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10-12-2006, 07:25 PM
Does anyone know of an online retailer that allows pre-orders of single figures, rather than cases? Other than BigBadToystore?

I'm only interested in the Concept Stormtrooper from the 1st wave of 30th Anniversary figures, and I went to BBTS's site 10 minutes after the e-mail announcing the wave's availability for pre-order was sent, only to find the pre-orders for that figure sold out. It looks like they may have had another, brief period of availability, as the other two figures that eventually sold out (Galactic Marine and Airborne Trooper) are available again, and the price on the Concept Stormie has gone up by $2 (from $12.99 to $14.99), but it's still listed as Sold Out.

I really like BBTS - they're KEBco done right, as far as pre-orders go - and would really like to continue buying from them exclusively if possible, but if they can't meet demand for an item for longer than this, I'm going to have to shop around.

Thanks in advance for any links.


Battle Droid
10-12-2006, 08:04 PM

10-12-2006, 11:09 PM
I must have gotten lucky with BBTS because I just happened to log on when they first put them out for order. Got a couple of Airbornes and Marines and one McQuarrie for the slightly cheaper prices.

Toywiz has singles, but they are very, very, very, very... cough, cough, excuse me.... very, very, very, very very expensive.

10-13-2006, 12:19 AM
Thanks for the info, BD - that's a bit pricey for my tastes, but I may decide to bite the bullet. Almost $24 shipped is a bit much for one figure - if this one wasn't a HUGE improvement on the original release (which I do have), I wouldn't even consider it.