander
46 R2D2 w. Sensorscope
47 Cloud Car Pilot
48 Black Bespin Security Guard

49. Klaatu should be "Woof"
50 Bib Fortuna
51 Leia Boussh
52 Luke Jedi Knight
53 Lando Skiff Guard
54 Biker Scout
55 Emperor's Royal Guard
56 Admiral Ackbar
57 Gamorrean Guard
58 Ree-Yees
59 Squidhead
60 Chief Chirpa
61 Logray
62 Weequay
63 Endor Rebel Soldier

64 Han Solo Endor
65 Teebo
66 Wicket
67 AT-ST Driver
68 B-wing Pilot (human, white male, red uniform)
69 8D8
70 Nikto

71 Princess Leia Endor Gear
72 Lumat
73 Paploo we need a good figure of him, not the flying one in the exclusive
74 Prune Face
75 Klaatu Skiff Guard
76 Emperor Palpatine

77 Luke Stormtrooper
78 Lando General
79 Han Carbonite
80 Luke Endor
81 Warok
82 Romba
83 Barada
84 Imperial Dignitary (Slim Aloo)
85 Death Star Gunner
86 Amanaman
87 YakFace
88 EV-9D9
89 Imperial Commander (forgot him up in ESB)
90 Lobot (forgot him up in ESB)
91 Ugnaught (forgot him up in ESB)
92 Nien Numb (forgot him in ROTJ)
93 Rancor Keeper (forgot him in ROTJ)
94 A- wing Pilot
95 General Madine (forgot him in ROTJ)
96 R2D2 w. Launching Lightsaber
97 Anakin Skywalker (spirit of Sebastian Shaw)
98 Sy Snootles
99 Droopy McCool
100 Max Rebo
101 Salacious Crumb
102 Jabba the Hutt (well he's a major character!)

10-06-2006, 09:31 PM
What about
#20, the Power Droid. sure we got the gonk, but I'd love to see the Vintage Aunt Beru's Power Droid. Bonus points if it comes in VOTC/VTSC packaging. I love the cardback on this one!

10-06-2006, 10:05 PM
A lot of people have their own opinions and preferences for what has been done or re-done rather, from the vintage line.

Some would say Hoth Rebel Soldiers have been done enough, while I want something that specifically resembles the 1980 figure.

The Bespin Guard seems Asian and doesn't have a mustache, while I think the Freezing Chamber pack-in one was white, but didn't have a mustache - so people could be particular about that.

RA-7 (the Sandcrawler version of the Death Star Droid) wasn't carded but a pack-in. So there you go with that case.

The Imperial Officer in the vintage days wore an upper-ranks tunic, while the 3 POTJ / Saga versions we have today wear a jumpsuit style uniform - so some (myself not included) nit-pick about that.

It's all a matter of taste. After the cool Echo Base version of the Gonk we got at the beginning of this year, I'm quite satisfied. That doesn't make your wishlist any less valid. It means that hopefully you'll buy several if they do it to your liking, as I won't be buying any.

Hasbro has done a darn good job at covering most of these figures though. If the most obscure on the list left (the Ewoks) get done, I'm sure all will get done. I think getting a Cloud Car Pilot (with no vehicle in sight) was a big hurdle to get over - and in 1999 the Anakin Spirit figure (Flashback card) was as well.

But now the path looks clear. Slim Aloo might be a challenge, but they did two of the other guys and they didn't really pegwarm like Lushros Dofine does (makes me fear for Tey How, btw). And if they are carding an A-Wing Pilot, why not a B-wing Pilot? (Tien Numb is not a replacement for a human pilot in my opinion).

And of all things - some people think these must be VOTC carded figures to count, in which case they have a really long way to go and have to really hope an $11 PruneFace figure could actually sell if Han Endor is pegwarming for VOTC.

kool-aid killer
10-07-2006, 12:46 PM
Im all for the Ewoks from the original line being remade, so knowing that Hasbro "eventually" has plans to push them out works for me. Id rather have them now, of course, but i can live knowing that its on the table somewhere down the line. Maybe one day Hasbro can even release their tree top village too.

Niub, Niub!

10-07-2006, 12:48 PM
Maybe one day Hasbro can even release their tree top village too.

If not, I'll just use the treehouse from my World of Simpsons' Bart's Treehouse environment.:D I actually thought of using that for a Gree/Yoda/Wookie environment. Of course, it would have to be tweaked quite a bit.

Mr Burns
10-13-2006, 01:03 PM
The should do an Ewok 10 pack. On a normal card of course.

10-13-2006, 01:35 PM